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Xander: "I happen to be very biteable, pal. I'm moist and delicious."
Spike: "All right, yeah, fine. You're a nummy treat."
Xander: "And don't you forget it."
―Hush, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Although this troper was never one for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, when she was about 10 years old she happened to flip to the scene in "Blood Ties" (5x13) where Glory aggressively interrogates Dawn. Not only did this inspire her noncon fetish, but also her homoeroticism fetish. Gosh!
    • Also, Glory changing in front of Dawn, with bare back and everything.
  • Buffy fetishes could probably fill a page, but... vampirism as sex metaphor. Devouring virgins as sex metaphor. Werewolfism as STD and menstruation metaphors. Cosplay Halloween episodes. Killing your lover in mid-kiss (numerous times). Robot Girls. Bondage and gaggage. For the ladies, Badasses in their Badass Longcoats. "Crushing orbs". All manner of Ho Yay, Les Yay and Foe Yay. High school jailbait played by attractive adults. And of course, the assorted mind controls, body swaps, personality alterations, invisibility, and self-duplications any supernatural-themed series is prone to.
  • Two Xanders in "The Replacement." Somehow I don't think I was the only one thinking "Double Xander = double hotness = double fun" during that episode.
    • Dude, Anya! In episode!
    • The only reason this troper got into Buffy was because it gave him a chance to stare at one of the hottest guys in the world without being thought of as gay.
    • Something to keep in mind about that episode. The two Xanders at once effect was achieved using Nicholas Brendon's identical twin.
  • Angel. For most above reasons, but with much more Ho Yay. Oh, and "Hell Bound"- oh, Hell Bound. Swaggering, imperious Spike being sadistically manipulated and tortured by another man, getting halfway-Mind Raped, getting his face quite badly cut up and bloodied, and ending up- inexplicably, just because the other guy wants to make him still more vulnerable- ending up completely naked. Yes, please. Despite his tormentor's arguable unattractiveness... do I really have to ask if this is Fetish Fuel? Oh, and he's a ghost, and pretty much spies on Fred in the shower, if cute girls are your thing. D'aww.
    • If cute girls are my thing? Check my page, specifically the "Ten Sexiest Women" section. That should answer your question.
    • Not just your thing. Nerds Are Sexy, after all.
    • Speaking of Angel: Doyle. Adorable, sexy accent, magnificent Woobie.
  • Drusilla in the series two episode "What's My Line". Tying Angel up and engaging in various forms of quasi-masochism.
    • This Troper dislikes torture scenes on principal, but I must admit it was full of total hotness for me. Possibly the dialogue.
    • This trope has watched "What's My Line? Part 2" about fifteen times specifically because of those scenes. To name all the individual components of the hotness of that part of that episode would take up a huge chunk of text, but just a few examples from start to finish: getting tied up, gagged, thrown at Drusilla's feet and being referred to as a sex toy? Check. Being artificially weakened and helpless? Check. Large quantities of bare sweaty skin? Check. Torture? Check. Psychological torture? Check. Belligerent Sexual Tension-ish Ho Yay between Angel and Spike? Check. Unconsciousness and implied life force-draining? Check. Seriously overprotective Berserk Button reaction from Buffy? Check. Gender-flipped Distressed Damsel vibes? Check. Buffy cradling a battered semi-conscious Angel in her arms after rescuing him? Check. Plus, there's just Drusilla in general, for this female troper, who increases in kinky hotness throughout the entire two-parter, culminating in her dangling an unconscious Spike a foot off the ground in just one hand, before scooping him up and bridal-carrying him to safety as though he were as light as a doll. Holy shit.
    • Drusilla in "Surprise", "Innocence", "Crush".
    • And Drusilla everywhere else she appears. This troper has a thing for ... eccentric women.
  • For this troper, it's Spike. Just Spike in general. She has a thing for bad boys and platinum blonde hair (the latter was sparked when she was an eight-year-old N* SYNC fangirl).
    • Spike and Buffy fighting, Spike getting beaten up, Spike tied up, tortured, covered in blood, starved, crazy...This troper became a sadomasochism-enthusiast at age 14 just for that.
      • Oh, but let's not forget that Spike's more than capable of the other end of the spectrum. There's his declaration in episode 3.08, "Lover's Walk": "I'm gonna do what I should have done in the first place. I'll find her — wherever she is — tie her up, torture her, until she likes me again." That made this troper practically incoherent with lust.
