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This ain't your daddy's spy show (though your daddy probably wishes it was...)

  • Let's see...Cheryl/Carol is a ditzy Rich Bitch hot secretary who's blatantly masochistic and explicitly finds strangulation sexy (yes, that's canonical; FX is milking that TV-MA rating for all it's worth...). Plus, y'know...she has a pet ocelot. I'm sure there's a fetish for that somewhere.
    • Cheryl's reinvention as "Cherlene", a feisty Southern sexpot country singer, just takes her to a completely different level of Fetish Fuel for me...especially after she lets her hair down and swaps her demure secretary get-up for a cleavage-exposing cut-off shirt and low-cut denim short shorts. Not to mention that she sings now. It helps that I have a pretty damn big fetish for Southern accents. "All right, now!" Brrrrrr....
  • She may be treated as Hollywood Homely on the show, but Pam fits every fetish there is. A snarky, rubenesque hot secretary with tattoos down her back, who enjoys bare-knuckle brawling and drift racing with the Yakuza in her spare time? She also has some of the most explicit nudity on the show, though it's treated as Fan Disservice in-universe: once, she stripped naked in front of everyone to challenge Malory to a fight, and once she showed up passed out naked on a couch, showing off a butt that would make Sir Mix-A-Lot cry. Why is this woman supposed to be unattractive, again?
  • Malory may be a bitch, but she's a Vampish Hot Mom, and a sexy older woman with the attitude of a dominatrix, the body of a Bond girl, and the libido of the "Mrs. Robinson" in every man's fantasies. She lusts after twenty-something American spies and Russian generals equally, and she's got her perfectly manicured finger on enough state secrets to bury any man who crosses her.
    • Not to mention in "Lo Scandalo", when we find out that she's got an ongoing relationship with the Prime Minister of Italy...which involves bondage (with him on the receiving end), zentais, lube and butt plugs.
    • In "The Rules of Extraction", she strips down fully nude for a massage, with Cheryl (er..."Cherlene") massaging her in a Naughty Nurse costume. And with a towel just barely covering her "still-shapely ass". God damn it... The writers are just toying with us at this point.
  • Archer and Lana fulfill enough fantasies by themselves. But together? They've got some some of the most erotic Belligerant Sexual Tension in fiction. Hell, "Skorpio" had them mowing their way through a cruise ship full of bad guys in their underwear while snarking at each other all the while, only to realize that the whole ordeal just made them realize why they got so randy for each other in the first place. It's hard to top that.
  • Lana is not only gorgeous and is in spy wear every other episode, she's incredibly fit and strong, into kink and is something of a geek given her imitating Darth Vader. Yuuuuuup, that'll top the other fetishes for her.
    • Archer groping Lana's "lately, almost overly ample butt" in "The Honeymooners". I'd always had a thing for Lana's curvy bottom ever since the first time she stripped down to her underwear back in "Skorpio", but finally getting it acknowledged in-universe just made it so much better.

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