Battle Angel Alita. Where to begin?


    • A Ridiculously Human Robot with a nice figure, pretty eyes and long dark hair.
    • Superhumanly strong and agile.
    • Can play the piano and sing simultaneously.
    • Reborn at one point with a BadassLongcoat and a tail.
    • Displays many catlike behaviors in above incarnation, including crawling around on all fours and sleeping on any surface.
    • Big, pouty lips.
  • Yoko, Alita's original identity:
  • Gally, Alita's alternate self in Desty Nova's Lotus Eater Machine:
    • An innocent, childlike girl with a hair bow and glasses.
  • AR-2/Zwei:
    • Looks exactly like Alita, but is a bit more... intense.
  • AR-6/Sechs:
    • A grizzled and battle-scarred version of Alita with a cybernetic right eye and a BFS.
    • Changes from a female to a male body.
    • A BloodKnight obsessed with battle, getting a feral, excited look on his face whenever he thinks about fighting.
    • Can inflate and deflate his body at will.
    • Gets many shirtless scenes, including one sequence where he's completely naked.
  • AR-10/Zehn:
  • AR-11/Elf and AR-12/Zwolf:
    • Twin Genki Girl versions of Alita that are tall, thin, and busty.
    • Spend most of their time in either Stripperiffic outfits or PlayboyBunny costumes.
    • Both briefly disguised themselves as the original Alita.
    • Are very flirty and affectionate.
    • Are both specialists in tying people up with wires.

And that's just the versions of Alita!

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