These girls started out as making Hentai Doujinshi, so this really shouldn't come as a surprise.

  • Chobits. Come on...the guy literally "turns her on".
    • And where her switch is... though this comes to take on a much more dramatic meaning later in the series.
    • However, the biggest thing is the way her 'sister' touches her in various less-than-siblinglike ways while trying to make a point. Chi is so innocent she sees nothing wrong with it, which probablyincreases the appeal of such scenes.
    • Chi's wardrobe is also mostly in loligoth style.
      • Sweet lolita, actually. Gothloli is Freya's.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth Hikaru is a 14 year old junior high school student who's short enough to be mistaken for a grade schooler (4'8-4'9). Lantis looks to be 25-30 and stands somewhere between 6'3-6'5. At the end of the manga Lantis asks Hikaru if she wants to marry him and it's treated in a completely non creepy manner.
    • This troper would like to mention the Mr. Terada/Rika ENGAGEMENT in Cardcaptor Sakura. CLAMP: Remember kids, pedophelia is a-okay!
  • This Troper hopes the above troper was kidding.
    • Characters of both genders under Mind Control.
    • Nova giving off lesbian vibes, and basically being Hikaru's twin/daughter.
    • And the Ho Yay vibes between Lantis and Eagle.
    • Monoka trapping a fairy in his mouth just to shut her up likely teased the voreists.
  • The Fetish Fuel is actually acknowledged in Miyuki-chan in Wonderland where Miyuki-chan keeps getting turned on by the wacky antics that happen to her. In the manga version, she actually says, "I've never been turned on by chess pieces before!" Also, any hot cosplaying girl fetishists are in for a treat.
  • X1999: Kamui. Fuuma. Licking. 'Nuff said.
    • Hinoto-hime is somebody's Fetish Fuel; she's a blind albino telepath who can take you into her dreams!
      • And so can Kakyou. A blond, emo, waifish-looking bishonen...
    • Subaru and Seishirou's relationship encompasses several different fetishes, with BDSM and cherry blossoms being prominent.
      • Fuma and Kamui as well. There's so much bondge, bloodplay, D/s and Sado Maso between these four, it's bound to give anyone a BDSM fettish if they're not careful. The collars, chain, handcuffs and restraints in the official artwork don't help.
    • And then there's the Eye Scream.
  • Subaru and Seishirou are also fetishistic in Tokyo Babylon, with Subaru's eroticized helplessness, twincest-y overtones with overprotective Hokuto, the Eye Scream, and the rampant, rampantsubculture/fetishwear clothing.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura And of course, who can forget the many fetishistic outfits that Tomoyo designed for Sakura throughout Card Captor Sakura... and then videotaped her wearing them. The fact that Sakura is completely oblivious to the fact that her best friend is objectifying her somehow only makes her that much more appealing.
    • To say nothing of Tomyo being her second◊cousin... who is canonically in love with her.
    • Yue is an angsty, White Haired Pretty Boy Angel who has a somewhat questionable relationship with his creator and a second persona who's in love with his Mistress' older brother.
      • Master/slave kink, anyone?
      • For This Troper, Yue's kuudereish switches between icy and aloof towards the world at large and smitten like a schoogirl with Clow are a fetish in themselves. He's also ridiculously pretty.
    • Not to mention the cards themselves...
    • Just the outfits Tomoyo designed for Sakura? Is this troper the only one who got turned on by their school uniforms, too? Or their PE kits... this troper has had a fetish for cute/moe girls wearing boyish polo shirts since childhood, especially with shorts... mmm....
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is still in publication, but so far it has managed to include incest, Eye Scream, necrophilia, full-back tattoos, vampires, more bondage than X can shake a stick at, Dom/sub chess, amputation, ... and, as often as humanly possible, Fay's navel (man wears a lot of hip-huggers). CLAMP has only gotten dirtier in their old age, it would seem.
    • To say nothing of Fay in a furisode (long-sleeved kimonos meant for young, unmarried women).
