What did I do to deserve being rescued by such a beautiful angel?

–Monica, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Castlevania succubus censurada



  • Castlevania's main heroes The Belmonts have magical whips, a very kinky weapon that makes one wonder how they train themselves to be so good with them.
    • You can choose to picture either ruggedly handsome and leather-clad old-school men like Simon or Trevor making sure it hurts, The Scandily clad Sonia flexing the weapon threateningly, the 50-something but still kickin' it Julius showing he still got it, or the gorgeous, elegantly dressed androgynous heroes like Leon cracking the weapon as they stalked towards the enemy with a wicked smirk on their faces.
      • This paragraph made this troper Squee. Then he realized he's supposed to be straight. Damnit.]
      • If it'll help, this troper did mention a lady amongst the men, if you want to save your dignity
  • Richter Belmont being mind-controlled, for the obligatory mind-control fetish.
    • Maxim being possessed in Harmony of Dissonance for another mind-control/possession fetish.
    • Isaac, too! Compare and contrast his Dark-knight-esque behaviour in Ayami Kojima's comic at first (he brings a weapon to the unarmed Hector and doesn't involve his Innocent Devils in the battle) to his unravelling sanity and descent into wirepulling-bastardry. Also notice that in his second battle Abel, his VERY loyal familiar, just isn't there. There are other details (his weird movement inconsistency in battle 2, his weird no-other-boss-works-like-this element weakness/affinity) but this troper fears long-windedness and critical walls of text. ANYHOW, most signs point to yon noisy redhead not quite being in control of his faculties, which is typical when Drac is concerned.
  • Don't forget the whole Vampire thing.
  • If we choose to pooh-pooh Igarashi's ret-con regarding Trevor's paternal lineage, the easily misinterpretable lines Dracula tosses at the Belmont clan take on some pretty incestuous undertones.
    • Oh, Dracula. 'Freedom is always sacrificed to faith...or are you truly here by choice?"
    • Richter doesn't help: "All I'm here for is you!"
    • Then again, depending on the time frame, they would be so distantly related that it probably wouldn't count.
      • In the case of Trevor and the probably-really-possessed Isaac, that very biblical smooch after shanking gets...uh...interesting. Leave it to Dracula to combine Freud AND sacrilege in one fell swoop, and make his scantily-clad prettyboy knight the harbinger.
  • Even some of the minor enemies can cause Fetish reaction, like the cute Salome Witches in their mini-skirts and black top. Or the whole "Turning the often very pretty male lead into stone" bit that Medusa has - Insert "Getting hard" jokes here.
    • The Venus Weed is the probably the one that comes most to mind. Even a website dedicated to it.
    • It's particularly fun when players express attraction for the Frozen Half. That leg thing had to have been on purpose.
  • Okay this entry badly needs a separate bullet point for leather ANYTHING. The whip's obvious, so here's the rest! To wit: The barbarian skirts on the classic NES Belmonts. Alucard's badass boots in Symphony of the Night. Simon Belmont's leather shorts in Castlevania Chronicle. Hector and Isaac and their epic boots and leather pants - Isaac's very openly kinktastic (HIS COLLAR, MAN) and Hector more subdued. Trevor gets some nice thigh-high boots in Curse of Darkness as well. Leon's swanky gloves in Lament of Innocence. And so on, and so on. It's certainly practical and explicable given the setting, but MAN does this troper ever appreciate it, for he's a lech.
    • Speaking of collars - notice that Isaac and Hector both cover up their throats? This is surprising with Isaac, who doesn't seem keen on covering much of anything else. Hell, they both cover all their pulse points. Hello, subtle allusion to vampire bitey kink, how are you?

Rondo of BloodEdit

  • The remake of Rondo of Blood has a scene where you can fail to save Annete which causes her to transform into a sexy vampire who tries to seduce the playable character.
    • A sound file ripped from the Symphony Of The Night CD seems to come from a deleted alternate ending in which a similar transformation happens to Maria. Oh, that we could have seen that...

Symphony of the NightEdit

  • To this troper's dismay, Adult Maria in her knickers and green coat doesn't have the same following as her 10-year old self.
  • The Succubus in Symphony of the Night is a fetish herself, but the fact she was impersonating Alucard's Mother has created some rather incestuous undertones. And in the official art, she's topless. Finally, when she lets out her death scream...
    • Surely this Troper wasn't the only one that noticed that SotN's succubus didn't exactly sound like she was in pain when Alucard vanquished her...
    • For some reason, if she shows up in the Castlevania movie they've been working on for years, I see her being played by Kat Dennings. If you've seen her cell-phone pics, you know why...
  • The Doppelganger sub-boss. Need I say more.

