You'd think a game about lawyers would be devoid of Fetish Fuel, but no.

  • I'm sure someone's turned on by Franziska's miniskirt and whip.
  • Franziska von Karma from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: She carries a whip with her at all times and uses it on just about everyone, including the main character who she at one point whips until he loses consciousness! Then there's the part where another female character mentions Franziska teaching her how to use a whip. There's also a rather bizarre exchange between her "little brother" and the main character where he encourages Phoenix to let her whip him. And that's not even getting into some of the things that Detective Gumshoe says about her whipping him. Whip fetish, anyone?
    • From Case 3-5:Franziska: "I demand satisfaction!"
      • Y'all forget that she impliedly has a German accent. This troper doesn't have much experience with said accent, so his brain automatically used a standard issue Russian accent. Help! I've also noticed that most of the prosecutors seem to have issues. Trauma over his dad's death seems to have turned Edgeworth into a dry-witted, nearly emotionless man, von Karma has control issues, Godot hates Phoenix, and Franky has even more control issues than her dad. Hence the whip.
    • This bisexual troper has found reasons to lust over younger Edgeworth, the picture of dead Mia, Maya, Desiree De Lite, Adrian Andrews, Furio Tigre, Lisa Basil, Iris Hawthorne, Damon Gant, Lana Skye, Ema Skye, and Misty Fey. ... Oh god, I'm sad!
    • Speaking of Edgeworth, in Investigations he seems to have a habit of falling into Does This Remind You Of Anything? moments with female characters:
    • This Troper replayed Case 2 just so she could see Edgeworth questioning Rhoda again whilst tied up. The sprite shows him slightly bent over, his bangs in his face just the tiniest bit, but with his signature smirk on. It doesn't help that Rhoda, while trying to be the one in control, looks fidgety and nervous the entire time.
    • Ben and Trilo. Ventriloquism/puppet fetish. yes, really.
    • For This Troper Godot hits a combination of well-selected kinks: Dark skin and white hair, coffee, blindness and, from the last case onward, scars.
      • This Troper can't decide if he was sexier before or after getting poisoned.
    • This troper is positively disgusted by the fact that no one has mentioned Mia and Breast Expansion. For that matter, possession as well. *drool*
      • Even better is when Pearl channels Mia in the anime, her breasts DO expand: her bust is easily double the size it was in life. 
    • In Case 3-3, we see Maggey Byrde in a waitress outfit. And, briefly, Maya. And even more briefly, Mia in Maya's body. We find out later that the waitress outfits have really short skirts, even on Maggey and Byrde, which leads the player to assume that on the taller, bustier Mia it must've been a TINY MINISKIRT!!1 No wonder Kudo nearly melts.
      • On that subject, I only recently noticed that whenever Pearl channels Mia, Mia keeps her arms crossed the entire time. Logically, when a trial's going on, she does it for hours at a time. She's bound to slip up eventually.
    • There's a lot of beefy guys in the game (especially compared to many Japanese visual novel/point and click games) and the bara fans love it. Gumshoe gets the most muscular love but Badd, Tigre, and Will Powers are also popular.
      • This troper'd suck Detective Badd's lollipop any day. Mmm.
  • Does this series have a standoffish man who can instantly become Hurt Comfort Fic material at the drop of a convenient plot device? Why yes, yes it does. He even faints sometimes for convenient cuddling fantasies.
  • Shih-na's dress. Seriously, without the doubt it is the sexiest outfit in all of the games.
    • Those legs, my god~. And don't even get me started on Lang. Together they practically form a Fetish Fuel power couple.
  • Well, not much needs to be said about April May's sporadic Gainaxing. On another note, this troper loves how Maya's face get's all puffy when she's mad at Phoenix.
    • April May is an absolute sex machine. A lovely lady with an enormous, jiggly rack, wears an absolutely tiny skirt that (in the anime at least) puts her luscious legs on display, her overly flirtatious personality... oh man. And even better is that both "sides" to her are sexy in different ways: there's her bimbolicious, cutsey attitude while she's putting on an innocent front, while her real attitude is that of a fierce bad girl who is aggressive, scary, and very likely a freak in the sheets.
  • After finishing the game, this troper saved their Ace Attorney investigation file at the exact place where Gumshoe describes being a "brand spankin' new" detective.  As silly as this sounds, just seeing Youngshoe on the same page as the word "spanking" makes this trope happy.
  • Is this troper the only one with massive love for Klavier Gavin? He's a darkskinned blond rock star/prosecutor who is laid back and totally charming, and yet incredibly competent. Oh, and he's one of few prosecutors who's got a moral code he sticks by. And he says things like "I treat my guitars as if they were my lovers. Do I look like the sort of person who would hurt someone I love?" Eeeee!
