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"Code pink? I'm on my way!"—Brother, Final Fantasy X-2's Hot Springs Episode

Final Fantasy IEdit

Eight Bit Theatre has made it impossible (for some people) to think of the White Mage as anything other than the series' first Staff Chick. The epilogue to that series makes her a green-eyed Red Headed Hero, who wears less but is still modestly dressed.

  • Try saving the world with 4 white mages. Girls' power, anyone?

    • Whoa, you too? I think she may have been my very first PSL interest.

Final Fantasy III Edit

  • This troper can't be the only one who rawrs over the chibi delicious characters in this game, particularly Arc in the Scholar outfit. It's the little itty bitty eyeglasses that do it.

  • I. Want. Luneth. Refia and depending on his job class and animation style Arc can be cute depending on their job class, and replace "cute" for "hot" for Refia and Ingus, but this troper would follow Luneth to the edge of the earth and beyond before any other game character without hesitation.

  • Ingus is kinda hot, but this Troper wouldn't mind a Desch of her own.

  • This troper thought it had already been put here, but... If required to pick a spouse, or at least significant other, from any video game, either (or any) sex... It would have to be Luneth, from Final Fantasy III (the DS version, of course, since he didn't exist in the original). Kindly and vaguely heroic without being any sort of extreme (like Ingus the Stoic Knight or Arc the comparative (and only mostly) pushover, neither of whom I like anyway, they're just examples). I developed a mild crush on Aria, so when spoiler: Luneth went vengeful on the Kraken and the scene directly afterwards... Warm and fuzzy feeling (and [[spoiler: Manly Tears]]) ensued. He's so cute with the resolute expression and handsome when smiling (yes, that is probably the reverse of what it should be), and, most important of his looks, I freaking love his hair.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

    • Goodness. SECONDED LIKE NO TOMORROW. Cecil, you can be my dark knight. Or paladin. Or king. Or all of them.

      • Fffffffff...funny, now that you've put it that way I'm just thinking of younger, dark knight!Cecil in the same room as bishtastic paladin!Cecil and then there's the dilf!king!Cecil and BUNK, I NEED IT.

    • Kain can't come. He's with me.

  • After viewing some Duodecim screenshots, this troper was left asking about the new silver-haired guy in the familiar-looking armor. Silver hair is one of her weaknesses. To cut a long story short, her brother got her interested in Cecil's brother. XD

  • No one here digs After Years Porom? Cool! All for me!

    • Oh hell no! That transparent outfit and transformation into an Action Girl...
  • Are bosses fair game? High on this troper's reasons to play FF4 are Barbariccia and her Godiva hair

Final Fantasy VIEdit

  • This Troper (Hazuki) had what would have been a "monogamous dating --> lesbian marriage" type crush on Terra from Final Fantasy VI at a disturbingly young age. It doesn't help that you could soooort of see the human/esper transformation as a metaphor for puberty, which she was going through heavily when this developed. To this day her own characters tend to have quite a bit of Terra's "strong woman by nature, without being an Amazon" personality in them.

  • Similarly, Edgar inspired a love of noble, intelligent, romantic goofballs who know when to be serious in this troper. His Expy shows up often in my own works as well.

  • Celes. A Lady Of War who still manages to win everyone's heart when she plays Maria in the unforgettable opera scene, despite never having been onstage in her life - after all, she's a general, not some opera floozy! Yet when you first meet her, she's a Distressed Damsel whom you have to rescue, and she eventually falls for the Gentleman Thief who is trying to atone for his greatest failure - by protecting her. Did I mention that even as a sixteen-bit super-deformed sprite, she looked stunning in that dress?

    • Watch her victory dance. Closely. My hormone-fueled brain interpreted that as "gigantic bouncing breasts" and...

    • Seconding Celes. And Locke, who is so handsome and adorable. I totally want them both, and I squeed so much to see them get together. . .

  • I kind of want to be kidnapped by Setzer. Airship! And how could they fit that much badass into a bunch of pixels? I kind of ignore the Kingdom Hearts version, though. His voice should be deeper, dammit!

    • If your only problem is the voice, I have no doubt you could find a fandub that fixed it, and then a bunk.

    • So glad to know I'm not alone.

  • Locke. COLE. Full stop. *gnaws on hand*

  • What?! No love for Shadow here? Come on! A badass ninja with a badass dog and equally badass butt-kicking skills? MINE!

