This is a Troper Tales page. That mean it's an anecdote-friendly zone.

  • This Troper is the Jerk With A Heart Of Gold half of this. The boy is a Tsundere. We had a Meet Cute (during a school play), have had a Is That Cute Kid Yours moment. It's so much like a romantic comedy, I want to bleed Care Bears. Blech.
  • This troper's mom and one of this troper's mom's co-workers, judging from this troper's mom's accounts, qualify as this, although in their situation this troper's mom is more a kuudere than a true tsundere. They both deny their feelings toward one another, although everyone else at work can feel all the UST in the air whenever the two of them are in the same room, and this troper can tell that Mom is quite fond of him even though Mom profusely denies that she's in love with him.
  • This troper (a tsundere) has been told she has this with her male best friend...She will deny it until the day she dies.
  • This troper and her boyfriend are an example of this, he being a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold and she being a Tsundere, and have been since they first met in fifth grade. When once asked whether or not she likes him, this troper denied it and got laughed at (provoking some yelling from said troper).
    • Funny, I don't remember editing this page before now...
  • My Sister: Type Tsun. Her husband: Deadpan Snarker wrapped around a hopeless romantic. Together, they raise their kids, trade barbs... and, I have no doubt, fight crime.
  • HSZMV has been Arnold (not that Arnold to one to many Helgas if his friends are to be believed. Of course, All Love Is Unrequited, but seriously, who wants to... um... requit that?
  • On a forum this troper frequents, there were two members who were frequently known for engaging in long, drawn out arguments over pretty much anything, and would try to make life hell for each other. As of earlier today, they are engaged.
  • This troper and a guy she knows are this trope, so much so that I have linked to this page when people compared our friendship to ‘those ones who fight on TV’
  • Our BST could power cities: our fights are terrifying for witnesses. They used to happen fortnightly, now they are be closer to every three days or so, and it's always something strangely mundane from games to the correct names for various celestial bodies. It normally divulges into slapping each other, throwing remote controls and stabbing each other with stationary. Our friends are known to wolf-whistle... It escalates when we blame each other for making our friends think that...!
  • There was a rumour spread about our school that we were a a couple. He was there when the rumour was conceived, but I know for a fact that he only when bright red and squeaked 'no', which just made it more all the more credible, which is always our response to such questions, or: “That relationship would end well.”. But we can grow strangely deredere like sharing strange food no one esle would touch, and the fact he understands what nerdy stuff I’m talking about and my tendency to trip over every second word I say to him. It seems like I'll just have give up being around him completely, as he pointed out (and I knew all along but would never say so) we‘d be far happier Can't Stand Them, Can't Live Without Them :(
  • I'm not an example, and I don't know any personally, but as a child I pretty much thought: any animosity between people of different genders (I didn't know about gay people then) = love. I blame Han Solo and Leia Organa as example one, and Vegeta and Bulma as example two.
  • I had this with two people during high school. Both were smart, snarky boys, who at some point, made a mistake in front of me. I made snarky comments at both of them, and, to my surprise and delight, they dished it right back. Thus began EPIC snark wars and lots of sexual tension, according to every other person in existence. I disagree. It's friendly antagonism, which is a sign of respect and entirely platonic.
  • Story of this tropers romantic life. Going on 7 years of UST, drama and true love...
  • Pretty much any decent relationship this troper has been in. It feeds right into my adoration for clever boys (and girls) when they can be just as snarky as me.
  • This Troper has a similar relationship with a female friend of his. They mock and insult eachother during the time they spend together (at times this troper would earn a punch in the arm or a kick in the leg from her for his words x_o), and by the end of the day, they'd hug and softly bid eachother goodbye. She rocks so much.
  • Non-romantic example. I drive my best friend nuts so badly she often wonders why she hasn't killed me yet. Then I smile and hug her. Then she goes even more nuts as those acts make her simultaneously love and hate me more. This is the most fun relationship I have with anybody.
  • This troper, a type A Tsundere, had a similar relationship with a male friend of hers. They bicker almost constantly about everything from books to whose fault it is that they have Shippers on Deck. Most of their mutual friends, of course, believed this to be a sign that the two are meant to be although the two denied it constantly. Unfortunately, this troper and her friend, now boyfriend, have recently found themselves forced to eat their words.
  • During this Troper's school production of Romeo and Juliet, the character Tybalt, who is played by a girl, gets into a couple fights, one against Benvolio and one against Mercutio. During the first fight, Benvolio successfully fends her off, tells her, "I do but uphold the peace," and offers her his hand. She, smiling, takes his hand, gets pulled up, laughs a bit, and then attacks him again. Perhaps a grudging respect? Or more? You decide. In the NEXT fight, at one point Mercutio puts her into a position where she is unable to attack. She struggles for a bit, and then WHAT does she do? She KISSES him in order to get away from him. Later, after she's killed Mercutio, she comes back, with a rope in her hands, and attempts to strangle Romeo, who'd gotten in the way during their fight. My opinion, perhaps she actually LIKED Mercutio, thus why she chose to KISS him instead of maybe headbutting him, and when she attacked with the knife it was not meant to kill him, but Romeo getting in the way caused his death. Thus why she chose to come back and try to kill Romeo. Would ANYONE else think this? Probably not, but I like the idea of it.
  • This troper has two friends, let's call them S and V. V is a heavily sarcastic deadpan snarker while S is his little half-enemy who he's known for years. They're constantly fighting, but it's not very hard to tell that they have something going on behind the scenes.
  • This troper is a Deadpan Snarker who met a type A Tsundere (what's even worse,an outright Shana Clone) in college.Nobody knows why,but our little mental warfare's been going on since we know each other,taking potshots at the other at the very moment we meet,everytime.But despite my best efforts to "torture" her,she still comes back just as if asking for it.The fact that both of us are in a relationship makes things just more difficult.Despite that everybody around thinks it's BST .Of course it's not.OF COURSE!(Seriously though:even we don't know.)

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