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  • American Dad has a female spy character who is constantly and unself-consciously breast feeding a baby. Or two. This editor is really starting to wonder about Seth McFarlane...
  • American Dad has plenty of other examples, including having Francine play a Bond girl in the James Bond spoof episode "Tearjerker". As if her skimpy clothes and... interesting name weren't enough, she undergoes Breast Expansion at one point.
  • We get to see a pregnant Francine in a couple of episodes, too. Notice any patterns here?
  • And let's not forget the time Hayley gained the "African 20" which no doubt appeals to certain crowds.
  • In this troper's opinion, the show really knows how to use Francine's bare feet to make certain scenes even sexier. For instance, in "Tears of a Clooney", we have a barefoot Francine standing in a field in a white dress swinging a golf club and then hopping on a motorcycle and riding away.
    • There's also "Dungeons and Wagons", in which Francine duplicates Tawny Kitaen's barefoot car top dance◊from Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" video.
    • It's probably also worth noting that Hayley always wears sandals.
      • Doubt it. Hayley is an extreme liberal and "hippie sandals" are a stock wardrobe choice for her sort of character.
  • From "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man", we have M-Pregged Steve.
  • Then there's the episode where Hayley dates a man who looks exactly like her dad. Then halfway through the episode Stan starts impersonating the boyfriend ...
    • In that very episode, when Stan realizes Hayley is trying to have sex with her boyfriend (whom he is currently impersonating), he tries to make her angry by checking out a waitress and telling Hayley that he'd really like to have sex with her. Her reaction?Hayley: "Let's do it! We can invite her into our room and you can do her, then you can do me, then I can take a turn with her while you watch...Here's a note for her. I wrapped it in my panties. You can go give it to her."
    • As long as we're on the incest angle, there's also the episode where Steve, after being tricked by Roger into thinking he's adopted, makes out with a very surprised and grossed out Hayley.
    • In a similar vein, in another episode Steve is implied to be doing masturbatory things in a toilet to a nude picture...only to be squicked when he finds out it's of Hayley.
    • Then there was the episode where Francine and Hayley posed as a lesbian couple.
    • It is revealed that Jeff is only intrested in Hayley when thinking of Francine. There was a close up shot of her breasts.
  • This Troper finds there to be something strangely erotic in the episode where Hayley tries to murder her father after her wedding (could be the combination of knives, a wedding dress, and her unbound hair).
    • You're not alone. The whole thing with the two of them duking it out seemed very...sexual, to this troper. Hell I was half expecting them to just freaking MAKE OUT (The fact that part of the scene was inspired by Mr & Mrs Smith probably helped). Whether it was intentional or not I'd rather not dwell on.
    • Seconded. I don't usually have this fetish but watching that episode at 2:00 in the morning made me envious that Stan had such a sexy woman wanting to murder him.
  • American Dad invoked and lampshaded its fetish fuel in the episode "1600 Candles," when Francine tells a story about when she was in high school, and was cornered in the shower by a group of popular girls who humiliated her by washing her down with soap and shoving her face into the wall. Stan's reaction (the lampshade) is the same as the audience's.
    • Francine sliding her panties off through her dress. 'Nuff said. (Also her flicking them at the scientist's face, if you're into that sorta thing.)
  • Have you seen Seth's sister, Rachael, the voice of Hayley? HOT!
  • It's rather shocking nobody has brought up the scene where Stan and his mother take a bath. Further rising the thoughts on incest fetish...
  • Honestly, Francine's various alluded to fetishes include (but apparently aren't limited to) Rape, Stan covered in blood, (hematolagnia), possible exhibitionism, and killing.
    • On one occasion we glimpse a video in which Stan and Francine are about to have sex. She (untruthfully) assures him she will erase it immediately after viewing, saying, "I just want to see what we look like!"
  • If anyone has a Groin Attack fetish, there is a lot of that here.
  • What about Linda's lesbian feelings for Francine! She kissed her on the lips! She tries to hit on her by making her breasts looks big!
    • And she keeps saying "sugar" a lot while trying to leave. She must secretly be calling Francine "sugar".
  • In "Not Particularly Desperate Housewife", Francine is being chased by every woman in Langley Falls, chained up to a shopping cart port, and gets kissed by her neighbor Linda (who has a lesbian crush on Francine, despite being married to a man).
    • In "Morning Mimosa", Francine (and Steve) gets chased by a mob of women again. The women are literally drunk with fury after she cursed the female hosts, who rallied their female audience to get Francine and Steve.