Final Fantasy VII (and Compilation)Edit

  • Oh yes, all three of them (not at once, though.) Tifa? The obvious, of course, but seriously, Everybody Remembers The Rack...look at Advent Children, the church scene before Loz shows up, she's talking to Marlene and she lifts one eyebrow and gives this very knowing smile, and my heart starts acting like a hummingbird on steroids...And Aerith is so sweet and pretty and angelic looking. Her eyes, and her lips, and her long brown hair, and the soft shape of her face, and I love her Advent Children voice so much (I love the voices for all of them actually.) And Yuffie is cuteness personified.

    • "Cute"? Yes, well, I suppose in some of her earlier appearances, maybe...Kingdom Hearts Yuffie, Nice legs. Actually, scratch that--even all grown up and hot, she's still cute.

    • Yuffie in Kingdom Hearts is something else. That outfit...drives me nuts. Not to mention that I've had a new view of her ever since I read that fanfic where Sora saves her life in the first game and then...thanks him.

    • Cuteness is a turn-on, too.

  • Tifa. Something about a lady who can kick my ass across the room and then drink me under the table...

    • Seconded. And like the below troper, never even played a Final Fantasy game.

  • This troper prefers Aerith... He didn't even play Final Fantasy (any).

    • Aerith is sweet, beautiful, gentle, kind, yet resolute and with a mischievous sense of humor: I would wear that dress if it meant that she'd giggle!

    • This troper has got a thing for Cissnei from Crisis Core, actually. It was seeing her in a bikini that did it. She is FINE!

    • Also from beyond the main three, This Troper kind of has a thing for Elena.
  • No love for the Final Fantasy VII men? Yeah, the number of Cloud and Sephiroth fans could already number to that of a small country, but I go for the one black-haired, blue-eyed hero who was too good for this earth: Zack Fair. My hero. And my puppy. I need some saving now. MINE.

    • Ahh, Zack Fair is my first and only husbando, every man, fictional character and protagonist I compare with the perfection that is MINE. He was perfect in every way and therefore had to die (curse you trope-logic). I will never let anyone have him.

  • Agreed. It's pretty hard to choose between Cloud and Zack (pity I ship Cloud/Tifa and Zack/Aerith so devoutly - don't kill me, Cloud/Aerith fans!). And don't forget poor adorable Kadaj from Advent Children either. Sephiroth, however, is scary.

    • Yazoo ~ ! <3 And while we're at it, I'm normally an anti-Sephiroth fan, that part in Advent Children? When he's all windblown and smirking at Cloud? Argh, I wanted him to be my demon, If You Know What I Mean.

  • I am SHOCKED at the lack of lust over Sephiroth. Girls, you know it (guys, you know it too)! That hair, the leather, the Ax-Crazy personality made this troper a hard-core fan of him without playing the game!

  • Cloud, would you marry me? Seriously, this PSL has started from a girlish crush when my dad bought me this game when it came out, to full blown love/lust/attraction/utter devotion! She would love to forever claim him for herself, but she prefers to share his light with the world!

    • When it comes to FFVII, I have a profound weakness for polyamorous groupings -- namely, Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth/Aeris and Rufus/the Turks. Yum!

  • Goodness, Rufus Shinra. Advent Children and On the Way to a Smile made this troper fall head over heels for him. Classic bishounen in white, president of a company (even if said company's in shambles after FFVII), calm, cool, villain-turned-atoner, and has an awesome scene in the movie...come on, what's not to love?

    • Rufus has nothin' on his illegitimate older brother. Lazard Deusericus FTW.

      • SECONDED so hard. When this troper heard his voice in Crisis Core she melted in her seat. After that she took every opportunity to visit him in his office just to hear that silky voice of his... Not to mention something about that crisp suit + glasses look just does it for her.

  • Speaking of the Turks, come on guys, Reno? A lanky redhead in a suit, with a personality that hints towards the makings of a Memetic Sex God (many fanfic authors seem to believe it true), and that voice...

  • What about Vincent? As far as this troper is concerned, he's the sexiest of all the FFVII characters. (Hell, he was even my first cosplay.) I've had a crush on him since it first came out, and I'm sure I'm not the only fangirl that will * more* than help him get over Lucretia.

    • Goodness, Vincent Valentine. The name is enough to make me melt into a puddle of concentrated fangirling. His character art is bishounen, but when Advent Children came out and I saw that 2D bish transformed into 3D I went 'HOLY SHIT HE'S HOT'.

    • Dear God, YES. This female Troper can't help but squeal whenever she sees Vincent Valentine appear onscreen when she watches Advent Children. The eyes, the hair, just...everything about him is pure sex, not to mention his shapeshifting powers would be rather awesome in the bedroom.

