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  • Over on Getting Crap Past The Radar, it's mentioned that the males of Babylon 5's Centauri race have two-to-four-foot long prehensile penises. Six of them. Holy. Crap.
    • Which means that the women, in order to match up, all have six vaginas.
    • And their fertility goddess has both.
    • And Kissing is akin to having intercourse with just 1 penis. Things aren't even hot and heavy until quadruple penetration...
      • Never mind that, think of the orgy potential.
    • Plus they own slaves, with all that implies. Discuss amongst yourselves.
      • And practice Polygamy, remember that Londo had three wives (though he divorced two first chance he got).
      • Although being with more than one at a time sexually was shown as unusual and only possible because they were competing to be the one he kept.
      • That's only because all three of Londo's wives were political marriages foisted on him despite neither Londo nor his wives liking each other. A Centauri who marries several other Centauri for love might be in a different situation.
      • For example, in the series finale Vir is shown to be doing something with two Centauri women, both of whom seem to be enjoying it.
    • And one of the Centauri penii is shown on screen. Flew right past the censors because it wasn't clear in the scene what it was.
  • And G'kar, at least, indicated in the pilot that he was perfectly willing to engage in cross-species dalliances. He seemed quite eager about it, too.
    • Word of God apparently G'Kar has a human(esq) fetish in the same way Riker has the rubber forehead alien kink.
    • G'Kar's missing eye...and that his replacement works from remote...and he uses to to (AHEM) confirm the consummation of a wedding
    • One might point out that Narns are marsupials, and on Earth male marsupials are better... endowed than male placentals.
    • Speaking of telepaths, the sex scenes between Lyta Alexander, Byron and every other telepath within range was quite interesting.
      • She also has no pleasure threshold...
      • Further when Lyta was confirmed as powerful enough to puppet an entire Marketplace at the same time...
    • Winters/Ivanava lesyay. CONFIRMED lesyay...YAY!
  • Bald Women. Lots of Bald Women...
  • Leather gloves on all the hot telepaths.
  • BDSM?
    • G'Kar getting chained up and whipped by the Centauri.
    • Sheridan being tortured by Earth Alliance.
    • Sheridan and Delenn getting tortured by Jack the Ripper.
    • Lyta in a straitjacket. Over multiple episodes. And when she finally uses her Psychic Powers to get herself out of it, she says she liked being in it.
    • Sinclair being tortured by the Minbari.
  • Mindrape?
    • The telepathic drug "dust" is Mind Rape in a bottle.
    • Drakh keepers.
  • Gratuitous lingerie segments?
    • A lingerie-clad, riding-crop toting hologram of Captain Lochley was more popular with females.
    • Ivanova in every season. This troper recalls a group of lesbian fans named themselves after her purple nightie.
      • Did any other feeders find themselves getting hot and bothered at the episode in which she is forced, by Doctor's orders, to start a high fat diet? Especially her protests that she is 'going to get so fat! '?
    • Delenn in Season 5.
  • It took this long to get to Ivanova's "sex dance" with the Lumati? "Next Time, My Way". Boom Shaka Laka Boom!
  • How have we not got anything about Na'Toth yet? In her first appearance she kicks the shit out of G'Kar as a Xanatos Gambit and ... refuses to deny getting off on it. She beats a murderer with a crowbar for purely personal reasons and in the end comes back in a dungeon after a sound beating with the woobie stick but still having some sense of badass potential. She is last seen wearing a black veil as part of a Refuge In Audacity. It's only the middle bits when she's played by someone else that are disappointing.
    • Hence Na'Toth's disappearance from the show in the first place. Julie Caitlin Brown was perfect in that role, Mary Kay Adams just ... wasn't. The change in the way the character's dialog was written at the same time didn't help; she was just too... nice
    • Julie Caitlin Brown had some voice too...
  • I don't know about anyone else but I find Bester to be chock full of fetish fuel all by himself... Good looking, older guy, telepath, holds a ridiculous amount of power over other telepaths, leather gloves, uniform, intense, focused, quirky sense of humor, magnificent bastard, secretly woobie (the whole thing with his wife), accent, snarky, massive amounts of Foe Yay with pretty much every main character who is not part of Psycorps or under the direct controll of Earth Gov... the list goes on and on.

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