You know you've made it on That Guy With The Glasses when you're on the TV Tropes fetish fuel page.

–Film Brain, Q&A session


  • Someone please reassure this troper that she is not a total freak for liking Film Brain and finding his accent a bit TOO attractive...
    • You aren't the only one.
    • No, you aren't the only one, but this troper creeped herself out when she realized that at the time, he was 17. And she'd passed that age sometime ago. So she has kinda adopted him as an adorable little brother. However, Mike J seems a lot closer to her age...
    • This troper finds Film Brain utterly adorable and is nineteen. And in America, curse it all!
  • Film Brain's Evan Almighty review ends with him shirtless, and implied to be completely nude after pissing off God.
    • Speaking of the Evan Almighty review, learning that Film Brain is agnostic is a turn on for me, as an atheist. I can't be the only one, can I?
    • You're not. It was more a romantic spike for me than a turn on, but you're certainly not alone.
  • Film Brain with a Sonic Screwdriver. That is all.
    • Especially in his Atop the Fourth Wall crossover where he locks Linkara in a hotel room...
    • A commenter once pointed out that if Linkara is TGWTG universe's Doctor, that makes Film Brain the Master. Commenter fried my brain with this information.
      • ... O//O I feel like this should make it into fanfiction...
  • Film Brain breaks down sobbing into a pillow in his Ratatoing review. This Troper was halfway between "awww" and... something else...
  • Absolutely no mention of Film Brain's Men In Black II review? I am disappoint! Let's recap: Film Brain, in a suit, grinning like an adorable little loon as he recounts what he did to get revenge on MikeJ. And that's just in the beginning of the review. By the end, he's dancing (sort of) to the end credits song, in sunglasses. This troper has no idea what fetish of hers that fueled, but it was fueled.
  • In the X-men Origins Wolverine review, we see Film Brain in a leather jacket. Until then, the words that leapt to mind when watching Film Brain were "Cute!" and "Adorable!", now it's "HOT".
  • In Film Brain's Get Carter review, he puts on a different top, and we are treated to just the slightest glimpse of his belly and chest. I may have rewatched that once or twice...
    • Here's a screencap, except it has the pause button on it. [1]◊ This troper lost the one without it.
  • There's also the scene in MikeJ's Matrix Revolutions review, in which Film Brain threatens to strip and pulls his shirt up. See here.
  • Speaking of Film Brain, someone (besides me) must be developing Perverse Asexual Cuddlelust for his Kickassia portrayal. He's like an overexcited puppy, and that's before his Break The Cutie.
    • *Raises hand* I kind of want to hug him and never let go.
    • "Asexual" nothing, he was so...obedient. Nnh.
  • AVP Alien VS Predator review. Film Brain (briefly) in glasses. Mee likey.
    • In that same review when he is shown in bed, and while implieing that he just had sexual relations with someone, whispering "Good girl!" The fact that he has a British accent makes it all the more 'special'.
  • Professor Celluloid. Pink wig. This is all.
  • He's ticklish! <3
  • Normally it's hard to tell but he has very pretty dark blue eyes
  • I'm not going to lie... I have a gay crush on Film Brain, I'm not gay... BUT OH MY GOD! It's probably the accent.
  • Film Brain took charge of running LordKat's Ustream chat in the early morning hours following the 2010 Donation Drive. At one point, the discussion turned to his age; he confirmed that he had joined TGWTG as a teenager, and was still the site's youngest contributor. Recalling that he had celebrated a birthday recently, I asked, "But aren't you twenty now?" Film Brain replied (in the proudest voice you can imagine), "Yes I am!" You could just tell he was grinning from ear to ear, and he sounded so adorable that I just wanted to hug him!
  • As a callback to the freeze frame character descriptions in Mega Piranha in his April Fools review of Fat Slags, his description is: Film Brain, Movie Critic (Closet Masochist). Oh you...
  • As demonstrated on LordKat's livestream, he does a surprisingly sexy American accent! He has to deepen his voice to do it...
    • His fake American accent is quite sexy, mainly because of how awkward it is.
  • I don't know if there's any shots like it before, but at the end of Lupa's Gooby review when he cameos he's got some stubble on his face. It looks really good on him.