  • Any love for Nero from Dirge of Cerberus? Not sure what I like more: his looks, his woobie status, or his AWESOME EVIL POWERS OF DARKNESS!!! Not that I like evil in general, but my GODS! He makes his own BATTLEFIELD out of THIN AIR for you!

  • After Dirge of Cerberus came out, this troper distinctly recalls staring, dumbfounded, at Azul the Cerulean and breaking out in a cold sweat. On the other hand, she is * profoundly* disturbed by the knowledge that her best friend harbors PSL for PROFESSOR HOJO.

  • While on the topic of DoC why not mention Shalua and Shelke? Personally more the older sister, though. I just wanna hold her and run my hands through that hair and agh.

      • Reeve, seconded so much. He looks so refined and manly. And he makes cute robots!

  • Hey, hey... The dojin says he was a hottie in his day!

  • Tall, glasses, ponytail, sexy lab coat and a big load of crazy? Why not?

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

  • This troper was always quite fond of Selphie and all three female party members of FF7.

  • Quistis. Especially in her first FMV where it looks like she's having a little orgasm.

  • The four of them for this troper (yes Edea included).

    • Seconded, so very much. Especially all of them at once.

  • This Troper had an experience when introduced to Rinoa's smile in FFVIII. It involved a change of pants. In sixth grade.

    • This troper didn't care how many times he had to rescue Rinoa in that game. A woman like that is damn worth it!

      • Damn right!

      • This one agrees! :D

  • This Troper had a dream tad better than the most. Me, the lead. Spike Spiegel, the drivin' sidekick (a red covertible to be precise). Rinoa, he chick. Suffice to say that almost six years had passed and that dream is not forgotten.

  • Quistis Trepe. Oh, boy...slender, young adult, is a Meganekko and uses a whip. That is a very...attractive combo.

    • Don't forget that glasses intro. Or the Gun on the boat. *drool*

    • Definitely! Yes! Please! She can teach me anytime (and anything) she wants. *wink wink*

Final Fantasy IXEdit

  • This troper is unsure why Cloud and Squall have so many fangirls when Zidane is cuter, more likable, and would love you back.

  • This Troper has a...Thing for Freya Crescent of FF9...Hope I'm not alone in this...

    • You're probably not.

    • Oh god, so much, you don't even know.

    • Agreed. She doesn't show anything, which just gives more room for our dirty minds to fabricate stuff. She must have some killer legs though, to be able to jump like that...

    • Plus, she has a tail...that is likely prehensile. Oh, yeah, that is a turn on. Yes, I am part of the "has a fetish for anthropomorphic animals" section of the Furry Fandom...and I am tempted to say that Freya acted as a gateway to that.

    • This one likes both. Her sketchbook full of Final Fantasy characters has a lot of both (And Kuja). They're two of the three people that gave her the at-least-mildly-prehensile tail fetish. Can Fratley and Garnet share with me? And Roy, and Squall and Kain? I don't care that I'm going to hell. My friends are bringing air conditioning.

    • She was this Troper's first (and to date only) crush on a fictional character. Less to do with her being a rat and more due to her being tall, physically fit, having white hair, and beeing something of a woobie.

    • Agreed with the above. And she always hides those beautiful green eyes of hers, but when you get a glipse of them... damn.

  • Hopefully General Beatrix has some admirers out there.

  • GARNET. Or, Dagger. Want her with long hair, want her with short hair, and I want to make little Summoner babies with her.

    • Never played the game and I'm with you. From what I've seen she's got that sweet innocent thing going on (seems to be once-per-game to have an angelic-looking cutie) and she's just really pretty...

Final Fantasy XEdit

  • You keep your Yuna and your Lulu! I want me some Rikku, dammit!

    • I don't care that she smells of oil, Rikku from Final Fantasy X2 is yummy!

        • Not to mention that outit... holy toledo. Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polkadot bikini top and a miniskirt that could be used as a belt? DAMN.

      • Yuna, Lulu, Rikku, Dona, Yunalesca, and Paine all together would be the greatest thing ever. Everyone wins.

  • And I want me some Tidus!

    • Triple nom, baby.

    • Tell me about it. Pretty? Check. Built? Check. (god bless blitzball...) Completely and totally adorkable? CHECK. Square did good this time round.

      • On a somewhat related note, Shuyin. See above, with added woobiness.

      • Given that Shuyin is basically Tidus with Cloud's face Photoshopped on... Yes please.

    • This troper agrees that Tidus is adorable. I love "pretty boys" Yum.

