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Have you ever thought about how sexy a strong woman is? As in strong, like really strong. As in, the woman in question is buff. And her muscle only serves to make her sexier.

Just as some people appreciate a muscular man, some others appreciate a muscular woman. Often in media, the stereotype is that women who work out often end up "looking like men". This is not always true. Masculine qualities usually only come when steroid usage happens. Additionally, these qualities can actually also be fetish fuel for some.

A quick litmus test for this trope is:

  • Is the female character in question muscular?
  • Is her muscularity emphasized (Examples: The muscles are pointed out often by other characters, by the character herself, or by flexing) and/or noticeably large?
  • Is her muscle the integral and dominant physical trait of her bare skin (due to their large muscle mass and/or detailed definition)? (Example: Most of the skin is sculpted, rather than smooth, so that one look and you know their muscles are one of her most noticeable and/or biggest traits due to mass and/or definition.) Of course, this can be Depending On The Artist.
  • Finally, is she accompanied by Fanservice tropes? (Examples: Boobs Of Steel, Stripperific, Male Gaze, etc.)

If the answer to all of the above is "yes", the character qualifies as Buff and Beautiful. Less muscular examples might still be Hot Action Girls.

This entry is for those who find a buff woman in fiction sexy. If one turned you on, post it here. If you want to post an example that didn't turn you on, see TvTropes' Amazonian Beauty trope at the above link.


  • The image above is of She-Hulk. The guy in the background is not at all the only one with little hearts dancing around his head right now....
  • Power Girl is another drawn muscularly and can be counted on to be a pun for a large breast joke at least once an issue
  • Wonder Woman has be drawn countless times since her creation, and can arguably be said to be both Buff and Beautiful and Bondage fixated depending of the artist at the time.

Live Action TVEdit

  • Aeryn Sun of Farscape. It was horrible when they got her out of that vest that she often left unzipped to her navel. Her arms as well as her abs.
  • Vala Mal Doran of Stargate SG-1. Claudia Black yummy. Plus Amanda Tapping. Remember workout!porn with Teal'c and Daniel? Or accosting O'Neill in the locker room while mind-altered.
  • Teyla Emmagan of Stargate Atlantis. Abs, legs.
  • Kara Thrace, Battlestar Galactica. Shoulders, arms, abs. And legs - remember when her knee was frelled, what they said about how good it had to be just to work the Viper?
  • Zoe Washburn, Firefly. Tight fitting leather vest, tight pants.

Video GamesEdit

  • This contributor finds the fit women in Street Fighter 4 VERY sexy. Chun-Li's muscular "chunder thighs", Cammy's short but buff bod, Juri's abs...the list goes on.
    • Gosh, those thighs...
  • Aveline from Dragon Age 2 might be BioWare's most buff female party member yet. Does that subtract from her appeal? No, no it does not.

Web ComicsEdit

  • Vulpa from Mariano's mature (Okay, VERY) furry webcomic series Live To Tell fits this trope to a capital T.

Western AnimationEdit

  • This contributor has a huge, HUGE crush on Jasper from Steven Universe. She's huge and muscular, but her rather luscious lips, wide hips, thick thighs, striped skin, and wild mane of hair... ooh MAN! And I'm not even normally into muscles!

Real LifeEdit

  • Jodie Marsh recently took up bodybuilding, and has never looked better, in this troper's opinion. Not that she wasn't prime Fetish Fuel before, of course, now she just has a new kind of appeal.
  • Jessica Biel in Blade: Trinity and Stealth. In fact, during the latter her physical trainer had to tell her to reduce her training because she was getting too buff for the movie. (I wouldn't have minded, but...) The bikini scene in Stealth shows a deliciously rounded muscularity.
  • Olga Kurkulina a.k,a Mother RussiaKick Ass 2 is a Russian/Isreali Body builder who is well toned and muscular but still quite feminine. She made this troper realize that female body builders can be attractive and sexy too.

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