Moral Guardian's beware Hopkins sneaks around stealing ladies underwear.

Rockstar Vancouver's Bully or Canis Canem Edit is a sandbox high school drama filled with many characters and dramatic angles to excite you in odd ways.

The Main CastEdit

Jimmy HopkinsEdit

Jimmy Hopkins is a 15 year old tough guy with a heart of gold archetype who is a real Casanova and is bisexual. He wins girls over quickly and can even get some of the boys at Bullworth to fall for him. He's a painter and a bruiser. So if you like that tough guy with a sensitive side type. You'll quickly start to like naive well intentioned, but mischievous Jimmy Hopkins.

  • Do you like a shorter but muscular guy?
  • Jimmy has copper (red) hair and freckles. Quite your typical schoolyard bully.
  • Jimmy's way of treating boys just like his girls when kissing them and giving them flowers is quite becoming of him.
  • Jimmy has a gold stud earring on his left ear. Old interpretations on earrings would say this shows someone who is '"pitching".
  • Jimmy gets a mission from Mr. Burton to steal panties form the girls dorm. He doesn't really refuse exactly. He also keeps a pair for himself and hangs it on his bedroom wall.

Gary SmithEdit

Gary Smith is the psychopathic antagonist and is the Draco in Leather Pants character for the fandom. Gary is obsessed with controlling people and likes picking on those weaker then him. He spends most of his time in the dorms sexually harassing Pete both physically and mentally. The main excuse for Gary behavior is that he has ADHD and/or a more serious anxiety disorder that causes paranoia. This sets him off into woobie area sometimes.

  • Sexually Dominant control freak.
  • If you like tough guy or evil guy scars Gary has one that dashes through his eyebrow and nicks across his cheek.
  • Gary has a dirty mouth and likes to spread naughty rumors about people having sex with barn yard animals. He also compares boys fighting to like, "watching dogs mate." and he says in in a sort of excited voice. It also sounds like sometime hes done before. Also considering the deleted scene of him pretending to be doing it "doggy style" A little bestial fixation?
  • The Nazi uniform he wears for Halloween. Seriously that Nazi uniform...
  • Also when you walk into your room on Halloween night Gary is laying on Jimmy's bed already in the uniform.
  • Gary is voice acted by Peter Vack him makes him very slimy and yet charming. He sounds like hes flirting with characters as he manipulates them.
  • Gary is very fixated on harassing Pete over his sexuality to the point where it teeters on "Little boy pulls the pigtails of the girl he likes" territory.
  • "Go on Petey, go cry to the teacher, tell them I was nasty too you!"
  • "Are you coming little Petey? I'll give you a kiss if thats what you want!"
  • Then as he integrates Pete about his reasons for watching swim team he moans in an overly dramatic sexual voice, "Oh, Marian, show me your breast stroke again!"
  • When bumped into by Jimmy sometimes: "Why are you hitting me! Do you like me?"
  • There is a deleted cut scene from chapter three where Gary cries, "Oh! Spank me!"

Pete KowalskiEdit

Pete Kowalski or "Petey" is one of Jimmy's closest friends. Peter a the lonely smart guy. He's ambiguously bisexual or might be a closeted homosexual if Gary Smith is to be believed. Mostly he is just a shy and lonely meek woobie.

  • Pete often complains that he'll be a virgin until he dies. (To his two male friends...)
  • The way Pete cheers for Jimmy by jumping up and down and throwing up his hands at bike races or cage fights is a little too reminiscent of a shy cheerleader.
  • The pink bunny suit Gary makes him wear for Halloween.
  • At the end of chapter four Petey runs out into the football field to Jimmy as he stands before a field of brutalized football players Petey exclaims practically bursting with excitement, "You did it you beat them all in front of everyone." and then his voice shaking even more excited, "Oh, this is gonna to be great!"
  • He wears his sweater over a pink shirt.
  • He might watch swim teams to check out the swimmers.

Zoe TaylorEdit

Zoe Taylor is the reckless tom girl, she is Jimmy's most prominent love interest as she has the most in common with him.

