Has it ever happened to you that, despite a pairing's popularity... you simply don't see it? Congratulations. You have Anti Goggles.

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  • Tuckington in Red vs. Blue. There is no fuel for this.
  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that for every pair of Heterosexual Life Partners slashed together there will be someone...or millions of someones...who see just best friends.
  • This Troper doesn't really see Jimmy and Sarah anything more than just close friends, frankly because his Camp Gay antics out-weight the so called implied crush some fans said to be. In a bit of a Subversion, I enjoyed their [1] relationship, and she's the only girl I kinda see him with.
  • This Axis Powers Hetalia fan gets very irritated whenever she sees someone claim that a canon/heavily implied pairing is Strangled By The Red String or can't actually be canon solely because its characters "don't have enough history together" (even if they've been shown getting along quite well or given noticeable Ho Yay in numerous strips) and then go on about how much more "historical" and hence canon their preferred fanon pairing is. Especially if said fanon pairing is of the "antagonistic history = Foe Yay" kind - but of course these historical purists don't have any Shipping Goggles on because an antagonistic history clearly means that the nations involved secretly want to screw one another (honestly, who would ever view them as simply not liking one another period?); it's just these poor, deluded fools who see Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano, and Greece/Japan as more canon than the historical likes of Germany/France, Spain/France, and Turkey/Greece who have Shipping Goggles on!
  • Usually I'm a very open-minded person, but Vinnie/Harley or anything involving Carbine is something I even refuse to think about.
  • Two video game examples: in Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, I can't stand Zelink. I can't stand Zelink in general unless it's Tetralink or Four Swords canon. But Spirit Tracks is the most annoying of all because that version of ZELDA is annoying. She's completely incompatible with that version of Link, and yet they end up as pretty much an Official Just no. Haven't found anyone different in ST for Link yet, but after Byrne's little change of heart, I don't exactly mind him with Zelda. And in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, I can't believe Marth ends up with Caeda. First of all because the first time I played through that game, I accidentally killed her and I thought for the entire game that Marth had no canon love interest. However, when I let Caeda live, she came across as whiny, weak, and she looks underage!!! I prefer Smash Bros crack to Marth's real pair (Marth x TP Zelda for the win).
  • I'll Admit that I Do This With Final Fantasy VII Inrealation with The Valenwind pairing
  • This troper does this with the many Metroid shippings dealing with Samus. And there are a lot. Here's a few I have Anti Goggles for: Ridley, Gandrayda, Sylux, Master Chief, Solid Snake, Pikachu, Pit, Captain Falcon, and Marth. This troper believes that Rundas has a crush on Samus that she doesn't return. This troper's One True Pairing is Samus x Adam, which some poeple find squicky, ironically.
    • I can't see Samus with anyone, really - she just doesn't really seem like the sort to really give a shit about love or romance... too many bounties to hunt and whatnot - Samus is a dedicated career gal, y'know? Then again, considering this troper's first encounter with Samus erotica was during the Super Metroid era, in the form of a rather disturbingly-detailed Samus/Ridley fic where he raped and killed her (but not in that order)... that horrifying first impression probably has a lot to do with why "Samus" and "sex" don't blend together too easily in my mind, despite the arrival of the Zero Suit boosting her erotic appeal among many facets of the fandom...
  • This troper tends to do this a lot. Especially in regards to Digimon, but I do this to the extent that it would take too long to list every example.
  • 95% of the Naruto fans who contribute to this site seem to have Anti Goggles on for Kakashi X Iruka to the point where they not only insist it's not canon (it isn't) but insist that they aren't even friends (they are) Talk about Stop Having Fun Guys.
  • Even though they've dropped a million hint bombs for these pairings, I refuse to see Shadow the Hedgehog/Rouge the Bat and Sonic The Hedgehog/Amy Rose.
  • This troper refuses to acknowledge even the mere existence of any ship. This view (however extremist) came about due to Sturgeons Law rearing its ugly head far too often in Fan Fiction for my taste
  • That is to say, there are just plain too many bad romance fics, and not enough good-quality fics that have plenty of action and adventure (my favorite genre) in them. Yeah, it aggravated me to the point that I decided that I wanted nothing to do with shipping and romance in general, ever.
  • For this troper, it's Emma and Sean, because I'm a lot like Sean and can't stand Emma.
  • Sorry Ben10 Gwen You can kiss Kevin all you like. I sill love paring you with Ben.
    • Well, Ben, you can kiss Julie all you like. Bevin's practically canon anyway.
  • This troper sadly won't acknowledge Lloyd/Colette from Tales of Symphonia as the official couple. This is mainly because you can choose anyone you end up with at the end of the game and it continues through the sequel.
  • this troper refuses to acknowledge a lot of Axis Powers Hetalia couples due to the inevitable complications that come from thinking to hard about personified countries having relationships (random one time sex and open relationships she finds more plausable, in part due to being a history nerd, and in part due to being something of an Ethical Slut), but the one she really has anti-goggles on for is Germany/Italy. I just don't like it. Just. Friends. People.
  • While I usually have an auto disliking of Main/Lead Male/Female pairing as well as Yaoi pairings (I'm a full-blooded heterosexual male, thank you), I refuse to Acknowledge the Kim Possible/Ron Stoppable pairing so much that I haven't watched Season 4 and I still refused to. The fact that they broke up a perfectly nice relationship for that cliched Best Friends = Best Lovers pairing does not help! Not to mention the possibilities of Character Development...
  • There is no evidence for Zutara. Its existence, coupled with extreme popularity, makes The Evil Oboist foam with rage.
  • I wonder if it counts, but I have a True Neutral brand of these. Unless it's outright stated, I don't see anything as Ship Tease until someone tells me.
  • Good thing this is a setting on this troper's Shipping Goggles. Even when an official Boys Love is canon (unless of course, it was canon before the show even started), he declares "IMPOSSIBLE! JUST FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE!"
  • Snake/Otacon or Big Boss/Ocelot. Ho Yay be damned; I refuse to consider the canonicity of such an outrage.
  • I really like IncestYay, but I utterly and completely refuse to consider it with Narnia, to the point where I just can't participate in the fandom.
  • While I've never cared about shipping one way or another, the only pairing that really annoyed me from anything I've been a fan of would have to be Edgeworth x Wright, which more or less got stronger with the confirmation that Edgeworth isn't interested in women. I never saw that as being a confirmation towards Edgeworth being gay, I've always pictured him as being asexual myself. It's just that to me, Miles Edgeworth doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd be into romance or sex at all. And plus, I'm just annoyed at all instances of people who are simply best friends getting shipped.
  • This troper is 100% unable to consider shipping Valjean and Javert from Les Mis as anything other than complete and utter nonsense. It should, at least in my opinion, be obvious they hate each other.
  • This one can not see what make Naruto/Sasuke one of the most liked pairing of the Naruto fandom. He maybe could see Naruto having confused feeling for Sasuke (what with being his first real friend and all), but his crush on Sakura and the fact that Sasuke repeteadly tried to kill him makes the couple a huge NOPE for this one.

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