      • Actually, this is even worse (better?): judging by the lenght of the sleeves, it's actually an ou-furisode... A kimono meant for brides. And it has the moon (the symbol of Tomoyo's house, which Kurogane belongs to) on it, which means that the wearer is part of that house... Did something happen that you didn't tell us about, CLAMP?
    • Also, anyone with a thing for blood will probably be delighted with the vampire feeding scene and the splash pages featuring Shaoran covered in blood and/or glass shards, looking definitely more comfy than pained.
    • And the scene where Fay gets turned into a vampire. Of course it is supposed to cause him pain, but the way he, well, moves (and clings to Kurogane) and the sounds he makes (in Tokyo Revelations) just... reminds this troper of something
      • Lets not also forget just where Kurogane's hand rests for a part of the following OVA when he's protectivly carrying around his new vampiric wife.
    • Fai might as well be Fetish Fuel personified for TRC really. The man has that many of them
    • Dear Fai definitely runs the Fetish Fuel Station for a legion of YaoiFangirls.
  • coughs* It's not just the Yaoi fan he runs it for...
  • Every single work has some sort of Ho Yay, to the point where the creators are rather notable for it.
  • This troper has a fetish for Bishonen in glasses, pale skinned brunettes and their male counterparts, men in hakamas and yukatas, Tall Dark And Handsome guys and Tall Dark And Bishoujo ladies,Hime Cut Rapunzel Hair, beautiful kimonos, garnet colored eyes, slightly older, knowledgeable women with an aura of power, mystery and general pervyness, and perhaps most strange of all, kyuudo (japanese archery). No wonder I find xxxHOLiC highly relevant to my interests. If You Know What I Mean.
    • Seconded by this troper so hard. I must admit I'm surprised someone has the exact same fetishes as me.
    • And the falconry-themed splash-page? That was absolutely delicious. This troper often jokes with her girlfriend that while the rest of the cast look mostly in character in covers and splash pages, Watanuki seems to discard his usual keet tsundere attitude in favor of a "would you like something else with your fanservice, ma'am?" demeanor.
      • This troper was under the impression that CLAMP's splash pages reveal the true mentality of the characters. Given that Watanuki was subconconciously suicidal (read: masochist), he's probably secretly enjoyed Yuuko's orders and Doumeki's food fetish since the beginning. Which reminds me... who here got turned on by Haruka's offhand comment in chapter 163?
    • In addition to just about everything above, this troper's got a thing for hurt/comfort. That fact that's two guys just makes it sooo much better.
    • And then when he takes over the shop, and he practically looks like he's become a male version of Yuuko? Damn...I'm not supposed to be thinking like that!
  • Could be linked to their love for Eye Scream, but CLAMP has a thing for glasses too. And it's usually someone with magical powers wearing them. Kakei, Yukito, Eriol and Fujitaka, Watanuki, Seishirou, and Clow Reed himself, just to name a few. And chances are, even if they don't wear glasses in canon, they've been drawn on a splash page or in an artbook wearing them.
    • Taken to the extreme in that one Tsubasa illustration that features the whole nakama wearing glasses. Well, except Mokona.
      • Kurogane looks especially sexy in them, in this troper's opinion.
  • They seem to have a thing for extremely long fingernails, too. There was a lady (Kiishim (actually Debonair from the Magic Knight Rayearth anime)) in Tsubasa with some foot-long ones, the vampires all can extend theirs to similar lengths, and even Yuuko was drawn like this on occasion.
  • Legal Drug. One word: chocolate.
    • Kazahaya is also forced to crossdress several times.
    • You're gonna need more than one word for Legal Drug. The full-spread bondage splashes complete with armbinders, collars, leashes, biting, and blindfolds? Good god, it's a lesson in fangirl baiting.
  • Yuko. Everything about her appearance and behavior is really... You know, hot. Especially her legs and feet, which is weird because this troper usually just gets disgusted by feet. It's even wierder because this troper is a straight female.

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