Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn

Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go round

–Queen, "Fat Bottomed Girls"

Grow that meat all over yer bones.

Work the wall with the local jones. And while you do it, remember this line; The sniffer says it all the time!

"The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'"

–Frank Zappa, "S.E.X."

One quick trip to a museum will confirm it: most of today's actresses and models would have been deemed too skinny a few centuries ago. Thinness as a beauty ideal is a relatively new thing(and one we're trying to eliminate). It's possible to find advertisements for miracle weight-gaining diets up until as late as 1970. This trend goes as far back as prehistoric times. Some archeologists believe that figures like the Venus of Willendorf were fertility amulets. In other words, people used them to get in the mood to procreate. Porn has always and will always exist.

It made sense to favor this body type. Since famines used to be common, and still are in some countries, thinness was often a sign of undernourishment. Having some body fat increased the chances of survival in times of food scarcity. Even today, multiple studies have shown that,

Another reason to love the seventies.

while having other health problems, overweight people are more likely to survive cardiac events and invasive treatments[1] and live longer lives [2] than normal-weighted people. Yes, really.

Times change. Obesity, not thinness, is now the rule in many countries. Much like tans started being desirable once they became a status symbol instead of something lowly peasants got from working under the sun, skinny women are now the beauty ideal. However, many still prefer big women. There are several reasons for this: Some are attracted to a girl who's confident enough to say 'fuck you' to society's demands and be proud of the way she looks, while others like robust women for much the same reason hot amazons are attractive. Not to mention, all that extra weight tends to make women a little bit more... buoyant. Either way, these women are not attractive despite their full-figure, but because of it.

Despite the name, this trope doesn't just refer to women: big boys can also be beautiful.

Remember: This is not a page to list general examples of this trope (That's what TVtropes is for), but to list examples of it that turn you on.

Anime & MangaEdit

  • Almost all of Kato Hayabusa's work caters to this, mostly showing weight gain and well endowed girls, as well as several other kinks.
  • The manga Pochamani has this as the whole plot.


  • A rule 63 fanart of Night Owl II was what started this perv's big women kink. As the artist said, 'Chubby girls have the best boobies'.
  • About half of DeviantArt's fan work is a shrine to this fetish.
  • I remember stumbling across a weight gain sequence of Osaka(biggest character crush) on DeviantArt. Needless to say, I found it rather attractive.


  • Ana Garcia, from Real Women Have Curves. Those scenes with her in her underwear are very... interesting.
  • Queen Latifa in Chicago.
  • Fat Slags is all about a global media tycoon getting hit in the head, forgetting that he's in the closet about being a fat admirer and deciding to use his wealth to make very fat women into the absolute height of fashion. It's a terrible film, but the basic plot is the plot I would use if I were to describe my ideal film, and we get to see Geri Halliwell slowly getting fatter in a series of really good fat suits.
  • Every child born to the Disguisey family of Master of Disguise grows up to have two things in common: he's a master of disguise (with access to the "magical energy field that has a light side and a dark side" called the force energico), and he loves fat women with large butts. At the very end, there's even a shot that I like to think is meant for fat admirers like me: the camera centres on the main character marrying his incredibly beautiful assistant, Jennifer, who unfortunately has a deficiency of bottom fat; but then it pulls down to the family pop-up handbook and an image that matches the wedding exactly except that the bride's ass is huge. That's when I realised: this single mother is almost certain to move in with the extended family of Italians at their restaurant, where she would be surrounded by women much fatter than her and men who loved them, while being encourage to eat rich and fatty food all the time, till she fit right in!
    • Or at least until she has a big butt (Pistachio's last girlfriend had an otherwise normal hourglass figure, but a huge rear end). Good either way.
  • While normally fairly average(well, for Hollywood anyway), Bryce Dallas Howard seems to have been preggers while filming Terminator: Salvation.  Definitely a highlight in that piece of...

