And remember, there's no such thing as a sick fetish, until you post it here! (winks)

  • Who wouldn't want somebody cute, evil, depraved and potentially traumatized by his personal life in their bed?
    • Is it strange that this troper feels a little squiggly whenever Ask That Guy licks the pipe?
      • Being the previous troper, I should mention him... doing... things with the pipe in the December-themed Ask That Guy Episode. I'll... I'll be in my bunk.
      • This troper generally considers him to be High Octane Nightmare Fuel, but after that... I'm going to the Special Hell.
  • I was about to mention the December-themed Ask That Guy. The, uh, pipe, and the "testing" of the eggnog question... oh my!
    • Speaking of, episode 41 where he slowly licked his lips. Good God, I hate him...
      • And then he meowed. Whoa.
  • Liking both sexes herself, this troper can't stand it that she feels way too happy when he goes into Depraved Bisexual mode.
  • After Episode 44, this troper is very conflicted. On the one hand, Sage was terrifying. On the other... Ask That Guy scared, in pain and being dominated completely? Worringly yummy.
    • 44 wasn't the end of it. In 46, a particularly sick question made him ask "...Sage...? that you?" with that same terrified look. I'd feel bad about how hot I found it, but it's Ask That Guy.
  • And carrying on the tradition of December Fetish Fuel, Episode 45... just Episode 45. Especially all those faces he made during Reindeer Sex. Now, if anyone needs me, I'll be in my bunk.
  • He sung a bit of Meatloaf in Ep 47. Okay, it's not as High Octane as the other examples but it's still extremely cute.
    • Episode 47 made this troper flail in squiggly fangirl glee several times, but especially: "You already have [had sex with me]. How, you ask? It's the mystery of That Guy With The Glasses. *flamenco pose!* " I don't even know what it was, but something about that gave me happy shivers.
  • There's something about the way he says "Yes" at the end of a crazy explanation. I have no idea what that something is, but it's there.
  • This lesbian troper is THE Nightmare Fetishist and oh my... If only he was a woman. Oh, but when he goes all insane and his voice gets all demonic... I'll be in my bunk.
  • In Episode 4.6 of Ask That Guy, he talks about vampires who eat themselves, and says that it's "disgustingly beautiful" afterwards, he moans in away that gets me everytime I hear it...
  • Maybe it's because this troper is sadistic, but she always loves it when he breaks down or realizes that there's something wrong with him. What can I say, the Puppy Dog Eyes make it very appealing.
  • "Fuck the Ghostbusters. Fffffuck 'em." in Episode 42 had me sliding off my chair a little.
  • In Episode 52, he licks his lips and then giggles. There aren't words.
  • Episode 51: "And with nipples like mine, who can blame them." NOT ME. Have you seen his nipples? They just scream filthy shamesex.
  • His big breakdown in ep 57 and the whimpery headache that came afterward. Who didn't want to poke him into crying just a little bit more?