    • Spike is one of the very few non-dark-haired men this Troper lusts after in general. The accent, the cheekbones, the just awesome amazing bad boy vibes...oh yeah. A mild lust for Angel? Totally gone once Spike swaggered on board.
    • Not for this troper, who has to admit that after Spike Spikeificated she found any illicit lust shriveling into embarrassment. Angel, on the other hand, is played by David freaking Boreanaz... woo. Even Doyle admits to an attraction to Angel!
    • In "Smashed," Spike and Buffy's intense Destructo Nookie. As soon as it was revealed that Spike's chip no longer worked for Buffy, this tropette found herself hoping it was an excuse for them to rough each other up in bed. Lo and behold, Joss Whedon delivered. Moreover, the morning after in "Wrecked," with a completely naked Spike holding Buffy down and putting his hand up her skirt . . .damn. There is a god.
  • For this troper, it's Giles. Just Giles in general. She has a thing for the accent and the occupation. Might also have something to do with the mature age and the glasses. Not to mention every damn time he pulls out a tome on some Monster Of The Week - anyone with such an extensive knowledge of such creatures gets a huge red tick in this troper's books. Putting it here because she knows there are tropers who agree, and is astounded there's no mention of him on this page...
    • This troper would like to add that she finds Giles especially attractive when he gets violent and Ripper-ish. Band Candy and all his interactions with Ethan Rayne stick out in her mind particularly. Guh.
      • Yes please. This troper thought "Band Candy" Giles, with the white t-shirt and the carelessness and the bad boy attitude and the implied bondage (see the handcuffs Joyce produces and the implication they had sex) and the less posh accent was positively edible.
      • Giles is probably single-handedly responsible for this troper's older man thing. Which then, as we got to see Ripper, developed into a dangerous older man thing. To the point I now have almost no interest in men who aren't at least ten years older than me and slightly on the anti-social side.
      • Giles in the first episode of Season Seven asking Willow if she thinks she deserves to be punished. Somehow her answer manages to not be "yes please."
      • Giles, after being tortured for hours, and seeming completely defeated, telling Angel that in order to become worthy, he must complete the ritual in a tutu. And then calling him names. Yum.
      • Giles is responsible for my glasses thing and my older guy thing.
    • Giles singing. Willow looks and sounds like she's being seduced by it.
      • oh god yes, the singing
  • This troper never particularly had a thing for either brooding hero types OR bad boys before watching Buffy and Angel. Now she absolutely loves both subtypes because of Angel and Spike. Not to mention ramped-up Wesley and Xander feeding her already-existing Cool Loser and Badass Bookworm loves. Let's face, any guy, in any Joss show is going to be really really hot.. I mean, considering I was practically the only person in the universe who liked Riley...
    • I just started watching season 4 of Angel and Wesley is intense. Holy crap, did he just tell Lilah to take off her panties over the phone? That. Lucky. Bitch.
      • How come Lilah herself wasn't mentioned? The woman is walking hotness, and has Foe Yay with everything that moves.
      • Lilah playing Fred? Woagggh. Leave the glasses on, indeed.
      • Yeah, I think we know who the real lucky bitch is...
    • Oh, and what about Cordelia being pregnant all the time? Talk about hot! Yowza!
    • You weren't the only person who liked Riley, I just couldn't really picture him being with Buffy after Angel had been in the picture.
  • The scenes in "Something Blue" (a Season 4 episode) where Spike is chained in the bathtub.
  • Or in "The Wish" where Angel is locked and chained in the basement to be anyone's plaything.
    • God, the way Evil!Vamp!Willow tears his shirt open and licks his neck! And the leather outfit! And Evil!Vamp!Xander also wearing leather and watching! Guh, I'll be in my bunk.
    • The expressions on Angel's face, and the quivering panting noises he makes as Vamp!Willow lightly runs a pair of scissors down his neck, as well as her fingers just drives me wild every time. It's how she touches him so lightly, but the anticipation of whatever is coming next is driving him crazy. That combined that with the close up shots focusing on his every breath and expression, and the fact the whole thing is acted perfectly, really drive the scene home. I must have seen this scene dozens of times, and I never get tired of it.
  • The seventh-season episode "Him" in which Willow almost (but not quite) uses magic to turn the quarterback she is lusting after into a girl.
