Booth: "(talking to a granny bespectacled Bones) OK, now I want you to take off the glasses, shake out your hair, and say 'Mr. Booth, do you know what the punishment is for an overdue library book?"
Bones: "Why?"

  • How has Hodgins, sweaty, in a wifebeater, not been mentioned yet? The man has a more sculpted chest than I would have expected. Episode? "The Maggots in the Meathead". You're welcome.
  • "Death in the Saddle" is based around a man who was murdered in full ponyplay gear. The team visits his, uh, saddle club a few times. The second involves a pony in full gear who takes off his mask and is actually a fairly good-looking guy. He starts walking away, so Booth grabs his halter and makes the suspect look him in the eyes. And thousands of Yaoi Fangirls exploded in squee.
  • Does anyone else find it distressingly hot whenever Brennan manhandles a suspect? One episode in particular involved her knocking down a fleeing suspect, then putting her foot on his chest. Mmmm...
    • No, brunettes are always awesome when kicking asses.
  • There was also the episode where they infiltrate a circus. For her act, Brennan is in a fancy one-piece. And fakes (poorly) a Russian accent. And has an eyepatch. In the other corner, Booth spends most of the episode in a vest, and throws knives at Brennan.
  • Brennan's "Bone Lady" outfit from her stint on Bunsen Jude the Science Dude at the end of "The Body in the Bounty". Very formfitting, and the pigtails were an especially cute touch.
  • I know it's Did Not Do The Research to an extreme, but Androgyndoctor from "The Girl in the Mask" is haru+ tanaka smokin' hot. It can almost make up for the "mysteeeerious and exotic subculture ofkei" thing. I was right up with the rest of the cast in trying to guess the doctor's gender, before realising that I just don't care, and I have no reason to. Just that gorgeous.
    • The actor is female. The character is male. Satisfied, with honor to both sides. And now, having seen the episode; Giggidy!
  • Zack is extremely cute. The actor isn't particularly bishonen or anything, but something about the way he speaks, and the way he approaches his work is... fun. On a fetish fuel level. (Even Mental Patient!Zack is pretty squiggly-feelings-fueling.
  • I particularly Zack after he comes back from Iraq. Short hair nerdy adorable boy. This gay troper go squeee!
    • But what about Zack from pre-Iraq? Shaggy hair nerdy adorable boy. This gay troper go squeee! (for both actually)
  • There's also retroactive fetish fuel. Watch the earlier episodes with the knowledge Angela is bisexual. Note all times she calls Brennan "sweetie", or asks her out for drinks.
    • Especially first season episode "The Man in the Bear", with Angela being chosen by the hot delivery girl as the person she most wanted to date. *eyebrow quirk*
  • Then there's the Halloween episode, where Brennan spends most of the episode dressed as Wonder Woman, and Cam dons a Catwoman outfit.
    • Anyone else like how Brennan was able to hide such a big gun in that costume?
  • This Troper has a thing for soldiers. So when that episode where Booth have a hallucination about his dead soldier friend... Is it bad if I like a GHOST?
  • Half the regular cast on this show has uncommonly pretty eyes... Brennen, Angela, Hodgins, even Zack... *drool*
  • In the episode 'The Goop on the Girl' Brennan undresses Booth. And I thought he was hot with clothes on. Yowza.
  • Two Bodies in the Lab had Brennan gagged and tied to a chair with her arms cuffed to a chain hanging off the ceiling, and subsequently sobbing on a shirtless and bandaged Booth's shoulder after he shot her captor in a Big Damn Heroes moment. There was something for everyone in that scene.
  • No one's mentioned Hodgins and his anti-government talk? I fangirl everytime he opens his mouth. (And he's got a nice mouth...) I guess it makes sense, Hyde gets the same reaction.
  • Arastoo. Sympathetic, sweet, gentle guy... who can actually handle nunchaku. Yes please?
  • Is this troper the only one who has a huge thing for poor, troubled past Sweets, especially with those gorgeous 'come kiss me' lips?
    • Nope, this troper too.
    • God, I thought my reaction to that mouth was just me.
    • This troper is super jealous of Daisy at the end of the episode after watching "Cinderella in the Cardboard"
  • Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray anyone? That English accent... be still my heart.
    • The troper lost her heart to him too... sweet, anxious, jumpy, pretty little thing that he was.
  • This straight troper had a Stupid Sexy Flanders moment during "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" when they had Zack and Hodgins wearing only towels while soaking wet.