At times shows in this verse could be called Completely Stripping Investigators, Cold Shower and Without A Bra.


  • "Fur and Loathing in Las Vegas", basically.
  • This gay troper still felt something stir at the end of "Pirates of the Third Reich." Lady Heather, Gil's dominatrix acquaintance, finds out her daughter was killed as part of the mad experiments of an
    Lady Heather

    The gorgeous Lady Heather.

    eugenicist with Nazi beliefs. Gil finds her and the guy at the site where her daughter's body was buried; she's wearing full leather and savaging him with a whip. And not a riding quirt, but a fucking bull whip. So, you have Melinda Clarke dressed as one of the leads from Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, attacking a man in his undies with a bullwhip. It's not meant to be sexy, but come on.
    • Also, Lady Heather. Full stop.
  • I'm sure somebody has a fetish for dead bodies...I do.
  • Catherine is definitely a win for those who like older ladies who still have it. And she used to be a stripper. That is awesome.
  • Greg Sanders. 'Nuff said.
  • No Nick Stokes? Are you KIDDING me?! He is the original CSI beefcake, and the standard they will all be judged by...throw that in with a slight drawl, and an easy going charm...oh, Mummy, want, indeed.
  • Gil Grissom. I am extremely attracted to intelligence and he has it in SPADES. Also, I just find him incredibly attractive. Silver Fox? I think so.

CSI MiamiEdit

  • Calleigh Duquesne must qualify for this, as she's an attractive blonde with a Southern accent, a sweet personality, a very sexy wardrobe, and some skill with firearms. The troper posting this admittedly finds most women with firearms training attractive, but that might just be him.
    • It's not just you, there's a whole kink for that sort of thing. Police, army, why do you think someone like Jill Valentine is so popular? Check out the shot of Calleigh on the second disc of season one. Heck, look at the girl herself. The things you're into about her? This is Fetish Fuel for her too.
  • Elizabeth Berkely as Julia Winston. She's a Hot Mom with a penchant for plunging necklines and suits and her actress is most famous for playing a stripper in Showgirls.
  • Being set in Miami, there are a fair share of hawt Latina babes in the show, including Eric's sister Marisol, the mysterious Yelina and Natalia Boa Vista.
  • Resident hunk Eric Delko has his fair share of Shirtless Scene s, as does newer hunk, Jesse Cardoza.

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Cold CaseEdit

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