    • This troper screamed in frustration when the spell got interrupted. It would have made the episode SO much more interesting.
      • Dude, that's why they invented Fan Fic...
  • "The Pack". Hyena!Xander. Dear Jesus, what is wrong with Buffy?
    • SO SECONDED. This troper spent the whole sexual assault scene desperately attempting to not be ridiculously attracted to forceful!dark!Xander. Mmm.
    • Hell yeah! I was watching the episode at my University video library and I felt my cheeks get very warm. So glad most everyone was in classes. Definitely started something for me.
  • How the hell has Faith not been mentioned yet? The girl is walking fetish fuel, from the way she dresses, to her interactions with Buffy. Watch the episode "Bad Girls," and tell me you don't get a fetishy vibe from the way she's seducing Buffy to the dark side. There's even an episode where she ties Buffy in chains and tells her she looks good in bondage. There's an extra woobie factor with her, too.
    • Apparently Buffy and Faith's interactions were deliberately written to evoke a certain amount of Les Yay. And evoke they do...
    • Actually, this troper heard that Joss Whedon was browsing fansites when he found people discussing the lesbian subtext between Buffy and Faith. He, obviously not posting as himself, said that they were reading too far into it because they wanted to see it and there was no such thing. A member sent him an instance-by-instance list of every homoerotic moment between the two of them. Joss Whedon conceded defeat.
    • Okay, what is wrong with your TV, if you think Faith has pale skin? Might want to adjust the picture on that thing.
      • Faith was way pale in her early appearances, in contrast to Buffy's tan. It wasn't until after prison that she got a tan, which was in contrast to Buffy's pastiness. Probably not a purposeful contrast, though.
      • Now Buffy's pasty? Seriously, check the contrast on that thing.
    • Faith and Angel's interactions can be pretty hot too. "While you're there, I mostly want you to wriggle..." Ohhh.
  • The best of all Faith/Fetish moments?: "The Zeppo," where after having repeatedly and graphically told Buffy that she gets off on Slaying; "A fight like that, and no kill. I'm about ready to pop...." followed by shagging Xander's brains out.
    • Faith in Buffy's body, teasing Spike. Either that or in "Dirty Girls" telling him about how she used to dress up like as schoolgirl and get beaten with a bullwhip...I'll be in my bunk
    • Faith was the one with the whip. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • TARA.
    • This troper completely agrees. Ultimate woobie and an even shyer nerd than 1stSeason!Willow. I just want to hug her and squeeze her, tell her it's all right, bring her out of her shell and hope she's bi...that ended strangely.
    • Yes, Amber Benson is by far the sexiest woman in the whole Jossverse (second place goes to Eliza Dushku). It's interesting to note that she's (last I heard) engaged to Adam Busch, who killed her on the show. There's something oddly Sid and Nancy-ish about that.
    • In interviews, Amber Benson has shown a magnificently dirty mind. Now go and watch Tara's scenes again with this in mind.
      • Links please.
      • So, quite a bit like 1stSeason!Willow (and Alyson Hannigan), then.
      • Always the quiet ones...
    • I loved Evil!Vampire!Tara from the Chaos Bleeds video game. "Hey sweetie, I've been waiting for you..." *shiver* Combine her with Evil!Vampire!Xander and Evil!Vampire!Willow AND possibly the Vampire!Buffy we saw in that Season 1 episode and this Troper drools at the missed moments.
    • It's worth mentioning that Tara says Willow is the domme in the relationship. Willow's the domme. That is fucking awesome. Vampire Tara saying she is going to dominate the Misstress of Pain? You know where most of us will be.
  • The episode "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" is made up entirely of fetish fuel: Buffy in a black satin bathrobe and nothing else, Willow in Xander's T-shirt and nothing else, and Xander getting chased everywhere by hundreds of girls, all of whom want to do him/rape him/kill him. The fact that the curse seems to take a few minutes to take effect (so when Buffy and Jenny first run into Xander they act completely normal, but as time passes they become more aggressive in their attempts to... get him alone) is also prime fetish material.
    • Particularly the scene where Drusilla rescues Xander and claims him as her own, with Xander all terrified and helpless. Yum.
  • Also, Buffy teasing the hell out of Xander in When She Was Bad.
  • And most of Buffy's wardrobe in Season 1, with the minis and the boots.