    • In his 'Projector' review of the movie "Mother's Day" as well as his latest 'Bad Movie Beatdown' of "Shadow Man", he has some. He actually commented on Twitter about how much attention it got in the former: "It's almost like I went through puberty or something!"
    • While reading this entry on his livestream, he noted the stubble he was sporting at the time and remarked that "whoever's watching this is probably being fueled by it". Guilty as charged, Mr. Buck.
  • Then there was that lovely little striptease he did in MikeJ's Matrix Revolutions review. Thank you very much, sir.
    • Early in the review, he states that he actually likes Matrix Revolutions. Later, after he points out several of its flaws, Mike asks why he's bashing the movie if he likes it. He replies, kind of pouty and smug at the same time, "Oh, Mike, I only said that to wind you up." I can't really explain it very well, but the tone he says it in is incredibly attractive.
  • On his first-ever livestream, this troper mentioned having a crush on him and asked him to marry her. Welshy noticed this and started teasing the hell out of us, asking if we wanted a MAGFest wedding, if I'm going to "break" him officially, all that crap. His embarrassed face and laugh was fucking priceless. And let's just say, I was pretty damn embarrassed too......
    • On that same livestream Film Brain was laying back on his bed and would distractedly suck on his fingers. This after saying he doesn't understand why people find him attractive.
  • On the day of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, Mathew tweeted, "Yes, I am watching the #RoyalWedding. Yes, I'm a soppy romantic." It made this royalty-obsessed, hopeless romantic troper extremely giggly.
    • Seconded.
    • In his stream reading this page, his reaction to this one was, "Would you like me to wear a crown?" I know he's not really offering but yes, please do. Powerful King Mathew. Does anyone else enjoy the sound of that?
  • I'm sometimes honestly surprised Film Brain hasn't attracted the attention of the more depraved parts of the fandom. He's every bit as whiny, bratty and adorable as the Nostalgia Critic, plus he's British! And jailbait-but-not-actually!
  • When This Troper first saw Film Brain, her reaction to him was that he was "cute", "adorable", even though he was supposed to appear sarcastic and stand-offish. Even at his most tempting (in the Kickassia movie when he had undergone Break The Cutie, and even before when he was a hopeless fanboy pup in Critic's prescence), to her he seemed like a little kid...which is really ironic since he and This Troper are the same age. However, while watching Film Brain surf his own Fetish Fuel page and provide examples himself (IE his American accent and how he sucked on his fingers), she buried her face many times in embarrassed, enamored fangirl squee. Can produce anyone who doesn't fulfill my fetish for nerdy guys?
  • The entirety of his 'reading off' of the Fetish Fuel Webpage. Every 20 minutes, max, he was pausing to playfully cater to some of the fetish fuel additions. "Put that on the Fetish Fuel page, why don't you!" Well... if you insist... Rowr.
  • I can't believe this isn't on here yet, but in one of his livestreams Film Brain had an impromptu seduction school with Overactor. At one point when he was advising her he said it's all in the attitude, and then faked asking someone to dinner in a very husky voice. I have honestly never been so quickly turned on in my life. You're plenty sexy, Mathew (because I know you're reading this).
  • Holy hell - which one was that? (God, I need to stop missing these livestreams.)
    • It was in 'Cheer me Up' somewhere around/after the 1 hour mark
  • Film Brain made a pretty cute girl in the Sucker Punch crossover. His little squee at the end was quite adorable.
  • Film brain is ridiculously adorable when being tickled by Jesu Otaku and Nella in the Rejected Spooning With Spoony Ideas video. I could watch that scene all day and just laugh along with him.
  • Anytime he is in a jacket. Be it in a suit jacket in his Men in Black 2 review, as a Costume Copycat in Kickassia, or wearing a black leather jacket briefly in the 4th year anniversary teaser.
  • In "To Boldly Flee" when Sage found him unconscious . . . I don't know, my mothering/taking care of people instincts kicked in.

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