Castlevania 64Edit

Legacy of DarknessEdit

Circle of the MoonEdit

  • Circle of the Moon is a furry fan's dream, what with all of the different were-animal enemies it has. And should I inform the audience of the h-doujin this troper saw of adult Maria being manhandled by the Minotaurus/Werewolf duo, or the Rule Thirty Four pic of Slogra and Gaibon together? ...Yes...yes, I believe I shall...
  • Carmilla. When you fight her, her One Winged Angel form is...a naked woman riding on top of a giant skull. In Circle of the Moon, just try attacking her with your whip when she has her back turned to you. Spanky, spanky.

Harmony of DissonanceEdit

Aria/Dawn of SorrowEdit

  • The Sorrow Games in same series had some soul powers that raised a few eyebrows, ranging from the fact that Soma could turn into a female form in both games (Kali in Aria, Valkyrie in Dawn - which makes this troper think someone on the team has a Gender Bender fetish), the cave troll gave him a ridiculously extendable tongue, two abilities for voyueristic opportunities... now that this troper thinks about it, Soma Cruz is a walking fetish power department. Also, and the blood-sucking Succubus soul which could be used on candelabras (and male, albeit unattractive, bosses,) or that he can shoot sticky web or slime that slows down enemies.
  • A teenage boy (in Aria) is by himself in a castle full of half-naked or completely naked cute monster girls.Also, Aria's Valkyrie soul has a naked, voluptuous female figure appear in front of Soma and swings a massive sword, with Jiggle Physics.
  • In Aria of Sorrow, the Succubus sometimes disguise themselves as Soma's Miko girlfriend Mina. In Dawn, they turn into Blonde Yoko - including one room that has four fake Yokos, who - when hit, will slide into the floor butt-naked with the pink vest drifting to the ground. Oh, and they still appear like that even when playing as Yoko yourself
    • This troper, while playing through the pinnacle,realized that a Succubus, a demon of sexual attraction, apparently subjective to the viewer, is disguised as Yoko- instead of Mina, and expects the duplicity to work. Think about that for a second.
      • Well, nobody said they were mind readers.
  • Also in Aria of Sorrow, there is a room in the Colosseum area where you find a Succubus in a fountain. She's apparently using it as a bathtub along with Lilith, what's with the rubber duck and all. Did we mention that the Succubuses and Liliths of Aria of Sorrow are stark naked, Winged Humanoid have wings and attack by grabbing and kissing you? (Like in Portrait of Ruin below.) This troper can't be the only one turned on by that. See it at 4:32 in this vid.
    • And don't forget just WHERE the Lilith comes from... As neither participant has a ducking sprite, there's only one answer as to why the Lilith comes from the floor at that particular point...
  • How has the "Persephone" enemy from Dawn Of Sorrow / Portrait of Ruin not been mentioned? She's a maid, for crying out loud.
    • A maid who knows Waif Fu. And can suck up Charlotte's skirt with her vacuum cleaner.
    • There was a rumor that if you get her soul in Aria, Soma can use the Persephone's vacuum cleaner to suck the dresses off the female monsters. This troper has tested said rumor, and unfortunately it isn't true.
      • It's partially true in Dawn, for the Persephone and Student Witch at least. They remain clothed, but are too busy holding down their skirts to move or attack. "IYAAAAAAAN."

Lament of InnocenceEdit

  • The Succubus in Lament is sexy, without the added complications, especially with her black bodice.
  • What was Walter doing with a White Haired Pretty Boy locked in his dungeon in Lament of Innocence, anyway?
    • Let us not forget Rinaldo's line: "He likes you." Oh, Walter just wants a harem.

Curse of DarknessEdit

  • Isaac in Curse of Darkness prances around in nothing but pants, thigh-high boots and tattoos, with a big helping of suspicious behavior towards Hector and Trevor.
    • Pants that, in his CG render, really don't look like they should be able to accommodate a package of any sort; in Ayami Kojima's official art, they seem to be on the verge of falling right off.
    • The Pacchi Slot game has much improved CGI◊, to this troper's glee.
    • See also: his 'armour' and that collar. And his piercings.
    • He fits into the Sexy Back category, too, damn it. We get a prominent closeup of his ink in the if-you-leave-your-controller-sitting-there beginning cinema.
  • Hector's chair fixation in Curse Of Darkness, lampshaded by the Woodman's Chair (shaped like a man, with a note in the examine text that "you have to sit carefully, or it will look rather rude").
  • There is a very epic Ho Yay shounen battle Tick crossover hiding here, if anyone with the writing skill is up to implementing it...
  • In Curse of Darkness, Dracula will gladly seize Hector, pin him against his body, and drain a few litres of blood—contrast a similar attack later used on Shanoa, where he holds her at arm's length as if she were a particularly volatile spider. Though, it loses much of its appeal to anyone who has trouble with that fight.
    • Isaac has a very similar attack to Dracula's, in Curse - neither this troper nor her friends can tell if that's biting or choking going on, but the fact remains that you've got Isaac clinging to you like an angry limpet draining your lifebar.