  • Evil Vampire Willow in both "The Wish" and "Doppelgangland". And then Evil Vampire Willow getting all over "cute and fuzzy" Willow If You Know What I Mean. Not to mention Vampire!Xander and Vampire!Willow doing/biting Cordelia simultaneously, right in front of Giles.
    • "Bored now."
    • "This is a dumb world. In my world, there are people in chains and we can ride them like ponies."
    • "That's right, puppy. Willow's gonna make you bark."
    • Vampire Willow was, in this troper's opinion, one of the greatest missed opportunities in Western civilization. If they had given us a whole season of her being inappropriate with regular Willow, he would never need another television show ever.
      • Oh HELL YES!this troper has never been able to get through that part where Vampire!Willow is staring at Regular!Willow's neck and growling softly without needing to lie down for a while
    • From Doppelgangland, we also get the real Willow's sarcastic "Oh, right. Me and Oz play "Mistress Of Pain" every night" line. Buffy and Xander are squicked... most of the viewing audience probably isn't.
    • From the main sight we get a reply to Xander's question.
    • "Did anyone else just go to a scary visual place?"
    • "Uh, no."
  • In "Chosen", Buffy brightly mentions to Spike how he and Angel could wrestle in the nude with oil involved while she watches. This troper is a straight male, and was not turned on by that, but can't imagine that any straight girls didn't think of the idea of a naked and oiled up Angel taking on a naked and oiled up Spike as sexy.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial you're got going on there, buddy. This straight male troper gleefully admits that the above reference did interest him — though admittedly, more for the "Buffy is fantasizing" element than the "greased up naked, Angel and Spike" element. Well, mostly.
    • Oh, yes. More because of Angel than Spike, though. There was also a scene in the comics where we see Buffy's most illicit fantasy - she's wearing a nurse outfit and chained to a naked Angel and naked Spike.
    • "Everyone has some whack fantasy. Scratch the surface of even the most crunchy
      granola dude? Naughty nurses and horny cheerleaders." Thanks Faith.
    • Oh, and Angel and Spike have never been intimate... "except that once". Buffy could get her wish coming true in the comics pretty soon...
    • God, yes. More because of Spike than Angel for this troper. Have you seen that man's body? Oiled up Spike (and Angel, because let's face it, David Boreanaz is attractive, even if his looks don't appeal as much to me) + Ho Yay (verging on or mingled with Foe Yay) + a touch of violence = one very happy fangirl.
  • Glory. The evil, the superstrength, the MsFanserviceness, the ditziness, the sheer amount of Les Yay and Foe Yay she induced... C'mon, I'm really alone in this?
    • For some reason, I always thought she was sexiest right after changing, when she was wearing Ben's clothes. Probably because she was slightly taller than him, so you'd see a bit of bare midriff. I have kind of a belly fetish. Like, "want to lick her navel" belly fetish.
  • Connor. Naked. And dirty. In front of someone else. First ep he appeared in all grown up. Catapulted me from 'unsure' to 'gay', which since it turns out I'm bisexual is fairly impressive.
  • I always love early season 7, where Spike is all crazy - I mean, not that he's not gorgeous anyway, but when he's all babbling and vulnerable and helpless? Damn. This may or may not make me a very bad person, considering... he's crazy!
  • Why has FRED not been mentioned yet? Geek girl with glasses! The Woobie! Accent! (all played on by Lila while seducing Wesley - the man has good taste in women (you know, apart from Lila)).
    • This troper agrees. Geek chic is hot and she pulled it off perfectly. Too bad she really didn't wind up pulling anything off. If You Know What I Mean.
    • And why hasn't Illyria been added to the list? I mean, she wore an almost skintight and leather looking body armor. When she looks at Connor and says, "This one is lusting after me," I couldn't help but think that he wasn't the only one.
      • Illyria is possibly one of the most fetish-fuel filled of all Angel characters. General femdom kinda attitude, tight leather outfit, And, as seen in her first appearance, no problem at all with being naked...
      • It might just be This Troper, "The Girl In Question," when she looks like Fred, but speaks with Illyria's voice? Fred looks super-Moe, Illyria sounds insanely sexy — combine the two, and DAMN.
    • Llornette Fred. That is all.
  • The Knarl (Gnarl?), a creepy predator with paralysis venom who preys on lonely people, very very frightening but he spends hours stripping off all the skin, then licking the blood off the people he's captured.