    • Goodness, so agreeing with you guys. Besides, he seems like the type to do...crazy...things.

    • Dissidia 012. Third alt. YES PLEASE. This troper's reaction was basically "It needs to be March NOW."

  • Oh, Auron, if only you weren't dead!

    • Then can I have him then? Yes, yes I know, but... >.> <.< I just wanna jump on his back and run my fingers through his hair... Auron, in the name of all that is holy, please do me.

    • SECONDED. A BadassLongcoat with an angsty backstory who doesn't Wangst about it? Those bare, muscular arms under that coat? Those shades? That voice?! Thank you sir, may I have another?

      • That one CG movie of him in Luca, where he faces off against that lizard monster and throws off his sleeve. Free ticket to the gun show! That pretty much cemented it for this troper.

      • Hee hee hee, you don't mind sharing him, right? ^_~ I fondly recall spending more time in the Sphere Theater longer than I should replaying his Luca CG scene. Those arms man... and that body... RIPPED... =_= I think I need a shower now.

      • Thirded? Fourthed? Ah, fuck it. Auron is sex on legs. That voice, those arms, THE SCARS, the sheer aura of badass... above troper is not the only one needing a cold shower.

        • I remember hearing his voice and just having chills run down my spine. I could just sit there and listen to him speak all day... And it's a shame he covers his face so much cos he's actually quite handsome under that collar... o.O Uh... I think I just did something I shouldn't have... * hobbles back to cold shower facility*

      • This troper would love to join the crowd. She would love just spend time with him doing anything. <3

      • As long as we get to hear that voice of his, yes please!

      • I just want to wrap myself in his Badass Longcoat....that's all...

      • That coat does seem soft and warm, you know?

      • And I bet it smells like man.^^

      • This troper would like to testify that she bought FFX ONLY because Auron was so damn sexy in KINGDOM HEARTS. As what is basically a chibification. Imagine her reaction when she saw the real thing!

      • This troper has lost count, but agrees whole-heartedly! She likes to give Auron the killing blow in EVERY SINGLE BATTLE possible, just so she can hear his voice that much more. <3 <3 <3

      • You too? =D

  • Jecht! Yes, I know, he's a Jerk Ass- slash - Jerk With A Heart Of Gold, but I just go for the scruffy, boisterous jock types...

    • Seconded. Heavily.

    • It helps that he never bothers with a shirt. Not to mention that voice of his. This troper literally drops the controller every time he has a scene during the game.

  • Also, Wakka. Hawaiians are sexy. Redheads are sexy. Athletes are sexy. Mix them up? ROWR.

  • And on the subject of ROWR...Kimahri. There, I said it.

    • Seconded.

  • Seymour introduced this troper to the bright and wonderful world of villain crushes. So tall, those hands... ::bites knuckle::

    • Holy Crap, seconded.

    • I first thought that his voice sounded a bit off, but heck, it grew on me. And does anyone notice that this robes always seem to be on the verge of...falling off? * approaching hyperventilation*

      • Yeah, Alex Fernandez's Seymour has a wonky voice...but have you heard JunichiSuwabe's voice for him? Sweet fancy Moses. Fitting they named the guy Suwabe, not even Godiva makes chocolate that smooooooooth.

  • Come on. It's ALL about Yuna, people! She's the star of both X and X2 and has a sexy wardrobe in the latter to boot!

      • ... yeah. She does have that happier, non-weepy smile in X-2. Thanks for reminding me why I ever replayed that game.

        • Yuna's naked feet. Thank the lord for those CGI cutscenes.
  • You can all keep your not-underrated FFX characters. Yunalesca, anyone? Okay, so she's Really Seven Hundred Years Old. Okay, so she has a terrifying form. You know what? Screw it, I'd screw her.

    • Yes, you are not alone. Add Dona into the mix and everything would be perfect.

  • Paine. How is she not here already?

    • No idea, but HELL YES. Hot chick who can kick my ass and pretty much lives in skin-tight black leather? WOW.

    • Ah Paine, my one cool shadow in the bright and poppy world of X-2...she's been a great comfort for this troper many a night.

    • Paine is wicked sexy: the low voice, the snark, the black leather, the BFS], the slightly butchy vibe. Mmm.

  • I'll take one Gippal to go, please.

    • You gonna finish that?

    • I wouldn't mind the leftovers, either.

    • Gippal, with a Baralai side-dish. White hair, uke-riffic voice, high-ranking official of a religious order? Damn, I want a main course of Baralai.

  • Mustn't forget Isaaru!