  • In "When Stan Loves a Woman", Francine is sitting on the couch, upset that Stan is with another woman, while she's being comforted by Roger (disguised as a Middle-Eastern playa)'s floozies. One of them has her hand on Francine's hand.
    • In that same episode, she accidentally barged in on an elderly married couple's hotel room. The old lady asked if Francine's a hooker.
  • Francine's checking out Hayley's pole-dancing in "Stan Knows Best".
    • Another episode has Stan take up stripping.
  • When Francine finds Hayley's condoms, she's clearly proud to find that they're unlubed, because it means she's "ready to go, just like her mother."
  • An amnesiac Francine with wild hair and stirrups.
  • "Let's write a song about what we just did! What was her name, Eileen?" I'm sure there's a fan-made picture of thatsomewhere on the internet.
    • There's a word for that: Bukakke.
    • The same episode features a "werewolf movie so scary, it makes you mess your pants." The employees at the ticket counter even hand out diapers to patrons (changing tables are by the popcorn butter).
  • In "Wiener Of Our Discontent" Steve gets a boner when Toshi's sister Akiko (wearing a schoolgirl outfit with short skirt and knee socks) slaps him.
    • In a later episode Steve gets a boner when he sees Akiko dressed as Chun-Li for Halloween.
  • There's one episode where Hayley is constantly trying to out-dare someone (I believe it was Klaus) and it culminates in her streaking in the front yard. Too bad her body's blurred out even in the DVD version.
  • The entire last half "My Morning Straitjacket", when Francine becomes Ms Fanservice.
  • Francine has put googly eyes on the Roomba (vacuum robot), when Klaus questions it she responds (after spitting sesame seed shells on the floor and the robot sucks them up),"I like looking someone in the eye when they clean for me. (beat) It's a power thing. (eats a seed) Gets me off." Her matter of factness made my eyebrows arch oh so quickly.
  • There was at least one episode where Hayley and her boyfriend are shown in bondage gear.
  • How about the episode, "Every Which Way But Lose", where it turns out Hayley is actually Carlotta Monterrey◊, the one who keeps beating Francine in the County Fair bake-off? You can't look at Hayley during that reveal and tell me you wouldn't hit that. I myself got stirrings seeing those white ankle-strap pumps before the rest of the Dorothy- or Alice-like outfit. Plus, she turns out to be a domestic goddess, in the vein of Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, and Sandra Lee, who are all (or at least have been) smoking in their own right? Extra points there, people.
  • In part two of the episode "Stan of Arabia", Francine does a dance number in lingerie and high-heeled boots. I'm surprised this wasn't on this page earlier.
  • In the Christmas episode "For Whom The Bell Tolls" Santa and his elves come to kill the Smiths. Francine and Hayley look super hot mowing down elves with machine guns. When the guns run out out of ammo Roger has the idea to suck the ends of candy canes to a point and use them as weapons. Hayley earns Roger's respect for sucking a cane to a point very quickly!
  • This troper loves that Francine has a habit of winding up in her underwear pretty often. I have counted at least four. The previously mentioned Saudi Arabia dance number, ditching her dress to sneak out of a courthouse, nonchalantly stripping in front of Greg and Terry, and my favorite, getting her Halloween costume ripped off...don't you judge me.
  • How about the Thanksgiving special where it's revealed Jeff was prostituting himself to other men so frequently that he had to take a vacation for "butt-rest"? Dear god that is both a hot image and an impressive sign of dedication on his part.
  • Francine freerunning in bike shorts and a sports bra in "Stanny Boy and Frantastic".
  • Haley looked pretty good with short hair in the George Clooney episode.
  • This one is definitely a YMMV item, but the Mr. Pibb tour guide in "A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial." His/her first appearance is okay, but when s/he pulls the box of tampons from his/her locker, saying "Soon, my sweeties..." wow.
  • In "Stan of Arabia: Part 2", Steve meets God, who takes the form of a barefoot Angelina Jolie in a toga.
  • "Stan Goes on the Pill": Stan transforms into a woman, and nearly has sex with Francine, and Bullock.
  • Surely I can't be the only one who finds Roger hot. Especially when he's in drag. It's just that adorably pudgy alien body, and cute features, who looks so hot, and he's got a hot voice. Oh, and his effeminate mannerisms are also appealing to me. Surely I'm not alone in being somewhat attracted to him.

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