    • Definitely a YMMV on this one - that was one of the few moments in either series that I found truly disturbing.
    • Skin-eating monster? Not a turn on for this troper. A paralyzed, fully poseable Michelle Trachtenberg however...
      • Seconded, but I'd prefer the character rather than the actress.
  • There's also the scene where Angel bites Buffy...
    • That, and the part before where he's all sick in bed from the poison and delirious and sweaty and hot and... yeah.
    • Of course, the DVD commentary comes out and says that that's supposed to be a sex scene...
  • This probably makes me a sick, sick woman, but that scene in season four of Angel where they prepare to release Angelus... and strap Angel down to a board? Oh sweet holy mother of hotness.
  • A little embarrassing (although I think Euro Trip officially made it OK to ogle Michelle Trachtenberg) in Once More With Feeling, when Sweet forces her to move her hips, Dawn has a nice ass.
    • When was it WRONG to ogle her?
    • The episode with the magical letterman's jacket has Dawn dressed to please and gyrating on the dance floor - while Xander and Willow look on with interest. Until they realize who it is and Squick, of course.
    • A lot of this is because Michelle Trachtenberg is a dancer. God, I love dancers...
    • The scene in Once More With Feeling where she gets up from the... I think it was a pool table. To a possibly disturbing degree. That's about it, though.
  • This troper just thought back to the little "thought you were gay" misunderstanding between Harm and Cordy in Season 2 of Angel, and realized there could be a great whatever-the-hell-is-the-female-equivalent-of-slash-fic in that. Probably ending in Cordy being turned, which is definitely up to the individual whether that's hot or not.
    • Harmony during "The Harsh Light of Day"
  • I can't believe no mention of Darla yet! First off, she has one of the sexiest pairs of eyebrows on the planet, and that voice, and when she makes Angel suck her cleavage? And to think, she's married to the fucking Crypt Keeper!
    • What I always remember is her delivery of the line, "You're hurting me!... I like it."
  • This Troper never had a thing for piercings...until he saw Kennedy licking Willow's neck with that tongue piercing...mmmmmmmm...
  • Go Fish - Xander. Speedo. Mmmm.
  • Has Wesley seriously not been mentioned yet? Specifically, Wesley in Season 3 and beyond? Oh. My. There's just something about him — before he became badass, he was kind of meh. Afterwards... hello there, HOTTEST MAN ALIVE. It doesn't help that he went through some of Whedon's best character development arcs. I used to absolutely hate facial hair on guys and yet somehow Wesley turned me into a stubble-adoring freak. Or maybe it's just stubble on him. I wouldn't be surprised.
    • And, again, not to be a broken record or anything, but: Season One. Tied up. Tortured. Bloody. Still badass. I'll be in my bunk.
  • Caleb might be a misogynic, arrogant dragon, but he's also Nathan Fillion. In a priest's cassock. With a Southern accent. I don't blame the girls who let themselves get lured in and killed...
  • Molly, one of the Si T's. The British one with the pigtails and the mini-skirt.
  • And Colleen (aka RACHEL BILSON) in bed with Caridad (DANIA RAMIREZ) and saying to Xander they've never been with a man (or woman in front of a man) before.
  • Buffy in Normal Again after she decides to feed her friends to the demon, when she has the zoned-out expression of a Seen It All demon or hell goddess. Nightmare Fuel, or Fetish Fuel? Or both? The fact that her crash course in viewpoint villainy comes with a minor in improvisational bondage (especially since much of the focus was on Xander, who does a good Knight In Emotional Armor) also has to count for something.
  • Seriously? No mention of Xander's dream versions of Willow and Tara from Restless?
  • Anytime Willow was menaced by a sexy bad guy...think Angelus in "Innocence" ("She's so cute...and helpless. Really a turn-on"), Spike in "Lover's Walk" ("I haven't had a woman in weeks!"), or Spike again in "The Initiative (hand over the mouth and throwing her over the bed...I want to BE her in those scenes!)
  • No mention of Cordy in the Angel episode "Parting Gifts?" Knocked out, then wakes up gagged and tied down on a bed?. Mmmmmm.
  • There's a simple one for me in Soulless. Angelus. I'm not gay or into men, but the way he talks...and when he says Vienna...goddamn, he sounds just like Dr Frank N Furter!
    • (Same troper) But for me, though, it'll always be Cordelia, especially season 2 and 3 Cordy. Witty, snappy, played by Charisma Carpenter, and that grin... just the sexiest smile ever!
