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Remember: This is not a page to list general examples of this trope (That's what TVtropes is for), but to list examples of it that turn you on.


Sometimes, it's the difference between total obscurity and becoming a household name.

Anime and MangaEdit


  • Psylocke, anyone? In addition to being a Badass Hot Action Girl, she's the most improbably bootylicious ninja on the printed page. How she managed to get that lithe while staying that curvy in the backside, I have no idea. But I'm not complaining.
  • Mary Marvel from the 50's runs. Bob Oskner really knew how to draw his teenage super-heroines and how to make them pose. Master of fanservice for shure.
  • Not to mention a certain other Ms. Marvel, who has gotten in some of the most erotic booty shots that you'll ever see on Marvel's pages. She's already attractive enough for being a feisty, commanding super-heroine; that plump, firm butt just pushes her into "Goddess" territory.
  • She-Hulk is already a fetish gold-mine for anyone with a bit of a muscle fetish. But in addition to having the physique of a power-lifter, she's got a pleasantly curvaceous bottom that the artists have never been shy about showing off. Not to mention that she's also a brilliant college-educated lawyer who dresses like this when she's not beating the piss out of bad guys.


  • In Le Libertin(not to be confused with the Johnny Depp movie The Libertine) Audrey Tautou has a naked hot-tub scene.  There's a shot of her standing, from behind, and good lord, her ass is godly.
  • Sabra Hillard, a sexy but cowardly pilot from Alien Resurrection where She has one of the most amazing plump bubble butts I've seen on a movie screen. Sadly we didn't get more shots of Hillard's silky smooth booty. Lucky Xenomorph is pounding dat ass up. R.I.P. Dat Ass.
  • In The Master Of Disguise, the Disguisey family love two things: learning to be a Master Of Disguise, and BBWs with huge bottoms. This is so true that they worry about hiring Jennifer as Pistachio's sidekick simply because she has a "tiny, butter-bottom". Luckily, at the end of the film it is implied that (after the wedding) she's going to start putting on weight for the man she loves.
    • Let's not forget Pistachio's old flame, Sophia, those thighs and hips really plump her ass up, leading her to have punny nicknames such as "Tush queen" or/and "Butt cake".
  • In My Father My Hero (1994) 15 year-old Katherin Heigl honors Hollywood's and this troper's eyes with one of the best ass-scenes ever made for the silver screen.  You really want to bite those sweet buns.
  • Lawanda Dumore, the main antagonist of the 1991 comedy sequel Problem Child 2 was considered a Ms. Fanservice in-universe. Well it looks like she's this in and out, especially when she got a full package of booty. She got class, cash and a bodacious ass. Lawanda is probably the first woman who actually has the whole world "behind" her! Why, she’s so rich, she even has her own full moon. Evil is Sexy, Indeed.
  • Kung Fu Hustle gave us Suzie a.k.a. The Crocodile gang boss' wife, a minor character who's only purpose is shaking her round supple ass, only to Ended up killed by the Axe Gang Boss after he tells her she's free to go, in less than 5 min.
  • 2012 Slasher flick 'Smiley' based jump scare on some kind of random internet chat website had Stacy, (played by actress Nikki Limo) was blessed with a nice round booty, I was thinking that this hottie was going to be one of the stars of this movie. But alas, Stacy and her plump ass was murdered by Smiley, via jump scare.
  • Terry from Friday the 13th Part 2.

Live-Action TVEdit

Video GamesEdit



Web OriginalEdit

  • Sarah Lewis from Team Snob; seems to have a thing for long sweaters that show off how big and round and perfect her ass is.
    • Like what? I've looked and can't find anything. Links, sources, please!

