• In the music video for 'Any Kind of Guy You Want' in Big Time Love Song, we get James dressed at the 'jolly pastry chef.' Which, of course, results in him licking batter off the whisk.
    • Carlos dressed as a fireman. That is all.
    • In the official video, the boys dress as various other things, most particularly, Logan in a policeman outfit. Game, Set, Match.
    • Also in the official vid, is Carlos dressed as a nerd. Hell yeah.
    • In the clip from the actual episode, Logan in a very 80s-looking neon-blue suit with what looks like piano keys running down the lapels. This Tropette loves the 80s and Logan, so that was doubling as this trope and a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for me.
      • This Troper will add that even though it looked like something Max Headroom might wear, it looked pretty damn good on Logan!
  • James plays with this trope with his various headshots
  • Parodied in Big Time Photo Shoot, when Griffin & the photographer decide (Via their "Inner-Teenage Girls") that the best idea for Big Time Rush's first photo shoot is Space Matadors holding cuddly puppies while riding a snow mobile.