Witchblade Masane Amaha by pana74

Masane Amaha, transformed by the Witchblade. (by pana74)

A costume which transforms the body and/or personality of whoever wears it. A latex suit which turns the wearer's body into rubber. A fursuit which transforms the wearer into an actual animal. A symbiotic alien lifeform that fuses to some hapless victim's flesh and turns them into superstrong villains (or heroes). The list goes on.

Overlaps with Clingy Costume, which involves clothes that are impossible to remove but do not necessarily change the person inside.

Anime and MangaEdit

  • Pictured above, Witchblade-wielder Masane Amaha. The costume transforms her into a bloodthirsty fighter who enjoys combat like sex.

Comic BooksEdit

  • A comic book episode of Bonkers had the police team disguising themselves with full-body cartoon animal costumes. Unbeknownst to them, those costumes took lives on their own and forced them to commit random crimes; the reason was that those costumes were toons who happened to be hollow.



  • Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin had quite a selection of different costumes throughout the film that followed a kind of "evolution" to her character and her exploits as villainess- and a seductress. From the Ball scene onwards the costumes became more colourful and bold and she in turn became bold and... colourful herself as the story progressed and her plans took hold (I.e; seducing the heroes). Example...
    • Sapling: To begin with she adopts a more mysterious and mystifying persona to entice her victims intially. Giving them just enough (and then some) to keep her in their thoughts till next time. A lingering figure in shadows as it were.
    • Bud: Here Poison Ivy drops the charade and assumes the more flashy villainess form and actively pursuing her "prey" with a bold palette and upfront seduction method. It's enough to have to a lasting impression and help distort Robin's better judgment.
    • Flower: By the end, Ivy is the embodiment of vanity. With one half of the Dynamic Duo fallen victim to her charms she becomes all about spectacle. Flash over substance. Counting on pure adoration and lust [for her] on Robin's part to lure him to his willing demise.

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