Eyes up here, viewers.

Taking your fetishes to infinity . . . AND BEYOND!!!

  • Oh, Mira Nova, let me count the ways!
    • Blue Skinned Space Babe - There's just something about that complexion. And it's topped off by . . .
    • Fiery Redhead - The hair is great, and the strong, outgoing personality is even better.
    • Action Girl - Kick! Roll! Dodge! Laser! Mmmmm.
    • Authority Equals Asskicking - Nothing like a woman kicking, rolling, dodging, and lasering in a uniform.
    • Powered Armor - Anyone ever notice that Mira's suit just happens to be even more feminine and form-fitting than the suits of other female Space Rangers?
    • Everythings Better With Princesses - A Space Princess at that! She could afford to buy any number of exotic space palaces to honeymoon in.
    • Power Perversion Potential - Intangibility = clothed to naked in 0.7 seconds.
      • Potential nothing, more that a few scenes have her phase out of her outer suit to remove it (leaving on a jumpsuit, sadly).
      • With selective intangibility, everywhere's an orifice!
    • Nicole Sullivan - The hottie cartoon is voiced by a hottie actress.
    • Hot Amazon - In "42", she briefly dressed as a Valkyran Raider. Even Buzz thinks she looks good!
  • XR has attachments. Lots and lots of attachments. Including many many hands.
  • Excepting (maybe) the robots of the series and (maybe) Zurg, virtually every main character in the series has had their moments of public nudity, some less implied than others.
    • "The Plasma Monster" - Booster gives his suit to Plasmaboy to help contain a massive explosion and save both their lives. Once they land near Buzz and company afterward, it becomes extremely obvious that Booster either forgot to wear anything under his suit that day, or it just got blasted away in the plasma burst.
    • "Devolutionaries" - Team Lightyear (minus XR) gets devolved into primitive life-forms. While Buzz manages to only get some Clothing Damage, Booster's suit tears apart completely when he becomes gargantuan and Mira's melts away as she becomes an goopy blue blob. When they all get transformed back, Booster and Mira stay (in)conveniently off screen until they get new suits.
    • "The Crawling Flesh" - At first it's only Mira and Buzz, but eventually every single ranger in Star Command (and the LGMs, too) get turned into green, semi-goopy, single-eyed monsters, a process that tears their suits to shreds. It also causes them to squish together into a single body with anyone right next to them when the transformation occurs. So much for finding someplace private to transform back! Unfortunately, like the "Devolutionaries" above, the viewer doesn't get a chance to see all those well-trained physiques after the switch back, but the imagination is a wonderful thing.
  • This show has played the Evil Twin card a few times before. Most prominently with Evil!Buzz from an alternate universe in "The Lightyear Effect". Emperor Buzz's Beard Of Evil made the manly man even manlier, and the EVIL didn't hurt, either.
    • In "Clone Rangers", the evil clones end up being too young at first and too old at the end, but the conceptual pictures of them at the proper ages are just too hot. Especially, in this troper's opinion, Evil!Mira, who has the "hot dominating space bitch" look perfected.
  • Ty Parsec caters to three sets of Perverse Sexual Lust. The first is a transformation fetish; every time he changes into Wirewolf, the viewer gets to see it all in full detail. Also, in his introductory episode, every time he reverts back to his human form, his shirt is ripped to shreds. Finally, for this troper anyway, there's something about seeing tough, in-command guys reduced to shivering, disoriented messes on the floor...
  • Gravitina for her blue skin, sexy accent and giant head.
    • For me it was what she did to Buzz, that gut he had afterwards...
      • In the same episode, Mira tries to probe an unconcious Gravitina's mind using her powers, but then Gravitina wakes up and uses her powers to suck Mira into her head. Essentially, head vore.