  • A fiery red head.
  • Like most girls in this game, Zoe's legs go on for miles.
  • Zoe wears cute punk gear with a low cut skull shirt and huge black boots.
  • Then in the last chapter she is dressed up as a school girl with a red plaid skirt to compliment her hair color.

Cliques & OthersEdit


  • If you want to defrost the ice queen and dream of winning over the cheer leading captain. Hello, Mandy.
  • If you're into to voyeurism the mission here you spy on cheerleader Mandy and take pictures of her half-naked in a towel must be a blast.
  • Juri Karamazov is a big jock with a Russian accent. An attractive Russian accent.
  • Kirby Olsen is a armored closet gay jock. He'll beg Jimmy not to tell anyone every time they kiss. The only thing Kirby seems to like about girls is their feet. He might have a foot fetish.


  • Earnest Jones is the leader of the nerd clique and Jimmy caught him reading a pornographic magazine quite enthusiastically. "Oh, Candy from Ohio!"
  • If you have a urination fetish and like chubby geeks Algernon Papadopoulos and his weak bladder is probably a wet dream to you. Pun intended.
  • Beatrice Trudeau is the girl of the nerd clique. She is both sweet and manipulative. And uses slightly erotic wording to describe how Jimmy makes her feel in her journal. Well, as erotic as chemistry can get. Bucky Pasteur seems quite into her nerdy self.
  • Cornelius Johnson is a very urkel like nerd, I would leave it there and say it would have to be someones fetish but the amount of excitement he exudes around Jimmy is quite adorkable.


  • Derby Harrington is the blonde snobby leader of the preps and is very reminiscent of the Draco Malfoy spike trope.
  • Pinky Gauthier is a sweet and cute but rather spoiled girl. If you like the rich princess type Pinky fits the bill. She gets quite excited about dating a low class kid like Jimmy Hopkins.
  • Bif Taylor is the more mild big red haired tall guy who is the fighting champion of the preps. In fandom he is paired with Derby do to his devotion to please him.
  • Gord Vendome is a posh bisexual boy, he is even more obsessed with clothes then the rest of his Clique he likes to "slum it" by kissing Lola and Jimmy Hopkins.
  • Chad Morris & Parker Ogilvie seem to be the more friendly approachable men of the preps clique, they seem to have a hard time controlling their impulses for snobbery, Chad Morris also seems to be an animal lover. Quite woobish.


  • Johnny Vincent the handsome leather clad leader of the 50's throwbacks is a lose cannon who obsesses over his girlfriend Lola since she often cheats on him.
  • Lola Lombardi is the sexy leather clad queen of the Greaser clan and tends to get around quite a bit. She's very overly sexual and usually wears a belly shirt, she's a flirt and a tease. Her kissing noises with Jimmy are quite frisky and sexual, rivaling only Trent Northwick. She might have a bike racing fetish, since during a few mission cut scenes in Chapter III she goes into detail to describe how bike racing makes her "So... excited".
  • Peanut Romano seems to have a subtle crush on his leader Johnny. He even calls out for him if the fire alarm is pulled in a quite adorable frightened voice.
  • Vance Medici is the red haired bisexual boy of the greaser clique, he likes to brag to Jimmy that hes a good kisser. He dresses up as a pirate for Halloween.
  • Do you like a smoker who is a little too obsessed with knives? Meet Lefty Mancini.


  • Angie Ng might be an Asian girl. She wears her hair in little black braids and seems far to friendly to be a Bullworth student. She's quite cute and naive and loves bunnies and dreams of going to the big city with a boy, "A-are you asking me on a d-date? *girlish giggle* If the innocent girly girl warms your heart Angie would melt yours to the ground. Also she can be seen her little cheer leading outfit form time too time...
  • Christy Martin is a pretty red headed girl. She is quite bubbly and friendly but has a gossipy meaner side too her. But not quite as ice Queen as Mandy, she is also a cheerleader and thus can supply you in that fetish. Also if you like incest, do to a slip in the programming she can sometimes be seen making out with her brother Wade Martin.
  • If you like chubby girls and have a feeder fetish. Ladies and gentlemen, Eunice Pound.

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