As you might expect from a series filled with Bishonen and Ho Yay, Black Butler overfloweth with Fetish Fuel.

To drool over peruse the series' various fetish magnets, go here.

  • Three Words: "Yes, my Lord."
    • And Claude's "Yes, your Highness."
    • Grell Sutcliffe alternates between making this troper laugh out loud and making her uncomfortable in ways she didn't realize were's gotta be the fact that he refers to himself as a woman.
      • What about the almost dual-personality nature of the shift he undergoes when he reveals himself to be half of Jack the Ripper?
      • Or the way he's constantly sighing and making romantic allusions and practically moaning every time he talks to, near, or about Sebastian? As a Shinigami, anyway.
      • Uh, sorry, but Grell the BUTLER was a mainline feed to my fetish for adorable, clumsy men who just try way too hard.
      • Grell Sutcliffe is major fetish fuel for this troper. Glasses, long hair, a suit, slender, the blurring of gender lines, effeminate face that can look creepy at the same time, a persona shift that borders on MPD, Shakespeare aficionado...he made this troper realize that she has sort of a thing for blood as well. * blushes and shuts up before she gets carried away*
    • The Undertaker's voice in the anime literally made me shudder. In a good way.
    • Then there's Grell, William, Claude, Undertaker, at one point in the anime, and Ronald, who all wear glasses.
    • Sebastian's sex scene with Beast is generally considered Fan Disservice, but this troper found it...really hot. And what preeceds it, too. I'm also convinced somebody enjoyed this. Does This Remind You Of Anything, indeed. And basically, Sebastian.
      • Damn Het Is Ew mentality. I'm a Yaoi Fangirl who found the Sebastian/ Beast scene so damn hot.
      • You're not the only one. You and I are two of the few willing to admit it.
      • Thirded!
      • Fourthed! Damn right, it's hot!
      • A voice of dissent appears! Normally I'd be all over something like that, but unless I've forgotten something, Beast is an amputee with prosthetic legs. That in itself isn't a problem; its the fact that I have a good friend with the same equipment, and she can't wear stockings, because the joint between her prosthetic and her actual leg tears the material. Because of my ocd, I can't look at Beast without wincing. Fridge Logic actually managed to ruin a piece of Fetish Fuel Unleaded for me.
    • The second season gives us Alois and his butler Claude. Your Mileage May Vary with Alois though. Some people find him too creepy and rude to be fetish fuel.
      • Oh no, the creepy just makes him sexier.
  • This series is perfect for you if you're a Yaoi Fangirl, what with all that Ho Yay and the girly Bishonen.
  • Not to mention all the expensive, elaborate outfits, or how just about every character is incredibly beautiful, or Ciel and Sebastian's "Master-Servant" relationship...
    • Taken Beyond The Impossible in episode 20, which features Sebastian chained to the wall being whipped by an angel decked out in S&M gear and describing the excruciating sweetness of the pain being inflicted upon him. Good Lord.
    • Alois might be this for some. Alternates between being Ax Crazy and cute and innocent at the drop of a hat, flamboyant, Depraved Homosexual, wears booty shorts, wears Grade A Zettai Ryouiki with high-heeled laced up boots on top of that, is a bit effeminate facial wise, displays his contract mark on his tongue, licks a set of chess pieces in the opening sequence, wears a dark purple frock coat, likes to cross-dress, and is a bit of a flirt. Also, the camera likes to focus on his tongue and mouth a lot.
  • This troper is a big fan of Madame Red. The sassiness, the outfits, that red hair and cut, she's a doctor, her Broken Bird-ness... but not her slasher-ness as I still retain a sense of self-preservation. Shame she wouldn't like me though as I am female and alive.
  • This female troper is wondering why no one has mentioned Meirin/Mei-Rin/Maylene yet. She's a meganekko and a dojikko AND a meido. And she has pink hair, though it's considered dark red by some.
  • The above troper also wonders why Ranmao isn't getting enough love, either. (Probably because the fandom hates girls in general.) She's a Chinese Girl. And she's practically silent. Not to mention her Qipao and thigh socks are pretty sexy, and some of the other costumes she's had to wear are pretty sexy as well. Specifically this one.◊ In addition, the buns in Ranmao's hair look like little kitty ears and she has braids. This troper would prefer to see Ranmao with her hair down, though. This troper would stop talking about Ranmao, but needs to point out the fact that she was also a Badass in that fight scene with Sebastian first.
  • This female troper finds Hannah from the second season to be ridiculously hot. Even though she has that bandage covering half her face from when Alois stabbed her eye out. This particular scene◊ is my favorite in this regard.
