On a show where one of the principal characters is a serial killer in a black vinyl gimp suit, this should really come as no surprise.

Season 1Edit

  • Tate is practically the poster boy for Nightmare Fetishists. A blonde-haired, Pretty Boy Yandere with Mommy Issues and an intrinsic need to please others? And he has a secret second life as a gimp-suited serial killer? Yup, that'll do it.
    • Hell, you don't even need to be a Nightmare Fetishist to find Tate sexy. Just check out the fansites, if you don't believe me.
    • That preview of Tate in a great coat, slicked-back hair and skull facepaint ? Holy shit.
  • Every. Single. Thing. About the Rubber Man .
  • Moira, the elderly servant whose alter ego is a sexy redhead in black stockings and a skimpy French maid's uniform.
  • Zach Quinto as the finicky, Camp Gay Jerk Ass ghost Chad Warwick. You wouldn't think so, but...yum.
  • During one scene, Chad's partner Patrick (who is sexually frustrated) is alone in a bathroom with Ben and offers to give him head. Ben declines , of course, but there were undoubtedly a lot of viewers who wished he had taken him up on the offer.
  • The scene where Tate comes on to Patrick, who beats the everloving hell out of him. Yeah.
    • "Harder. I like it rough."
    • He gives a certain emphasis to the word "suck" in that scene.
  • Vivien Harmon definitely qualifies as a Hot Mom.
  • One YouTube user remarked that she found the ginger-haired twin boys (yes, the smartass twelve-year-olds) incredibly cute.

Season 2Edit

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