• First off, SIE. She's a gorgeous German mercernary in her mid-forties with an accent that's simply

    SIE rules.

    beautiful. She's an extremely kinky character, who seems to get off on fighting and will send you e-mails telling you how much she enjoys stripping naked and pressing the wounds you gave her when last you fought. She and the player can consummate their lust near the end of the game, when Mike is restrained in Alpha Protocol's medical center. SIE will remove her combat pants, climb onto the table with Mike and show Mike how much she likes him. The fact she isn't too big on getting his permission, but will put her pants back on if Mike is uncomfortable with it, is a big plus for some, too. After finishing Mike off, she'll also mention she unlocked his wrists five minutes ago, indicating that she's just that good that a highly trained spy was totally distracted.
    • Numerous characters also make japes at her unusually large bust, too. Despite what Mina might think, it's held up insanely well to the ravages of time.
  • Mina Tang is a pretty, intelligent, redheaded asian girl, who'll get pretty jealous if Mike flirts with anybody else. She also has some pretty strong Tsundere elements with Mike, especially if he acts in a way she doesn't like.
  • Scarlet Lake is also a redhead. Her outfit prominently displays bared midriff and Mike can convince her to seduce a Halbech official in Taipei. She'll also flirt with Mike over e-mails, one of them mentioning she'd pay Mike back for his intel with "hot lesbian sex", if he only had a vagina.
  • Madison Saint-James is the sweetest, most innocent person in a game full of ruthless spies. While taking her into protective custody, Mike can strike up a romance with her. Their sex scene is possibly one of the most tender moments in the entire game, and the short-shorts she wears afterwards aren't half bad, either.
  • Then there is Sis. a cute, mute, goth girl in her late teens (so she's legal) that seems to have a crush on Mike if you're nice to her. And sadly, she's the only woman of this list that Mike can't romance.

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