  • I want Barthello, Wakka, and maybe Auron.
  • How is Lulu not here yet? Fur-lined cleavage, the leather skirt, the ice queen demeanor. She can cast Ultima on me.

Final Fantasy XI Edit

  • Mithra. Moral Guardians complained about their original sitting pose — but, strangely, not their tendency to have more Stripperiffic takes on gear than normal. On the enemy side, there are the Lamia, who are beautiful snake-women who have Mind Control powers, and their cousins the Merrows who can unequip everything a foe is wearing.

  • Also, some people seem to have a thing for the child-like Tarutaru, too.

  • Nobody's mentioned the all-male Galka race yet?

  • Shantotto. One of the most powerful mages in the world, cute, and with the newest expansion, there's two of them! \o/ And you could do some kinky stuff with White and Black magic.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

  • Balthier's tight pants, tight leather pants. And that vest and shirt and rings and everything. Plus, he has a british accent.

  • Fran's outfit, just Fran, period. (Bunny ears, bunny ears, high heels, the accent, everything.)

  • Vaan's vest, leather pants, metal boots. The fact that he's another bishounen? Ka-ching.

  • Basch for those who lover older rugged men, plus that little bit of open shirt that shows off his abs.

  • All of the game's main characters are like straight fetish fuel/fanservice for someone.

  • Vaan. That hair, that beautiful face, that tanned toned delicious torso, and that normal teenager personality. And he's good with a sword and physically the strongest of the six main characters. Also Snow Villiers, that blond goofy muscular sex machine. Seeing his topless scene for the first time... uuuhhhhhnnnnnnn... hell, my lust encompasses so many Final Fantasy males: Bartz, Firion, Cloud, Sephiroth, Rufus, Squall, Seifer, Zell, Irvine, Zidane, Kuja, Tidus, Wakka, Seymour, Jecht, Balthier, Basch, Gabranth, Vossler...

  • This editor's giving FFXII a second chance of play, and one word: Balthier. Oh yes, Balthier I have something you can steal from me...

  • He can steal from me too!

    • Thirded. That voice... Rrowr. I'll be in my bunk.

    • And fourthed. I thought I had grown out of PSL for fictional characters...obviously not. And everyone wonders why I use him all the time... I blame those pants.

  • Also, Basch. Those arms...

  • Basch knows something about cages. *heads for the shower*

  • And the best part about Basch is, of course, that there's two of him.

  • If liking Fran is wrong, I'm not sure I want to be right.

    • I hear ya. That accent, those ears, those eyes, that savage bloodlust when around intense Mist...* sigh* For this troper, the clincher was when she was in Eruyt Village, asking her sister if the Woods hated her. Heart fluttered, jaw dropped, crush established.

    • This female troper concurs. Her implied relationship with Balthier is just pure Fetish Fuel.

    • There's nothing "implied" about their relationship. Balthier is completely getting it on with Fran, and everyone is rightfully jealous of his great accomplishment.

    • Everything's better with Fran. Add some Ashe and Penelo for extra fun.

  • This troper will agree with Balthier wholeheartedly, but also add a slightly more... unconventional option. Tomaj, anyone? Yes, he was only a minor side character, and yes, he only appeared like once. But still... yeah, okay, I'll just be over here in this corner.

  • Oh, Balthier. Those leather trousers, that charm. This troper would kill for a Balthier/Fran sandwich.

    • Thanks for giving me more material to fantasize about involving fictional characters. I'll never be normal again.

  • Vossler. So very much. Mostly because he's willing to do anything to fulfil his duty to protect Ashe. The boss battle and his subsequent death - which DID NOT HAPPEN, DAMMIT! - were an even bigger Player Punch than they were meant to be.

    • Are you me? I'm pretty sure you're me. Because ararara Vossler <3

  • And what about Penelo? Sure, Fran is hot, but Penelo is just cute. And her tight (and short!) outfit...

  • Tomaj had some appeal, but how is Ba'Gamnan not in this entry yet? Tough, strong, gravly voice, leather-clad and the unquestioned leader of the baddest group of bounty hunters in Ivalice. This troper get the warm squigglies every time he comes on screen; I'd break every law on the books just to get near him.

  • Ashe. Because even when they've been unlawfully deposed, Everything's Better With Princesses. Hell, having her brought down helps the appeal. That skirt doesn't hurt, either.

  • Seconded, this troper has a thing for Dat Ass

  • Rasler. Yes, he's married. Yes, he's dead. This troper does not care. He's hot even if he's clad in full-body white armor. It has to be that smile during his wedding day - and the fact he dies not too long after. Tragedy adds to the deliciousness, rawr.

