Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, aka, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. In the Ultimate universe, they're lovers. And that's not even the weirdest thing that goes on in that group...

We're not implying that you get off on this stuff, and we don't judge you if you do.  We're just gonna leave this here, just in case...

In mediaEdit

Comic BooksEdit


  • Amityville II: The Possession apparently has the same kind of following with incest fetishists that A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 has with gay men, because of the scene where the main character seduces his own sister.
    • You got to admit the way he seduces her is portrayed in a way that it's really erotic. There is no violence or cohersion. He treats her, at least at the start, as anyone would interact with his sister, then he pushes her into more erotic business. The way her character is protrayed, it seems that she was supposed to be younger because she's really really naive, wich makes things even hotter.
  • Euro Trip (2005): Apart from the fact that this movie is pure Fetish Fuel,  twins Jenny (played by godess Mitchelle Tratchenberg) and Jamie chug down absinthe at a nightclub, become immensely pissed, and start making out with the first person in their reach...realizing far, far too late that they're actually making out with each other.
  • Daniel & Ana (2009): In this mexican drama, The titular characters, Ana and her younger brother are kidnaped by pornographers who force the  two siblings at gunpoint to have sex on camera for some sort of semi-snuff film. Following their release, Ana, now dreading her upcoming marriage, enters therapy, while Daniel becomes consumed with lust for his sister and rapes her again later in the movie.

Live-Action TVEdit

  • As of Season 3, episode 3 of The Borgias, Cezare and Lucrezia.  Granted, she's still married to someone else (for political reasons), but she and her brother had one very steamy scene together.
  • Rome has the scene where Augustus has sex with his own sister.  Needless to say, Atia, their mother, is less than pleased.


  • In Greek mytholgy, Hera was not only Zeus's wife, she was also his older sister.  This apparently runs in the family, as their parents, the Titans Cronus and Rhea, were also brother and sister

Video GamesEdit

  • The relatively obscure japanese fighting game Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer features a sub boss that is the combined form of the ironically titled Platonic Twins, Ryo and his sister Suzu, who are quite explicitly involved.  In fact, the only reason they swore service to the main villain was because he saved their lives when they were freezing to death in a blizzard after being cast out by people who were less than accepting of their relationship.

Troper TalesEdit

You probably shouldn't use anyone's real name, especially your own.  And keep it somewhat clean, please.

  • This troper knows someone who may or may not be him, who used to watch his sister undress.  She would occasionally catch him, but assumed he was just curious.  Boy, imagine what she would say if she knew the kind of things he was thinking while watching her; I can't post them here for obvious reasons, but you can probably imagine them, especially when I tell you his sister is a BBW with huge, natural boobs.
  • This troper has come to know at least two people involved in some bro/sis foreplay. One, a friend from his childhood mentioned to me on a night he was drunk that he used to play "games" with his sister from kissing to other things. And the other, a former girlfriend, told me that she was in love with her brother when she was young and that she actively tried to seduce him but he never noticed her advances. Now she's glad he didn't ever noticed that, because she was a dumb girl then and that she couldn't speak to him or look him into the eye now that both are adults.

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