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This is an anecdote-friendly zone, but remember to keep your descriptions PG-13 rated.

  • What, you thought being Bound And Gagged only happened in adventure or drama fiction? (Or comedy, where it is surprisingly commonplace)
  • This troper, in sixth grade, used to be babysat by a woman who had a daughter who was both his age and in his class. At one point, he had fun with little tying-up competitions that involved tying the girl to a pole in her backyard with clothesline, and vice versa. He also did the same with her younger sister. I might add, that this troper also thought both girls were cute. Yeah, you know...
  • When this troper was little, she used to ask babysitters and other authority figures to tie her up in yarn and (occasionally) jackets, so she could try and make a Daring Escape. She guesses she'd watched too many spy movies/escape artists as a kid.
    • This troper used to do the same thing, but he was actually pretty good at the "escape" part. Fast forward about ten years, and he managed to slip a pair of police handcuffs... Hilarity Ensued.
      • Ha! This troper once slipped a pair of police handcuffs, realized what he had done, and slipped back into them before he was noticed.
  • This troper once hog-tied her cousin with his own school tie. He had to wiggle along on his stomach to find someone to untie him.
  • This troper liked to get someone else on the kindergarten playground and sit back-to-back on this plastic recycling bin apparently shoved into the ground. He and the person would pretend that they were tied up with "invisible imagination rope", for some reason. Of course, this is also coming from the guy who liked to sit out in the front of the playground and just talk to himself the other half of the time, and who also used to think that Buttercup was a guy, so this troper is still wondering what he was on back then, and where he can find it nowadays.
  • This troper runs a missing persons website. A lot of people wind up at it after searching for "bound and gagged." Although it refers to this page, she wonders how many were looking for something else...
  • This troper's absolute worst phobia is losing the use of her hands and being unable to speak. Nightmare Fuel and And I Must Scream all in one.
  • This troper once spent over two hours duct-taped to the inside of a closet. Not fun, this troper thought he was a dead man. Oddly...
  • This troper along with his friends once tied up an annoying classmate with jump ropes during recess in 4th grade.
    • This troper liked to tie people's sleeves to a pole of the playground equipment in some random game of freeze tag or something. Now he's starting to think he should've done what the last guy said.
  • This troper used to make (ineffective) Straitjackets from oversized windbreaker jackets, and practiced escaping from a chair with arms and legs locked together. As an accidental version, makes complex patterns between his hands with yarn or balloon ribbon, which, if pulled the wrong way, tends to influct this trope... especially when he gets it caught in his teeth trying to chew free.
  • This troper got tied up at a tree with jumping-ropes as a kid. Her captors made her walk across the whole schoolyard to the tree while they whipped her. Surprisingly, this wasn't Fetish Fuel at all. No, really, it hurt and felt awful. Kids Are Cruel, indeed...
    • I would like to suggest finding those kids and killing them.
      • Try online stalking. It works pretty well, from what I've heard.
      • I'm older now, and I'm still being pestered by those kids. Sure, it's not much; just a few words and silences and giggles, but one drop of water at the same place every day will eventually drill its way through a solid rock. One of these days, I swear, one of these days I will snap. The metaphorical piece of rock has only a quarter of an inch left before it breaks. They will pay...
      • If you wait until you finally snap, you'll only lash out and do something you'll regret later. Instead, while you still have a level head you should plan out something incredibly awful for them and set it into motion in a way that you won't get caught.
      • Shall we start a Troper Revenge Group for you?
      • Hey, I'll help!
      • We should.
      • Fellow Magnificent Bastards I now call this meeting to order.
      • I move that we find a plan with minimal violence, and not easily traced back to anyone specific. Do I have a seconder?
      • Minimal violence? I'm out. If you want to take a more direct approach, involving my fists and their noses, then I would love to help.
      • Right here boya! So, if we're all sitting comfortably here, shall we begin?
      • Well, how about something involving glue (or honey, or syrup, or tar) and feathers?
  • This Troper's friends often when bored at lunch and did odd things like taking the smallest guy (5'3") and put him in the biggest (6'4")'s hoodie and tied him up in it. Next then I saw was a black cloth blob Penguin walking floor space. Hilarity Ensues. Also, said Biggest had a jacket that was designed to turn into a strait jacket.
  • This tropette finds it shamefully appealing to want to find her hands tied above her head, be gagged and whipped by a guy she likes, whose name shall not be mentioned. For me, it's just the sheer thrill of giving up everything to someone, being totally helpless to the will of another. It's a way to express true devotion, loyalty and love to someone, like saying "I trust you enough to surrender all control to you."
  • Some kids once tried to do this with my own arms. Obviously nothing happened, their attempts didn't even hurt. It was all the proof I needed that they were complete idiots.
  • This troper was part of an SES cadet group as a teenager. We found interesting uses for the knots we learned when the supervisor wasn't looking.
  • This Troper found himself tied up by his sister's friends on too many occasions to recall; Usually, it was to keep me still while they put make-up on me. A two-for-one deal on Fetish Fuel.