Portrait of RuinEdit

  • The vampire twins in Portrait of Ruin are done up in Lolita-inspired dresses, and have a certain resemblance to a character from Rozen Maiden
    • Bah GAWD Stella's dress. And according to the locket she dressed like that around her father. This troper would never let a daughter of his walk around like that. Her though? I'm in my bunk.
    • Also the Ninja Maid come up with vacuum cleaners and sometimes tries to suck the hero to no avail. In any case you have a Panty Shot fetish and the one who gets 'sucked' happens to be Charlotte... let's just say you're in heaven.
  • In Portrait of Ruin, the Succubus attacks by charging up to you and kissing you. This still applies if you're playing as Charlotte.
  • The boss Astarte and her "temptation" of Johnathan.
    • Hey, she's a skimpily dressed Egyptian Queen, that's enough to make guys swoon.
  • Did anyone notice that in Portrait of Ruin when Charlotte stands she sways in a way that makes it look like she is doing a pelvic thrust?
    • Many fetish outfits can be equipped on Charlotte, including corsets and nun outfits. Damn you Fight In The Nude!
    • Then there's the bonus when you stand still and hold Up... Her pose alone is fetish fuel for someone.
      • She even says a line that can be interpreted as "What do you think? Aren't I sexy?" Yes, yes you are.

Order of EcclesiaEdit

The main character of Order of Ecclesia has the Tall Dark And Bishoujo Shanoa, yet another Action Girl. She wears a completely backless outfit and sports tattoo-like glyphs on her arms and back. And that's before she uses glyphs to become a batgirl or catgirl.

  • You know, this troper is kind of surprised they didn't get her legs to hold some glyphs too. Though the kind of glyphs that'd be placed there would probably be ones oriented to agility and movement.
  • This troper rating of the game jumped through the roof when he saw the way the catgirls in the game walk... the skintight suit of the batgirl shape isn't bad either.
  • This troper's sure all her "Yes, sir. As you say, sir." after getting her memory wiped appeals to someone, as well.
  • And the obvious lesbian crush a female NPC has on her... For bonus points, she's a seamstress (literally, not an Unusual Euphemism) - and she makes you a fricking wedding dress.
  • Speaking of female NPCs, let us not forget about Laura and her huge tracts of land. And her affection for making pretty sparkly things for Shanoa to model - uh, equip. Yes.


  • Her (-'Maria's-) storyline in Judgment consists of admiring and envying the larger assets of the other female characters. Complete with jiggling closeups. If the graphics hadn't been so horridly uncanny-valley this might have approached fanservice, but...
    • Judgment is kind of a fustercluck as a game, but my GOD does it ever kink up Simon (who looks like he was raised in part by Isaac in that incarnation) and Trevor. Leather Daddy City.
    • This troper has heard fanboys call those outfits less kinky than Chronicles Simon's (which is pretty leathertastic). This troper then fractured said fanboys' minds linking them to leather boutiques online. This troper admits he is an asshole, but he at least aims to educate!
    • THIS troper wants to know what's with Trevor and Simon's butt-shields. The hell, Judgment.
    • Removing at least half of Carmilla's outfit (when she was wearing one) probably appealed to many gamers out there. Removing Death's outfit... well, you never know what some people look for. * shrug*
    • Incredibly Obvious Pun and I don't even need to say it, do I?
    • The game also provides the player with accessories to add. Even past the outfit options, these include cat ears, horns, tails, wings, and the like. One such accessory is a tiny shoulder angel. If you equip one on Carmilla, she sits on her breast.

Lords of ShadowEdit

  • The main big bad vampires (Brauner, Orlox and Carmilla) in Lords of Shadow illict many a dark thought; especially when they "vamp-out" on Gabriel and try to turn him into their next meal. Before Gabriel selfishly resists and knocks them away.
    • And by the sounds of it Brauner (and Orlox for that matter) likes how he tastes... Oh darn. Missed the QTE again! Boy, do I regret that!


Castlevania "Symphony of the Night" -Boss 12 (Succubus)

Castlevania "Symphony of the Night" -Boss 12 (Succubus)