• That one female Splicer. The one with the short black hair and the stockings, and the sexy Rich Bitch
    5468.BigSister 5F00 Orthos 5F00 Color 5F00 Updates
    voice. Just as long as she keeps the mask on.
  • I can't be the only one who thought the big sisters from Bioshock 2 were kinda sexy. The way they move, the way their suit clings to their legs and butts.
    • It's the slenderness.
  • Also Lamb is surprisingly hot if you go by her posters and radio portrait
  • I'm suprised Eleanor hasn't been mentioned yet- she seems to be a borderline Fetish Fuel Station Attendant, considering the aforementioned Big Sister Suit she wears for the climax, plus the fact that she manages to be both a Damsel In Distress and a Hot Amazon. Of course, the fact that the player plays the role of her father in the game may account for the lack of sexualisation by the fan-base.
    • Don't forget that sexy, sexy accent.
    • In the "save yourself" ending, Eleanor's accent and voice-over becomes full-on Evil Is Sexy, while in the "sacrifice yourself" ending, the becomes a full-on woobie.
    • Let's face it, Eleanor makes women wet.
    • And, from personal experience, gay people. Seriously, what is it with me and women from Bioshock?
  • Jack himself. Oh, the myriad of ways you could put his trigger phrase to use...
  • According to one entry on HONF, at least one Troper has had PSL for Sinclair. Then there's Stanley Poole and his Ho Yay for Johnny Topside (though YMMV, personally). And various plasmids. Gilbert Alexander in his Woobie-ness, though the giant thing takes the edge off that. However, this troper ships Jack/Eleanor. Take the above with a pinch of salt.
  • If I admit I like Atlas aka Fontaine's voice, does that make me a bad person? Because I DO enjoy accents.
    • This troper had a huge crush on Atlas, too, at least up until the twist. Ah, hell, even after that.
    • This troper found herself a little too giddy over Fontaine's audio diary in Bioshock 2 where he jumped from Fontaine's voice right into Atlas'....while cocking a shotgun
  • Elizabeth, in the trailers released for Bio Shock Infinite. With a taste for busty women, she definitely fits my bill.
  • Despite the fact that he is utterly terrifying, Sander Cohen has an impressive fanbase for several reasons. Let's see: irreparably demented magician and theater aficionado, actually very pretty under all that pancake makeup, has a bunny mask motif with his henchmen (you know your mind went there), chained a guy to a piano, reacts...interestingly to the prospect of photographing dead bodies, nicknames you his "little moth", and is a Depraved Bisexual. Being a Nightmare Fetishist helps, unsurprisingly for this game.

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