    • Dear god, Klavier is possibly the first time this troper felt like he might be Bisexual. Though he has a preference for women, this troper still nonetheless thinks Klavier is gorgeous and likes the Ship tease with both Ema and Apollo. Plus he's got a German accent just like Franziska, so he's essentially a nicer male version of her.
    • I honestly feel that I prefer his brother. Kristoph's a horrible person sure, but he's just so sexy. Like Kalvier he's tanned, but in a far less overt manner (more olive-skinned than anything), blond, smiles sweetly, is very intelligent and well-spoken... not to mention that he looks damn good in a suit.
  • Can we tick off how Simon Blackquill qualifies? He's got an cool criminal persona, is locked in the strangeness, acts like he's a samurai, and is in chains for much of his trials. And he's a badass with a samurai sword and a pet hawk.
  • This troper was instantly smitten by Aura Blackquill, from her smug, dominating, borderline abusive personality (oh, to be Clonco ...) to her smoking hot, incredibly voluptuous (even by Ace Attorney standards!) body. It certainly didn't hurt when it was revealed she had a pretty much canonical lesbian crush on her MILF coworker. Oh, and they were both scientists; a robotic engineer and a psychologist, respectively.
    • This troper is not afraid to admit that burying his face in Aura's boobs is a recurring fantasy of his.
  • This female troper made sure to not read any spoilers before playing the last game. I had it BAD for Bobby Fulbright. A fun detective with a strong sense of justice and a caring, sensitive side... Of course, in the end, he wasn't exactly what he seemed to be but...
  • Why hasn't anyone mentioned our lovable pirate girl Sasha Buckler? She's pretty much Regina only older so you wouldn't get in trouble for liking her, with a sweet passionate love for sea creatures, talks like a pirate, and has a relatively large breast size considering what she's wearing. And the slight ShipTease with Athena? Ooh yes please!
    • Fellow pirate gal Azura Summers is also worth a mention. Unfortunately she's dead, but considering that long blue hair, her reserved-looking eyes, that downright sexy midriff of hers... I can definitely see why Marlon Rimes was smitten by her.
  • No love for Adrian Andrews? She was perhaps the first person this troper had a crush on besides Mia in this series. She's adorkable and clumsy, with a hint of Ice Queen. Plus she's a Woobie of the highest degree considering you have to pin a crime she didn't commit on her to stall for time. This troper also likes the Ship Tease with Franziska being one of the few people Franziska doesn't treat with scorn and even teaching her how to use a whip. Mind letting me sit in and watch those lessons, ladies?
  • From the recent Spirit of Justice game, we have Bonny/Betty deFamme. Two identical twins who both dress very sexy and are magicians. Bonny even blows a kiss at Mr. Hat, and for those into bitchier mean girls, we have Betty who's pretty much Bonny but with a bat theme and a helluva lot bitchier. The two look like they'd be good at domination? Anyone else hoped that Betty dominated the flustered Nahyuta Sadhmadhi when she sat on his bench all sexual-like?
  • Speaking of Nahyuta, we have him. Without giving anything away, he's essentially Apollo's answer to Miles Edgeworth in both looks and personality. Klavier was nice, but Prosecutor Sahdmadhi is just as Kuudere as his inspiration. He's serene, but when he snaps, girls just want to hug the guy. Not to mention his monk-like respect of women, showing more connections to Edgey.
  • To top off the Spirit of Justice characters we have Maya Fey all grown up with a bust size that would rival Mia's. She goes through quite a bit in this game, and if you didn't want to hug her before, you'll definitely want to now. Even Alhbi Ur'gaihd, a nine year old kid got distracted by her. They really ramped up the sexuality of the characters in this game.
  • Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in. Yes, she's the largest-scale sociopath in the entire series thus far, but you can't deny her sheer dominatrix vibe (e.g., her elite guards who act far more like devoted fanboys than actual soldiers, her "true" attire once she directly takes the prosecutor's bench, etc.).
    • YES. So much yes. Ga'ran is pretty much a walking embodiment of sex once she dons her prosecutor's outfit, which hugs her body so tightly that her navel can be seen under her clothes, and proudly puts her sizable bust on display. There's also her fan which looks suspiciously like a paddle, her wavy and spidery hair, and her sexy yet powerful voiced Objection... I'd let this MILF of a queen treat me like dirt any day...
  • Three words: Rayfa. Padma. Khura'in. Let me count the ways: Skin-tight, skimpy dress that presses so tightly against her skin that it displays her navel through the fabric? Check. The same dress ALSO bares her back (which has a large red tattoo on it for good measure)? Check. Wears detached sleeves that puts her armpits on display? Check. Icy and mean disposition that hides an immature and bratty attitude? Check. A wonderful tsundere who is adorable when she blushes? Check. Insecure about her small breasts? Oh baby, check!

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