    • Seconded, and let's not forget Reks. Sexiness seems to run in Vaan's family.

  • Marquis Halim Ondore. I cannot be the only one, right? The accent, the white hair, the eyes, hell even the cane! I'll believe his lies anyday.

  • Screw Fran, I want Ashe!

    • Okay!

    • This troper thinks he wants both.

    • Sure, you can have her.

    • But I want both of them.

Final Fantasy Tactics (Any) Edit

    • Also, the abuse of Aim: Armor to shoot off someone's robes as a Sniper.

  • Bangaas. Obvious "furry" points for being a race of big, buff lizard men... But the fact they have a penchant for lots of leather, as well as the majority walking around with blindfolds on, basically gives them a muscular, gladiatorial S&M feeling. (They get around by scent and hearing, mostly.)

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

  • I think it's high time we got some Final Fantasy XIII love started. Oh, Lightning, how I lust boundlessly for thee. She dresses relatively modestly (a turtleneck top and shorts under her skirt ) yet still accentuates the best parts of her attractive figure (damn, those legs!). Add to that sensual, oh-so-run-my-fingers-through-able bubble-gum pink hair, brilliant blue eyes and a breathtakingly fierce Lady Of War gaze. Then there's her sultry, militant, Kuudere behavior; postively alluring when she's tough, independent, and waspish and humanly heartwarming on the few occasions she drops her guard and gets all dere and sisterly-compassionate. Did I mention how she kicks incredible amounts of ass (in-game or otherwise) and is absolute eye-candy while doing so? And she's voiced by the luscious Maaya Sakamoto or given an equally fitting, tough-yet-deliciously saucy voice in the dub? ORZ ORZ ORZ I'm moeing so damn hard!

  • This Troper has no interest in young boys but Hope is turning her into a pedophile. I want to hug him ALWAYS.

    • I want to put Hope in mah pocket and take him home with me. That's one dame fine shota right there. >_> <_<

    • Oh, Hope is such the cutie. I love him to pieces. I could hug him forever and ever and ever... Adorable shota boys always get me. I just want to cling to them.

    • Hm? Nobody has claimed Fang and Vanille yet? In that case... Mine!

      • Vanille is absolute perfection and Fang is a Memetic Sex Goddess, so I completely second this. These are the girls I really want, although Lightning is free to join in at any time.

      • You're gonna have to fight me for Vanille. Suffice it to say that someone over there in the character development department had caught me without my tinfoil hat, read my mind, and plagiarized my personal vision of the perfect girlfriend/wife. I don't care what she looks like (well, it DOES help that she's stunningly hot and cute) her personality makes her the hottest video game character ever to me.

      • Oh, I forgot to mention that this is the first time in almost a decade that I've had an undeniable video game crush. I thought I got over "immature stuff" like that when I was done with puberty. Nope! I struggled for weeks trying to get "those stupid, childish feelings over something that doesn't even exist" out of my head as I was ashamed of doing that stuff as a preteen. But looks like I, thankfully, have yet to grow up. :) Japan, you've done it again you bunch of magnificent bastards.

  • This troper cannot look at the the straps on the back of Fang's costume without imagining how easily they could be opened.

  • This one is totally fine with "Farroncest". I am unable to get such an idea out of my head, of what the Farron sisters must do with each other whenever Serah wasn't going out with Snow.

Final Fantasy XV / Final Fantasy Versus XIII Edit

  • Noctis. In SPADES (do not confuse with in SPACE.) Visible in the trailers looking very Troubled But Cute (and we all know what kind of thoughts that can lead to), a great fighter, and personality-wise, (according to rumor but still...) he's shy, and acts cold to disguise that, but around his friends he's relaxed and loves to laugh... Defrosting Ice Prince anyone? Male Kuudere? Oh, yeah, and those friends appear to be some very handsome young guys... Ho Yay? Plus, there's something about a vaguely punk guy (a guy with Anime Hair qualifies) in a formal suit that really does it for this troper... Noctis delivers (look at the link provided for Stella). Damn in so many ways.

  • The game isn't even out yet, and this Troper already has a serious thing for Noctis Lucius Caelum. Just, DAMN. Square likes to please their girls.

    • That, my dear friend, is why Nomura keeps working for them. His character designs tend to be the AnthropomorphicPersonification of PSL. =3

    • Versus XIII has been in Vaporware territory for years now, yet this troper still has as much PSL for Noctis as she did when she first saw him. Must be the Troubled But Cute look of him. And that emo hair... <3

    • Ignis. Just... om nom nom. And Prompto is just adorable.

