This show, filled with comedians of widely varying types of attractivnesss (who've got nerdy in spades, by the way) often making blatantly sexual jokes and exploring the depths of the internet definitely deserves a page.

  • There's Chris Hardwick, the resident fetish fuel station attendent. Bubbly, nerdy, with well-tailored suits and apparently non-stop stubble. I especially enjoy when he plays bratty, putting on a high voice and whining self-depricatingly at whatever contestent hurt his feelings.
  • There was also that time when the very pretty Nick Thune (with a gorgeous voice, I might add) wore this sweater, and Chris kept making references to it being "dad-like" and wanting to snuggle up in it. At one point, he wears it over top of his suit, his fingers peeking out from under the way-too-long sleeves, and says to the camera, "I'm big mommy! I'm big!" A real case of surprousal for this troper.
  • He and big, beautiful man, Ron Funches reanacted a sensual fanfic of them. While Chris was purposefully stiff in his acting, Funches went AAAAAAALL IN.
  • Something about Kristen Schaal calling attention to her own "sweet tits" is exciting.
  • Natasha Leggero. Just Natasha Leggero. She seems incapable of not having bedroom eyes. ANd her dimples do something to me. And her insensitive upper-crust persona doesn't hurt, if you're into the sort of woman who would take pleasure in invalidating your entire being.
  • Jonah Ray is such a scamp.
  • And for our stoner-lovers, Doug Benson is basically always high.
  • There's a reason elected Kumail Nanjiani sexiest man alive.
  • Tom Lennon, one of the producers on the show, keeps coming on as a contestant and absolutely failing to win. His desparation, frustration, and confusion are hilarious and adorable.

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