  • Hell, the sheer amount of licking that goes on throughout season 2 keeps making this troper rather...squiggly. Seriously, Alois, Claude, Sebastian licking his lips in preparation to take Ciel's soul, Hannah, and just the sheer amount of focus everyone's mouth gets in this series is almost enough to kill me.
  • William T. Spears for me. Tall Dark And Snarky, that Stoic no nonsense attitude, how he's got Grell wrapped around his finger, and even the way he adjusts his glasses with the pointy end of his death scythe. Not to mention he's voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama who's got such a sexy voice. Yes please! Shame he doesn't show up more often...
  • Sebastian in and of himself. Seriously, whenever he makes an appearance you can bet he'll pull a Crowning Moment Of Awesome and look incredibly hot while doing so. Everything about Sebastian, from the way he looks to how he acts to how he smiles is just Squee-inducing.
  • The introduction of Nina Hopkins in chapter 37. Beautiful, eccentric personality, appears to be bisexual, that cute ponytail she wears on the side of her head, the jaunty hat, the Stripperiffic clothing complete with a tear away skirt (with shorts underneath) and garters, and wears glasses? *fans self*
  • The numerous Ship Tease moments between Sebastian and Ciel, and how Sebastian always carries Ciel bridal style.
  • Alois cross-dressing in episode 5 and perhaps, for some, how he caresses Ciel's face, looks deep into Ciel's eye, says he wants to be "one with" Ciel, and licks Ciel's ear.
  • Episode 8: Alois seducing and being the sex slave to an old perverted man aside, he did look damn hot in that red kimono.
  • Your Milage May Vary as a few seems to have found it silly but this troper personally found Claude's military uniform from episode 8 extremely hot.
  • All those cover/official/fan arts that depict Ciel wearing incredibly elaborate Victorian era wear and in some Ship Tease position next to Sebastian.
  • Finnian! He's probably one of the nicest characters in the series, his energetic personality provides a nice contrast to Ciel's cold Chess Master personality, he seems to fanboy Sebastian a bit, he's incredibly cute, clumsy, and a bit of a crybaby, and wears those barrettes in his hair. And facial-wise, he looks no different than if he were standing next to Elizabeth.
    • Speaking of Elizabeth, yes she can be annoying and most of the fandom probably considers her a Damsel Scrappy and hates her for getting in the way of Ciel/Sebastian, but I find her to be incredibly cute. She's so sweet, adorable, likes cute things, and looks like a little doll.
      • This Yaoi Fangirl agreed.
      • In the Ciel In Wonderland OVA she gets turned into a giantess.
  • Timber, Thompson, and Cantebury, from the second season. Three demon Bishonen who look like Sebastian's love child except with purple hair, are skilled battle butlers, quiet, and triplets. Yes please.
  • Judging by the official art of the outfits for the upcoming Ciel in Wonderland OVA, there's bound to be tons of Fetish Fuel for everyone.
    • Lizzy gets turned into a giantess.
    • Ciel cross-dresses again.
  • Pluto licking Sebastian's face, oddly enough...
    • Pluto himself. He can alternate between being either a naked Bishonen or a huge dog, wears a collar, later gets a nice suit to wear, and is very attached to Sebastian.
  • It's like the shinigami were created to be walking fanservice. Glasses, suits, sharp pointy weapons are like toys to them, even their personalities (Grelle's insane, William's strict stoicism, and Ronald's laid-back flirt) and not forgetting their association with death...I need a moment. And their voices. William's, Grelle's and ESPECIALLY Ronald's, Undertaker's too, if you use the anime canon. And let's not forget just how surprisingly good Grelle looks drenched in blood...the others probably wouldn't look too bad, either.
  • I know his voice was listed above, but The Undertaker in general. He's just unsettling enough, obviously has a sense of humor to him, quite knowledgeable... The fact that he could have a thing for his customers might deter this troper if she wasn't such a Nightmare Fetishist.
  • For this troper, seeing Sebastian hurt, confused, or otherwise losing his composure has a very pleasant squiggly effect.
  • Lau. Funny, mysterious, and sexy to boot.
  • The end of chapter 53. Also, proof that Toboso-sensei cares about ALL of her fans, not just the female ones.
  • We went this far without mentioning Ciel's sleepwear? The guy wears a big poofy white shirt to bed. And only a big poofy white shirt. And Sebastian dresses him every morning (NOTE: this fudanshi troper doesn't ship Ciel/Sebastian, he just figured that it had to be brought up).

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