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Yes, even good girls wear black panties.

In real life, black lingerie is very commonly worn, and people will not look at you funny for admitting you own it, even if it takes up half your underwear drawer. Can you imagine wearing a white bra under a black shirt, or even a dark-coloured one? [1] To women, Black Bra and Panties are simply sensible, mostly chosen for practicality (although, of course, looks are still a factor). No ulterior motive is involved. Black looks awful under black if it's even a tiny bit transparent, though.

There is a Production Reason why hot white girls constantly wear Black Bra and Panties on television and films and whatever. That's because black underwear, on light skin, registers better on a camera than any other color on light skin. Put a white girl in any other color of underwear, and the underwear won't register as well. The same thing holds true for dark-skinned women wearing white underwear; the camera picks up the contrast and photographs it. True facts for you dateless nerds who've never done shots with bikini-clad women.

As Most Writers Are Male, black underwear is unleaded Fetish Fuel.

In TV-land, the sight of black lingerie is an instant alarm bell for bad news. If a woman is seen wearing it or admits to wearing it, she's The Vamp for sure; if someone else finds it snooping through her drawer, it's a sure sign she's desperate. What other women must wear as a substitute under their black clothing is never explained. Lingerie is Colour Coded For Your Convenience, and as with most other things, black = bad.

This is just silly, of course. While not yet a Discredited Trope, it's actually the red underwear (especially lingerie) that you have to be careful around. Well, that and no underwear at all. The trope itself may stem from the simple fact that black lingerie is easier to both film and model. Light-colored fabrics (especially white) emphasize shadows and can create color balance and brightness/contrast problems--not to mention their quirky ability to become transparent under harsh stage lighting. That said, we'd all rather assume that black undies are just plain sexier - at the end of the day, it's more fun that way.


Anime and MangaEdit




  • In both the movie and the comic, Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is shown wearing a black bra and panties.
    • What makes it especially sexy is that they're not particularly fancy underthings, but pretty utilitarian(and therefore more comfortable, which you know somebody likes).
  • Moira McTaggart wears black bra and panties when she infiltrates the Hellfire Club's party in X-Men: First Class.
  • Seemingly lampshaded in 10 Things I Hate About You when Kat goes through her sister's drawers and pulls out a pair of black underwear: "What do that mean?" "I means she wants to get laid."
  • Amy Adams in The Fighter, wearing a lacy black bra, through which you can almost make out her nipples.

Live Action TVEdit

Ketherine in The Vampire Diaries is frequently shown in a black bra and panties, whether in a state of undress or getting dressed.


Video GamesEdit

  • Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4, The Darkside Chronicles, and Damnation.
  • When sparing with the Handmaiden in Knights of the old repuclib 2.

Web OriginalEdit

  • Tsukiko from The Order of the Stick looks damn sexy in her fanservice-y see-through negligee with black bra and panties beneath. Some fan artists have run with this.

Western AnimationEdit

Lois Griffin from the Family Guy episode Road to Rhode Island. Need I say more?

Francine Smith wears these in the American Dad episode "Stan Of Arabia Part II" when she performs the song "It's the worst place in the world" singing about how much she hates living in Iran and does a bunch of things she's not allowed to do.

Real LifeEdit

Troper TalesEdit

  • Due to Tropette lacking any comfortable lingerie being available in her favorite color, she would commonly buy spray paint and spray paint her underwear black, just so she wouldn't have to wait for it to come out in a different color with the correct cup size, or have to special order them to be a specific color.
  • This troper's girlfriend only owns a black bra, but if she's planning for our dates to end in the sack, she'll whisper in my ear that she's wearing it when we first see each other. The full effect was accomplished, however, when she borrowed a pair of my (black) boxers, and combined them with her aforementioned Black Bra. It's also worth noting that she does own a pair of red panties, which she'll also use as a signal for "in the mood."
  • Does it count if the panties are basic cotton and the bra is a sports bra?
  • Certainly, as long as they're black.
  • This troper was having a laugh with his girlfriend on the sofa playing DS games. She leaned sat in a way that he could see down her shirt, so guess what he saw (by accident, of course)?
  • Back in high school, two of tropette's male classmates conducted a survey RE which color underwear was most popular amongst the girls. Rather than conducting interviews or hand out questionnaires, they ate lunch at the bottom of the stairs every day for a year. Two guesses which color won first place.
  • And just in case you're wondering - tropette avoided that particular stairwell like the plague.
  • This tropette went through a "black underwear" phase during art school. Money being rather scare, she couldn't afford luxury name-brands, so she spent much of her free time touring discount stores, opportunity shops and Asian importers. Strangely enough, delving through the bargain barrel became a fetish in itself after a while, especially when tropette suddenly came across that special pair of black knickers she was looking for (trouble was, such items rarely came in matching sets, so the rest of the day was usually spent hunting down the perfect matching bra).
  • For some reason, if the woman is black, latino, or otherwise just has a particularly dark skin tone, I find a white bra and panties looks sexier.

Not only but alsoEdit

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  1. Since most tropers are young males, some clarification may be required. Basically, the problem is that fabric which appears perfectly opaque when it's not under any tension (i.e. the part of the shirt around the waist and neckline) can become remarkably transparent when stretched across the bustline. Wearing a bra that's white (or even beige) under such a shirt acts like a giant highlighter and looks ridiculous (not to mention tacky).

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