Western AnimationEdit

Real PeopleEdit

  • Rosario Dawson.  She's black and latina, so this makes sense.
  • Stacy Keibler
  • Emma Stone.  Look at her page image; if you tried to walk up a hill like that, your knees would ache by the time you got to the top.
  • Jennifer Lopez, of course.
  • Lady Gaga. She doesn't get a lot of attention for it, mostly because of of her..."interesting" stage persona. But look at her. She's got a voice like a succubus and a body like a pin-up girl, and she can fill out a pair of black panties like nobody's business. Just check out the gallery on her page.
  • Madonna. She's supplied the world with metric fucktons of fetish fuel throughout her long career, but special mention has to go to the striptease that she started doing for "Human Nature" in 2012. She starts off in a conservative business suit and ends up in lacy black panties, fishnets and a corset. Then she turns around at the end. Dear god, the woman has a butt like a succubus...
    • For that matter, there's her "Hung Up" video, where she spends the first half dancing around in a pink ballet costume that shows off the curves of her ass like you wouldn't believe. If anyone's earned Memetic Sex Goddess status, it's her.
  • Say what you will about Kim Kardashian (I'm no fan of hers myself), but you cannot deny that she has a fantastic ass. Her sexy butt has made me a bit ashamed to consider her incredibly attractive because of it, but you know, who cares?
  • AnnaSophia Robb , for being a very slim, and very (5'2) short white girl with petite, small boobs, has a shockingly large, toned ass. Most scenes in The Carrie Diaries use the best dresses and camera angles to showcase her butt as much as possible .
    • The best part is that that ass seems to be all natural, since she had such a plump ass since she was younger.
  • Molly Holly
  • Mickie James
  • Stephanie McMahon
  • Her ass isn't quite pronounced and well known like her boobs, but Lita still counts.
  • Sara Del Rey
  • Bayley/Davina Rose, of SHIMMER and NXT fame, which has earned her the nickname of "QT Booty" in some wrestling fan circles. Not hard to see why .
  • Even if she's a bit overweight, Ariel Winter still has one of the most desirable butts in Hollywood, in this troper's opinion.
  • Selena Gomez can drive a thousand Biebers crazy with that tight little butt of here.
  • Pretty much any movie where Rachel Weisz gets naked will have a long, loving shot of her big white ass.
  • Asia Argento has a similarly large, perfect ass (though not as white, as she's Italian).
  • The now eighteen Abigail Breslin.  Actually, her whole body is like this.
  • Gwendoline Christie, aka Brienne of Tarth, doesn't have much up front, but around back is a different story.  Especially when you consider she's 6'3", which means that's a lot of ass flesh!
  • Australian Olympic track cyclist, Anna Meares. That's one lucky bike seat.

Troper TalesEdit

This is an anecdote-friendly zone, but remember to keep your descriptions PG-13 rated.

  • We all know at least one self-professed "ass man"/"ass girl"/"ass person". They all have their own stories. Art imitates life—there's a reason why this is one of the most popular sources of fanservice out there.
  • In tenth grade, this troper once worked backstage on a school musical with about fifteen-odd girls with dancing roles. Between scenes, they all wore t-shirts, slip-on shoes, and black tights that didn't leave much at all to the imagination. There was one girl in particular that I remember clearly: she was pretty, blonde, and skinny as hell (she obviously kept in shape), but she had one of the biggest, roundest butts I've ever seen. Seriously, her butt stuck out almost a foot from her back, and she had the perfect Sexy Walk for showing it off. She was just so sweet and cheery to everyone, and she smiled all the time—I almost feel bad for staring so much, but it was hard to help it.
  • Two of this troper's female friends get into conversations about this all the time—mostly because, oddly enough, the skinnier of the two girls has a bigger butt, and the other one isn't shy about pointing it out (ex. "OMG! Look it her! Her butt's like...twice the size of mine! It doesn't make sense!"). They don't seem to find it odd that they always bring it up when I'm in the room (I'm a straight male). What, you thought Innocent Fanservice Girls only existed in fiction land?
  • This troper is one those post grauates at a high school currently working as volunteer staffer, and knows a secretary for the Activities Director at the school. The school secretary was a old but gracefully-aged woman with dark blonde hair along with glasses, a really curvy and voluptuous figure with a plump boobs on top and a large booty. She was one of the nicest and hardest workers in the school and a happly married woman, to the point that she's not being sexy on purpose. She always fill the chair out with Dat Ass. Afterwards, I do feel guilty for staring too much, though at least I can look but can't touch.
  • Back in my highschool days, I got to help out over at an elementary school as a teacher's aide. I'm not afraid to say that said teacher was incredibly hot. She had a fantastic ass, and I have to admit that it filled out her pants quite nicely. And given that she was not only a latina, but a bit chubby as well gave it a bit of a... jiggle as well. Given how her students worked at low-rising tables, she more-often than not had to bend over frequently to help them out with various things, which left me gawking a bit in-between my own moments when helping out kids. Fortunately, she was pretty friendly and a great person to be around, so I genuinely liked helping her out on my own merits. The plump, fantastic ass of hers was just a bonus.
  • Apparently, thisgym teacher◊.
  • In college, this troper used to have the have the biggest crush on one of his best female friends, who had a healthy dose of this going on. You'd never expect it looking at her from the front: she was a (pleasantly) chubby self-described nerd who ran our local D&D group, collected My Little Pony figurines and wore baggy sweatpants all through Freshman year, and she never talked about anything remotely sexual. But I remember the day that I finally saw her in a pair of tight jeans that actually flattered her behind, and I suddenly couldn't stop staring whenever she turned around. It was like, "Damn, when did you get hot?"
  • This troper must've live in a place called "BootyTown" noting that most guys and chicks in his area boost thier glutes for more cushion for the pushin/ getting thier booties eaten like groceries, which includes his high-school teacher, a (female) boss he works with, his sister and his ex-girlfriend.

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