  • And also from Versus XIII... Stella. She also needs some gushing about. Because she's not what I'd call beautiful, exactly, at least not normally, but there's something about her face that makes her look interesting, so you keep looking, so after a few minutes you forget you're thinking about her like she's beautiful, and also she doesn't look like anyone else I can think of. And then there's the friendly, confident, absolutely charming way she acts... just look here. Isn't she something?

    • Mind my language, but... the hell are you smoking? Not beautiful? Stella is as Bishoujo as they get◊! Everyone agrees on this. Everyone. Seriously!◊ Beauty, grace, not to mention that she's deft with a rapier... Noctis is one lucky bastard, that's for sure.

      • That second screenshot isn't really indicative of how she looks for the rest of that scene, although it may be that she spends most of it frowning or looking thoughtful. But still, I don't get why people say she's so bishoujo.

      • Personal taste, that's why.

      • Even though it's an unreleased game, let's just say Stella's smile itself is a very subtle fanservice. [Take a look] and tell me that she isn't pretty.

    • No love for Cidney ("Cindy") Aurum here, yet?

Final Fantasy Type- 0 Edit

  • The fact that one of the students is a Hot Meganekko With A BFS is very intriguing.

    • And miniskirt. All seven playable girls have miniskirt. And most of the NPC's as well. As for said hoz meganekko, Queen became my favorite playable character during the stay in the imperial capital. Final Fantasy has went for well over two decades without a single girl being gagged. Or boy for that matter. However during an audience with a hot queen(a real one), one of the two redheads in the group began screaming in surprise. Queen did what any sensible person would do and slapped her hand on the other girl's mouth. Easily the hottest cutscene I have see. The sound helped too.

  • Those uniforms are damn attractive. Well cut, strong colours, and (for Nomura) quite understated.

Final Fantasy (Any)Edit

  • The mini spell shrinks someone. That's gotta be someone's fetish, right?

    • Blind and Silence too, if sensory deprivation is your kink...

  • Whether summons, Guardian Forces, or Aeons, the possibilities of getting it on with the mystical beasts you can call to fight for you seem endless. Of particular fetishization, it seems, are Ifrit, Shiva, and Bahamut, though I wouldn't doubt every single summon beast out there has a following.

    • Getting it on with Ifrit, Bahamut, Titan, etc. seems like a good way to injure yourself more than anything.

    • Not that it'll deter anybody. Also, talking about Eidolons and such, Shiva is the Ms Fanservice of 'em all. Even in FFIV DS her summoning sequence included a close-up of her boobs. Also, as noted above, Snow Villiers from FFXIII freaking' rides Shiva. Two of them entwined in some kind of impossible position actually.

  • There has to be someone who likes Moogles a little bit more that one should. I'm sure about it.

  • Status ailments and low health are always fun for the hurt/comfort set, especially in later games when the character sprites appear physically pained. Combining low health with Haste in FFVII makes for some very...interesting chest heaving.

  • The recurring Malboro enemies have made for endless tentacle fantasies, if you can stand the breath.

    • Seeing the "target" in both pleasure and disgust is a fetish.

  • Female Selkies in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series possess both Hartman Hips and Most Common Superpower, look very youthful, and are commonly thieves, meaning most Selkies as a whole are very skilled with their hands. Someone just try and tell me they're not ridiculously hot.

    • You forgot to mention that they wear skirts and expose their midriffs.

  • The recurring trend of guys with missing limbs, injured limbs, or other disabilities (Vincent Valentine, Auron, Nooj, etc.) has given this troper fancyings for amputees, missing eyes, and prosthetic limbs. Only in fiction, though.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Edit

  • Part of the battle system in Dissidia involves breaking your enemy. Yes.

  • Does this mean Garland harbors sword envy toward Cloud?
  • Garland: "I shall break you AND your sword!"
  • Speaking of Dissidia... Warrior Of Light has a midriff-baring gap between his breastplate and belt. It's very, uh. Distracting.

  • It could've been more distracting. On the subject of Dissidia, it seems that the characters are made to target as many fetishes as possible.

    • For this troper, it was exactly the fact that the gap could've been "more distracting" that made it as distracting as it was! If it was more so, it would have looked like an obvious play to the fetishes, or just plain ridiculous, like Seifer's shirt in Kingdom Hearts. As it was, it was understated and (for SqueenSix) subtle, which made it all the better.

