• Berserk has Puck, the childlike and perpetually naked elf with a Ken doll crotch; a naked water fight between two well-muscled men; a Faux Action Girl who apparently gets off on flagellation; a demon that takes the form of a young naked girl with fuzzy antennae and moth wings... and a lot of blatant sexual imagery, though most of it isn't very appealing unless you are a big fan of blood-drenched demon rape.
  • Fetishists of spanking and/or domination get treated to a scene in which a wayward prostitute is punished by getting her bare ass spanked to the point of bruising.
    • By another female prostitute no less. Huzzah!
  • Guts ends up shirtless and whipped a lot. Gotta be at least a few fetishists out there.
  • And let's not forget Slan. The only thing that Guts accomplishes by impaling her with his BFS and blowing off half her torso with the Arm Cannon is giving her an orgasm. Yikes. Too Kinky To Torture indeed.
  • And of course, the opening scene of the manga gives us Guts having sex with an attractive woman, who then turns into a giant boobied monster. And takes a cannonball to the face.
  • This troper enjoys &page=188 this page a little too much... I mean, it's got whipping, unwilling sibling love, a shirtless Serpico, and then the biting... even if she's not really a vampire...
  • And as for characters with some weird fetishes, let's not forget Farnese's little thing about people burning alive, to the point where she spends a bit of "alone time" thinking real hard about that.
  • And still no mention of Casca yet? BLASPHEMY! An Action Girl pre-Eclipse with short hair that kicks ass. This troper has a thing for powerful women...

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