    • (different one) let's put it like this: Yes, evil Angelus is sexy, but despairing Angel in "Reprise", when he "seduces" Darla? You can tell she likes how he treats her. And yes, it may border on rape, but bear in mind - Darla's at least as strong as he is, and one of her previous likes was... "You're hurting me! I like it." And I like it too. I wouldn't mind being in her place, even without Vampire powers (dominant, slightly sadistic, desperate Angel... OH GOD. It was unbelievable the first time I saw it and every time since then... I'll be.. um... in my.. bunk?)
  • This troper always had a strange obsession with Seth Green. I just find him so geeky and cute. So when I found out he was on this show I flipped. His portrayal of Oz is more than a girl can ask for. I don't know, I just find him so hot. Am I the only one?
    • HELL no, you're not alone. It's the hair, and the clothes, and the snark, and the small and skinny yet solid body type, and the majorly exaggerated dichotomy between utterly unflappable, quiet Deadpan Snarker in human form and utterly deranged rabid monster in werewolf form (this troper has a huge werewolf kink), with all his determinedly suppressed angst about it, that makes this troper want toown an Oz to keep for herself.
      • God, yes.
    • Also, Oz transforming in "Fear, Itself". A guy having...uh...passions that are so strong they will completely overtake his mind an body just screams "sex" in giant red letters. Then there's hair and animal features erupting on a human body, and Oz pleading with Willow to run away because he's dangerous. Plus, the sight of the deadpan, immovable Stoic reduced by terror to sitting huddled in bathtub trembling and babbling a mantra to himself in a desperate effort to keep his mind is just hot on so many levels.
    • This Troper agrees completely with the all of the above, Seth Green as Oz, YUM! Also, that scene in "New Moon Rising" when the Initiative starts torturing him...oddly kinky.
  • Dawn gets transformed a lot. A doll, a giantess◊, a centaur◊...
  • Xander with an eyepatch. Gah....just....gahhhhh....*loses mind*
  • I know it's not fashionable to point this out, but Sara Michelle Gellar is beautiful. At the beginning of Buffy, she was about the hottest thing I had ever seen. Your Mileage May Vary, but she was hotter then than later when she lost the softness. For me, it's a little bit of fuel (or anti-fetish fuel, as it may be), since I usually go for the brunette type (I'd still sell my soul for Faith... no pun intended), but OMG, SMG in the first couple of seasons could make me a (temporary) convert.
  • It's either the eyes that could turn a straight woman or the DVD menu. Now she wants you. She's just dying for a good s...lay.
  • One line in "Earshot" deserves mention where Willow wonders if it was a boy demon that touched Buffy. While she's worrying about getting a tail or horns or...well a horn. Fanfic writers noticed.
  • I have no idea why, but Connor...he is so pretty...and the intro scene...I wish I could talk to him.
  • Cave girl Buffy from "Beer Bad". That wild unkept hair, those fierce eyes and she likes to sniff boys. I'll be in my bunk.
  • The Season 2 episode "Halloween" in general. Buffy as a helpless princess and Willow in provocative clothing was surely a turn-on for many, but for this troper, it was badass, protective, in-charge soldier!Xander (who looks damn fine in a muscle shirt), sweet and playful Angel, Spike (just in general, because wow), and the first hints of Ripper!Giles in the interactions with Ethan. Good lord, for any troper into men (and probably a few who aren't), that episode is an embarrassment of riches.
  • It wasn't until "Band Candy" did I notice Joyce Summers had really nice legs. Also in season 4, Giles mocked the then harmless Spike by saying "What are you gonna do, lick me to death?" Now there's a thought...
  • This tropette has a long-standing, intense, passionate, occasionally interesting love affair with music of all sorts. Now ask me about "Once More With Feeling."
  • The Buffybot. Take Buffy and take out her negative character traits to make a happy Slayer who is loyal to you, in every concievible way.
  • This topette have a thing for demons and vampires in general but the ones that attracted her the most were Dalton (the nerdy vampire in the second season), Kulak (the yellow-skinned demon in the episode "Homecoming" of the third season), Mr. Trick (the black suave vampire of the third season) and Sweet (the red demon of the "Once more with feelings" episode in the sixth season... He had such a sexy voice...). She's also attracted to Lorne from "Angel".

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