Gwen always preferred the younger model.

You would never guess that a show about a boy that fights aliens with a watch would be so sexy...
  • Ben and Gwen have far too much UST in the original series for a pair of ten-year-old cousins. This troper feared what we were gonna get in Alien Force...
  • Speaking of Alien Force, the beginning of Ben's new Transformation Sequence and pose looks a lot like a Magical Girl's...
  • This troper finds the adult versions of Ben and Gwen seen in "Ben 10,000" ridiculously hot. Gwen's design consists of a skin-tight suit that clings to every curve, and she's drawn with perfectly full lips, a narrow waist and moderate but attractive assets. Ben has fantastic muscles, and this troper swears she never liked beards until she saw one on him. Then she saw him in "Ken 10" and he looked even sexier as a 42 year-old father with gray streaks. And let's not even get into Kevin in that episode, whoo...
  • In the original series, Max's nephew marries an alien who is basically a living mass of tentacles and gunge, while Max himself was "involved" with a Green Skinned Space Babe and an Energy Being, the latter of which he married.
  • One of Ben's new forms in Alien Force is also nothing more than a blob of living gunge, that concludes its premiere battle by getting splattered all over both Kevin and Gwen.
  • Depending on your point of view, Alien Force is basically one long Fetish Fuel or Squick parade with all the differentFace Full Of Alien Wing Wong.
  • Charmcaster. Silver hair wrapped up in a long ponytail, purple eyes and lips, a snarky all comes together to form some incredible sexiness.
    • This Troper still finds Charmcaster hot in Alien Force, but is VERY disappointed that they got rid of that little bag that could fit anything into it and could be used for a variety of different purposes... What? Don't look at me like that!
    • It was brought back in Ultimate Alien. Incidentally, the same episode this happened had Charmcaster take several levels in woobie, which adds to her fetish-ness.
  • original series, a minor occurance: due to Ben being hypnotized by Sublimino, Gwen decides to prevent Ben from using the Ominitrix using handcuffs. Ben asks where Gwen got them... Though Gwen tells she got them from a security shop, the look on her face, when she applies made this troper squick.
  • How come no one here has yet to mention how many fanfictions there are out there involving Ben and Gwen being a couple? Even before Alien Force. Forget about half of them using the "Not Blood Cousins" plot device for a loophole...
  • Kai (the Native American girl from the episode Benwolf and Ben's first crush) said at the end of the episode she would "train and tame" Ben in his Benwolf form. In an alternative universe she'll become his wife. Think about it.
  • Alien Swarm. All that leather. Thank God for Dawson Casting.
  • This troper agrees and adds that she finds sexy even mutant alien Kevin.
  • The whole reason this troper started watching Alien Force was to see an older Kevin, who happened to be very dissapointing.
  • How about Ben's new alien form, Rath? He looks like an antro tiger. This will really please the furry fandom. Also, due to Rule 34, there will probably be material available of him shortly.
  • Let's see what the Omnitrix Ultimatrix covers...
    • Nanomech - literal Covert Pervert
    • Benmummy, Wildvine, and Swampfire - Naughty Tentacles
    • Ditto, Echo-Echo - Twin Threesome Fantasy
    • Benwolf, Rath, Spidermonkey, and Wildmutt - Furry Fandom
    • Humongousaur and Waybig can take care of the macrophiles.
    • Goop is probably someone's fetish, if all the pictures of goo-girls on 4chan are anything to judge by. Then again, Goop's neither cute nor a girl, so...
  • Kevin in his underwear that look like a speedo. Michael Morningstar was also in his underwear/speedo at one point.
  • This troper is disapointed that no one has mentioned Ester, the half-human Kraaho who appears in Hot Stretch in Omniverse, who is not only pretty, but her specie's has the ability to stretch.
  • Speaking of Omniverse, Rook Blonko. He's like a male version of Starfire- a cat-like alien who's adorably earnest, socially impaired, ridicously badass at times, and already has a legion of fangirls....