  • In after-school care in primary school, there was a period where every day, we would tie someone up and they would have to try and escape. For fun. This troper was very good at it, she would always escape.
  • Three of my friends and I used to play a game we called 'Houdini'. One of us would tie the other three up with whatever we had, including shirts, jump rope, and yarn, and then would turn around and give us thirty seconds to escape and hide. I could always get my hands free, though once one of my friends managed to get my feet wrapped up in about four jump ropes and it took me most of the thirty seconds to get them undone.
  • This troper was sexually abused when she was younger and one of the main things her abusers liked to do to her was tie her up. To make things worse, bondage is now one of her major fetishes and she really, really hates herself for it sometimes.
    • Wow... D'you... D'you need a hug?
    • I second the above hug. :(
    • Every time you indulge yourself with someone who cares for you and wouldn't dream of hurting you, try to think of it as taking back control.
    • Actually, that's probably a good way of thinking about it.
    • I'll give you a big old hug as well. And don't worry about it! I'm sure you'll find a great guy, or girl, who you can safely do this sort of thing with! Keep your chin up!
  • This troper's ex-girlfriend was a farm girl, and thus was very strong and good with hogties. Hogtied and attached to the back of a quad, DEAR GOD those were good times.
  • This troper's third grade teacher once tied a classmate to his chair because he wouldn't sit still. Hilarity Ensued, though looking back it was wildly inappropriate.
  • A few years ago, I had a terrible habit of tying people up. I hung out with two guys- one who is about 6'1 and all muscle, the other who is about 5'4 and skinny as a rake. The first time I did it, it took my cousin, my best friend and the skinny guy I used to hang out with to hold the tall one down as I wrapped him just about head to foot in tinsel, duct-tape, belts and the such. We then struggled to get the man onto the sofa, gagged him, but before leaving, I turned the TV and put in the Care Bears movie. Apparently, they could hear his screams for mercy all the way down the drive (I stayed in the hall just outside the living room to make sure the guy didn't kill himself trying to escape or put himself out of his misery).
    • (Original poster) In another situation, the tall friend and I tied up the skinny one and then proceeded to leave the house- my tall friend with the skinny one thrown over his shoulder. Two blocks from my place, we hear a cop car (they have a very distinctive engine sound where I come from) and, well, we're carrying around this guy, and... we don't really have the best track record anyways, so- so the most sensible thing seemed to be to drop the tied up guy into a bush and carry on walking. We did go back for him the second the cop car was out've sight. Needless to say, it wasn't long until they both attempted their revenge on me.
  • This troper has often found it curious how many people DON'T enjoy the thought of tying/being tied up. Looking back, bondage has always (and I mean ALWAYS) been a part of his...internal personality. Linking to BDSM on The Other Wiki just gave him the terminology to really freak out his friends.
    • This troper guiltily admits that she was kind of turned on by this whole discussion. >:|;; It's the only one of her fetishes that never fails.
  • This troper's friend was amused when she saw duct tape for the first time, thanks to its reputation as a tool to gag someone with. We ended up taping our mouths with it and taking a picture of ourselves.
  • This troper has gone out of her way to learn how and practice swimming with her hands stuck behind her.
  • This troperette has no idea why, since birth, she has cheered up at the sight of a hero being tied up. Here comes CSI with Lady Heather, and she's been VERY interested in people being tied up and being made into slaves. Which means she is immune to Celebrian.
  • One day this troper got bored, then found that he had tied his own legs with his own pants. Also, it seems that at least two girls want to see me tied up with blue ribbon. Something I would not mind. Something I would very not mind. And yes, they specified blue ribbons.
    • Who are these girls? Friends of yours? Or acquaintances? Or, God forbid, STALKERS?. If you feel you can trust them, go for it and tell them. If not, please don't.
      • Friends. Internet friends. I'd only let one of them tie me up, though, seeing as how she's my girlfriend.
  • This troper once tied up his younger sister when he was a kid, trying to act out the scenes from Nyoka the Jungle Girl. He has more details on how bondage affected his life here.
  • This troper (Bertie Dastard) was once tied to a table at school with thick tape by his friends. It was the white stuff with footprints on usually used by teachers to secure mats and things. Anyway, his friends ambushed him, forced him onto his back, and used half a roll of it to tie him to the table. He promptly tilted the table, stood upright, and walked menacingly at them,carrying the table with him. That may, possibly, be one of the causes of his bondage fetish..
  • This is something this troper and his girlfriend has done pretty.... frequently. Not that we don't enjoy it, of course, it's just that we're a little alarmed that bondage pretty much became one of our many fetishes.
    • Awww, you poor babies. It must suck to have fun.
  • I have to admit... the thought of being tied to a bed and having a girl do all sorts of naughty things to me gets me all squiggly. Part of it's the raw sexual appeal, and part of it's the practicality of getting to lie there while someone else does most of the work. Is that weird?
    • Not at all. This Troperette is the exact same way, and I don't quite know where it came from, honestly. I'm usually a fairly strong, strongly opinionated woman, so I guess the opposite situation of being a Damsel in Distress is... I dunno. But it's really, really appealing...