Live Action TVEdit

  • This perv doesn't know what's more attractive about Lauren from Glee: The way she looks or how she owns it.
  • Garcia from Criminal Minds. She's also a computer genius, flirty and very cheerful.
  • There was an episode in House where they have to treat a seemingly obese kid. Her mother was very, very attractive.
    • And in another episode, one of the subplots is about a woman who doesn't want the doctors to remove a tumor in her belly because it'd mean losing weight.
  • Oh boy oh boy, River Song from Doctor Who. Admittedly, she's not really that big per se, but her outfit in "The Pandorica Opens"/ "Big Bang" just makes me feel as though she's larger.
    • Not to forget her two lines in "Let's Kill Hitler": “I'm focusing on a dress size,“ and “I have to go weigh myself!"
    • Alex Kingston definitely qualifies, since she was rejected for a part on Desperate Housewives for being "too curvy".
  • Mad Men: Joan is the obvious example, however Peggy is no rail either. BTW, they are one of the more popular Femslash pairings in fandom.


  • This trope is why Fat Bottomed Girls is one of this perv's favorite songs.
  • A male example for the song Double XL. "A skinny little pretty-boy ain't what they wanna hold, they want a real man, with meat on his bones..."
  • The women in the Big Girl You Are Beautiful video definitely qualify. And those outfits, mmmh.
  • "Baby Got Back" by Sir-Mix-A-Lot is the flagship song for big women, although it practically drives this troper to madness whenever he hears it.
  • Chantel Claret's song "Real Girls's" is dedicated to this trope. And Ms Claret while not a extreme example of it has the curves in all the right places.
  • David Lynch's "Crazy Clown Time" video.  Now, if I could only find a version without the black bars...
  • The White Stripes' Meg White.  Gotta love a chubby girl who drums without a bra.
  • Lo Rider's "Skinny" is about going to a club, meeting the beautiful gaze of an attractive woman, asking to dance with her, then making up lame excuses to get away from her when he takes a second look and realizes she could hide behind a telephone pole. The video is worth a laugh even if you're not watching it for this trope.

Real LifeEdit

  • Margaret Cho (NSFW). She's also bisexual!
  • This troper specifically has a fetish for women with a bit of a gut. When he was going to college, there was often a girl on the bus who, although otherwise not that big, had a well-defined Buddha belly(and I know what you're thinking, and no, she wasn't preggers, because the size of it never changed), which she wasn't shy about letting hang out.. Very often, she would be standing up right in front of where I was sitting, meaning my face was inches from that beautiful pooch. Oh, how much I wanted to lean forward and rub my face on it.
  • Is Amanda Seyfried big enough for this trope? I suppose she'd be borderline. Just look at her nude scenes in Chloe. Look at them!
  • Also on the borderline is Gemma Arterton, who can be seen to have a bit of a tummy in some pictures.  Not that we're complaining.
  • Maybe a little closer to the borderline is Leelee Sobieski, who at times looks like a Jewish valkyrie.
  • Also, there's Melanie Lynskey, who looks rocking in a red dress, especially one that pushes her boobs up.
  • Now that she's eighteen, I suppose it's okay to talk about Abigail Breslin, who seems to have embraced her curves.
  • Tess Holiday is an example of a somewhat mainstream plus size model.
  • Alia Shawkat, besides being cute as a button, also has the breasts and hips of a fertility goddess.
  • Marion Cotillard doesn't that obviously fit into this, until you see her naked.  Wow!
  • Lena Dunham.  Gotta love a chubby girl who readily takes her kit off for the camera.
  • Kat Dennings seems to be getting closer and closer to being a Jewish version of Christina Hendricks.

Web OriginalEdit

  • A rare male example: he might mock it, but this fangirl at least likes that Linkara is a little soft-looking.
  • Nostalgia Chick's BFF Nella.
    • Two words: Dark Nella. Full stop.
    • Also, thanks to the Chick for wearing slightly baggy tops in a few episodes on the run, a surprising number of fans began to come out of the closet as chubby chasers, believing her to have begun gaining a small amount of weight. Of course, she wasn't, but that's no reason no to dream, right?
  • Then there's Mrs. Snob herself, Jillian Zurawski.
  • Don't forget MarzGurl. Okay, maybe a bit on the skinny side for this trope, but still...
  • About half of deviantArt's original work is a shrine to this fetish.
  • Geek Gems founder Scarlett (aka "Spoony's ex-girlfriend"). Aw,  yeah.


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