Korra herself. An action girl to the core.

  • Just to elaborate, let's start with her build- broad back, large breasts, short legs, strong forearms, and taller than a good portion of the cast. (Conjecturs and most likely incorrect, both watching the show and reading production notes let's us know that she's actually one of the shortest ADULT cast members in the shown, she simply does not offten come across as such because of her personality, The hights in LoK are actually calcualted by Korra heads. And she is actually shorter then any other member of 'team avatar') She's physically atypical for a female lead, even with her Action Girl status, and comepletely sexy for it. Add to that a super rural background, a real problem with backing down from just about anything, and the most adorably sincere way of speaking I've seen in a female lead for a long time, and you've got just the right mix of strength and vulnerability for a highly appealing character.
  • Another note on Korra, is that in one scene she is revealed to be Hidden Buxom. Yes, that's right, an already busty character is actually hiding her real bust (suppressed mammaries being its own kind of fetish anyway). Korra normally wears a martial arts outfit, with sarashi wraps under her clothes as a "sports bra" of sorts. In the one scene where she attends a formal function in Season 1, she is seen wearing an evening dress, which presumably has no wrappings or restraints underneath at all, because her boobs appear nearly twice their usual (and already considerable) size. At this point it would be safe to say Korra is the bustiest character in the whole Avatar franchise, and if that's not a fetish, nothing is. (Though both Jin and Ty Lee from TLA seam to be ether in this same area, or very busty for there size in the case of Ty Lee)

Let's get dangerous...or sexy, either or.

  • This Troper spent found himself chanting "Threesome, threesome, threesome!" in his head during some of the early episodes concerning the relationship between The Brothers and Korra. I mean, Bolin and Mako are two great tastes that taste great together! The taller, somewhat broody, Mako with his sheer smoldering sexyness, and the funnier, more personable, and frankly just plain adorable Bolin.
  • On a somewhat kinkier note, both of the Fire-Ferret brothers have their own unique submissive streak; There's Mako with his indesicion and emotional confusion, yet once you get past that there's this extreme attachment complex. Then we have Bolin, with his passive attitude and tender feelings, making him quite vulnerable, but despite his breezy attitude, he's just so... loyal. Korra is a very lucky girl.
    • I kept thinking a whole slew of dirty thoughts whenever the announcer referred to Bolin and Mako as "the faboulous bending brothers". Admit it, it sounds like a title for an incestous porn movie. Although if Bolin and Mako are the stars, maybe it's a good thing. 
  • Tahno, the leader of the fire-ferrets has a sort of androgynous thing going on. He also has a very sexy voice and offers free "private lessons", if you know what I mean.
    • His teammates are fairly andrognous too and I love the "Tahno's Love Triad" thing where Tahno has a more than friendly relationship with his teammates.
    • Not to mention, Tahno has enormous potential in hurt/comfort fanfics when he's paired up with pretty much anyone after what happened to him in episode 6.
  • Asami is probably the most gorgeous female in the show. Plus, she's such a beautiful, selfless person too. I hope things work out better for her next season.
  • Some people find Amon's voice to be creepy. This troper finds it to be both scary and sexy at the same time. (The voice actor Steven Blum is well known for this kind of voice, so its actually by design, he's most commonly known as the voice actor for Spike from Cowboy Beebop, but also other less known voice roles that all into this dangerously sexy area)
  • I have a weird thing for the Korrlok pairing, even though I didn't like Tarrlok too much until the finale. He so obviously has a crush on Korra and all those screencaps from the Gala in episode four where it looks like he's about to grope her don't help. Also Amorra and Amon/Korra/Tarrlok are pretty sexy too.
    • Amon/almost anyone tends to be kind of sexy. He's a powerful, charasmatic revolutionary figure who's voice is both scary and sexy. He can take on pretty much any opponent, even Korra. Also I'm sure some people have a fetish for that mask of his or just masks in general.
  • Now I know that a lot of people were turned on be the true nature of Tarrlok and Amon's powers. A ridicoulous amount of fanfics featuring Tarrlok and Amon using those powers for naughty sexual purposes came out as soon as the audience learned about them. 
  • Korra should just have her own harem. It would solve all potential obnoixious love triangle/love square problems in the future.
  • This Troper has a thing for both Unkempt Beauty and ferocious Action Girl action.  Korra in Book Two's finale - her hair down, scratches on her cheek and channeling enormous, unbridled power - had to be the most drop-dead beautiful animated character he's ever seen.
  • Is There Anything Appealing About Anyone Elsa I The Series? The series is filled with beautiful and handsome characters for numerous taste. What about Avatar Wan, a tall slender man with a devious yet optimist personallity.
  • Or Eska, she might have a monotone but some find that appealing, and if she is actually feealing something it drops. Eska also has a some what muted goth aspect to her personalitiy, but it might be brought out if she's feeling naughty and frisky. NAUGHTY AND FISKY! Oh Did mention that she is a water bender meaning tha she must have some degree of physical, mental, and emotional strenght, just follow the implication and combine that with water being the element of change, love, and its Chakra is aligned to the gentitals. There is a good chance that Princess Eska of the Northern Water Tribe is wild and fantastic in bed. Or not, she was insensitive and possiblely emotionally abusive to Bolin, and he didn't like it at all.
  • Emotions, physical apperance, physicallity seem to be a common theme here, and all three can be tide to the four common bending arts, though this idea probably belongs the Avatar the last air bender proper.

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