    • Oh, same here for this Tropette. I blame all the women being tied up in cartoons I watched as a kid, and the baddies always being so... persuesive... Um I-I'll be in my bunk...
    • This troper finds the idea of having a strong, opinionated woman tied up and at his mercy gives him the shivers [Good kind, mind you]. Bonus points if she's a Hot Amazon as well.
    • I'm the same. Being at the mercy of an incredibly attractive girl, while bound and gagged to the bed, is one of my pet fetishes. My girlfriend does it every so often to me now, usually with a ball-gag, some rope or handcuffs. I was even hog-tied, at one point.
    • That's always how it's been with me. It's not even necessarily being bound, it's just the idea of submitting to an attractive woman. And I'm not really all that turned on by pain, I just like the idea of not knowing what she's going to do to me.
  • This troper used to get tied up in games as a kid. Then it became fetishtic. Then there was that incident in the woods with a considerably older gentleman. Now he and his girlfriend are into the idea.
  • This troper once read a book on how to make snares. Next week, I rigged the entire playground with wire traps and small pit falls. Four years later, and when I came back to pick up my sister, I found four traps that has yet to have been strung, and they all may still work (One involves a tree).
  • Seeing or hearing about anyone (fictional or non-fictional) being bound and gagged is considered Nightmare Fuel for this tropette. She can't stand seeing images on deviantART involving this.
    • So, do you have other fetishes? Or is bondage the main gateway drug for fetishitic behavior?
  • We all need to have a bondicon. I'll bring rope. Anyone for beer? Soda?
    • I've got duct tape & Sierra Mist. Anyone else?
    • Put this troper down for shackles & DP. Dr Pepper, I mean... what did you think I meant?
  • It's not just the whole bondage aspect for me. It's the idea of either a) getting captured by the baddies, then fighting your way free or b) rescuing a Damsel In Distress, or c) both. Possibly even with a role reversal (e.g. getting saved by the Action Girl who got free first). It's been this way for me since I was a little kid watching Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers, Rupert, TaleSpin, etc. I just didn't discover bondage until high school and the internet. Still a huge turn-on no matter how I slice it.
  • This Tropette has a thing for BEING the 'Damsel in Distress', and she's normally a very independent person. I blame my childhood cartoons.
  • This tropette recalls seeing a certain British comedy when she was very young, in which a pretty blond office worker was bound and gagged in her underwear. For reasons she didn't quite understand, said tropette found this idea quite appealing, and spent a great deal of time tying herself up in her various stages of undress.
    • A few years later, same tropette saw that episode of The Professionals where an abductee managed to slip her bonds and escape through the window in her bra and panties. Needless to say, this had a profound impact on tropette's perceptions (unfortunately, the prospect of RL indecent exposure presented some insurmountable legal barriers).
    • Happily, Tropette had the opportunity to act out these scenarios when she spent a weekend with her older cousin (female, three years senior). After several drinks and a game of true confessions, older cousin was not only happy to tie tropette up in her underwear, but to mercilessly tickle her for over an hour. Oddly enough, this fiendish torment did not cure Tropette of her fascination. Rather, it opened the door to an entirely new world of intriguing possibilities...
  • Recently a friend of mine drunkenly rambled about how if his girlfriend tried to boss him around he'd tie her up and lock her in a closet for a few days just to remind her who's boss, going into excruciating detail about what he'd do to her. He and I have been friends a long time but this was the first time I'd ever found myself attracted to him. (I don't think he knows I'm into submission.)
  • This troper had a crush on a co-worker. He managed to find an excuse to bind her wrists and ankles, remove her shoes and tickle her bare feet, thus satisfying three fetishes at once.
  • My girlfriend and i had been together a few months when circumstances found us unable to spend as much time together as we used to. Not only did this make us frustrated and horny, it meant that whenever we managed to have sex it was always, hot, energetic, and unbelievably kinky. On one occasion i borrowed (stole) some handcuffs from a friend, and decided to surprise my girlfriend when she got home. What followed was a night of pure ecstacy for the both of us, my girlfriend found she enjoyed being tied down and unable to do anything, and i found i was turned on by being in control. Many more nights have been spent like this.
  • Once, when I was having a long-distance conversation with a very close female friend of mine, she revealed that one of her most intimate unfulfilled fantasies involved blindfolding a man and leaving him "tied to a bed, wearing nothing but a collar" (her exact words) and just sitting back to enjoy watching him struggle for a while. Because of the massive UST between the two of us, I don't know if we'll ever get close enough to try it on each other. But still...hearing her come clean about her dominant streak awakened some dormant submissive tendencies that I don't often like to acknowledge.
  • This troper ended up doing this with a close female friend when we had both agreed to spend the day studying an empty room. Our conversation took a turn for the erotic, I confessed that I had a submissive streak, and she admitted that (for some reason) she'd kept handcuffs and rope in her room all year. One thing led to another, and I spent about an hour handcuffed to my bed, with my legs tied to the bedposts. Completely naked. With her straddling me. In her underwear. It was...memorable.

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