• Benzaie, in his review of Kabuki Quantum Fighter, is, for no obvious reason, wearing bright pink lipstick. Well, and a towel on his head. But even so he still looks strangely, androgynously attractive...
    • He's imitating the main character of Kabuki Quantum Fighter, which is a pretty obvious reason.
  • And in Spooning With Spoony, Benzaie shows up wearing nothing but a bowtie. [Here.] He shows up near the end for about five seconds. He basically emerges from Spoony's crotch area, wipes his mouth, and says "I brought some coffee," right before Spoony announces that it's time for round two and cuddles the girls.
  • In the review of Hokuto no Ken Benzaie wears a leather jacket. Without shirt. Oh, God...
  • Let's be honest: Benzaie has the power of 'Everything is Sexier in French'. His accent is kind of cute, but when he talks in French lots of girls just melt.
    • He makes some guys melt with his french. I could record that and play it in my bunk.
  • Hell, Benzaie has the ability to make even the FanDisservice at the end of Spoony's Phantasmagoria Let's Play seem kinda sexy. He is wearing nothing but a pair of briefs and a Santa hat, and there are several lengthy shots of his crotch. It's vaguely Chippendale once you stop laughing.
  • For a while, Benzaie was just David Tennant cute to this troper. Then she saw the 'FAQ You' vids. Oh. My. God. Does he know what he does to people when he yelps how he wants to 'FAQ' them? (If you don't get it, try saying 'FAQ' like it's a whole word and rhymes with 'whack.' Then imagine an adorable bespectacled Frenchman saying he wants to 'FAQ' you.)
    • Right there with you. Hearing him talk about how playing video games is better while being "FAQ'ed" gave this troper some... interesting ideas
  • Oh, and in Real Life he's a teacher. I'll be in my bunk...
    • Almost became a bit narmy for me, because lol, imagine your teacher being the guy who makes the Heavy Metal Packages. But then again, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't one of those girls who had a crush on their teachers (especially the ones who taught other languages. Though it was Latin in my case.)
  • Anyone see the Gay Rap portion of Benzaie's IK+ review? Yeah, it's considered a MindScrew, but hell, shirtless Benzaie is shirtless Benzaie.
    • I always thought that he was a good-looking french guy 'til I watched that video. Such hotness should be banned.
      • And he did a remake of this dance. I'll be in my bunk.
  • The HoYay. By my count, roughly half the HoYay on the site involves this guy.
    • The other half involves Spoony.
  • Indie French... it's the mindfuck... uh... oh, good LORD- errr, I mean, uh... is it just me or Benzaie does a fuckin' good WOMAN?!
  • How so that nobody mentioned Nostalgia Critic's review of Nutty Professor with Benzaie in the shower?
  • It helps that almost 90 percent of his cameos or guest appearances feature him shirtless in one way or another. Sometimes [dancing].
  • And now we have an entire song dedicated to how he just wants to touch some guys. Swoon.
  • Benzaie has to be the sweetest and sexiest Frenchman I've ever seen. Need proof? Go watch his year 3 vlog and you'll see what I mean. Be sure to stick around for the stinger.
  • I'm pretty sure Benzaie is topped only by Doug in terms of sheer volume of fanservice. And yet, he is adorable.
  • Veronique. Yes, it's done for comedy, but it remains oddly...titilating.

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