  • Golbez's voice is Stupid Sexy Flanders distilled into a vocal form. Good god, it turns me on like nobody's business...

    • God, YES. This male troper is completely straight, but the way Golbez yells "Transcend the stars!" during his EX Burst sends a shiver up his spine EVERY time.

    • For this troper it was Exdeath's voice. So deep...

  • Speaking of voices, the museum features voice clips for all the characters, including their grunts and groans during fights and a lot of lines that are extremely sexy when taken out of context.

    • This Troper spent a lot of time listening to Terra's Dialogue 21 (if memory serves correct)....

  • Cloud of Darkness. Naughty tentacles. Speaks of her self in plural terms. No clothing. That is all.

    • It helps that she/he/it's voiced by Laura Bailey in the english dub. If you listen closely she sounds a lot like Lust...

    • I can't help but imagine Cloud of Darkness dominating Terra. (*drools*)

  • For the Furry Fandom, Terra (just like in Final Fantasy VI) turns into a humanoid beast with some kind of a mix of an Anime Anatomy and a Fur Bikini, radiating energy and purple sparkles. It's implied that her initial transformation was involuntary and quite painful, though she soon learns to control it.

    • If "being in pain" counts as a fetish now, the characters are all injured quite badly on a regular basis. Just imagine what all that HP loss feels like.

      • Technically, it is. They call it "masochism". Inflicting pain upon others, conversely, is called "sadism".

    • Zidane and Kuja too, in their EX-Modes (since the Limit Break system in their game, Trance, was a Shout Out to the original name of Terra's transformation command in VI). Plus apparently prehensile tails. (In Kuja's case, his is only visible while in Trance mode, which just serves to drive home the point that he is, in fact, practically nude.)

  • Cosmos, the goddess of harmony (and the Team Mom to the heroes), has flowing golden locks of hair (they're extremely distracting golden locks, may I add) and might just be the most beautiful woman in the entire Final Fantasy multiverse. On top of this, it's hinted in the Cosmos and Chaos Reports that Cosmos is a being created in the form of Cid of the Lufaine's wife in order to soothe their foster child Garland, which essentially makes her very close to a Hot Mom as well. There's Foe Yay between her and Chaos, the god of chaos. He's a four-armed fiend who can grow to enormous proportions and is voiced by both Norio Wakamoto and Goliath from Gargoyles. Make of that as you will. If you factor in all of the aforementioned Foe Yay with the fact that Chaos IS Garland (Garland himself apparently being a former Child of War), that Foe Yay may just be something else. Which will make this either even more of a Fetish Fuel or something in Squick territory.

      • What, I'm the only one who saw deliciously wrong subtext between Cloud of Darkness and Terra in Onion Knight's story mode?

      • Oh good, I was beginning to think it was just me. And no, you are not. Seriously.

      • Duodecim may take some steps towards rectifying this. For instance, this screenshot◊ of Ultimecia and Tifa leaves itself quite open to... interesting interpretations.

  • Dissidia's take on The Emperor. The voice, the attitude, the Ex Burst, that victory pose... He just SCREAMS Master in every way. Seriously, at least as much as (if not more so than) the guy in leather dom attire. It's even better that his name isn't ever mentioned in dialogue—gives it the air of a privilege to be earned.

    • Mainly by grinding. His final weapon includes his name - Mateus. If you're paying attention to FFXII, his namesake in that game is protrayed with a very strong bondage element which just lets you wonder...

      • The bondage associated with Mateus isn't just in the Ivalice esper. Consider that his entire fighting style is summarized as a "trap master"—then consider the Power Perversion Potential of Thunder Crest, which snares enemies, drags them to the floor, and pins them there for a little Electric Torture. We don't have to spell this out for you, do we?

    • Further elaboration on that Ex-Burst of his. The "normal" Emperor is zapping a writhing opponent with ...something, while the Emperor Of Hell appears only in flashes. And this most powerful move of the Emperor's is called...Entice—which tones things down, actually; a literal translation of the Japanese name is Seduction. Let's just say some factions don't think he's hitting the foe with an Agony Beam and leave it at that.

    • Judging from the few glimpses we get, Cosmos is also apparently a barefooter too.

    • Add Yuna to that list, if the Jump Fiesta trailer is to be believed. Hmmmm

  • Judging from some of the camera angles when you defeat Ultimecia—is she...."going commando"? O_O

    • She is either going commando or Not Wearing. Whatever it is, though, that plus the legs plus the tattoos plus the extremely plunging neckline have actually caused this troper to lose at least one battle against her due to being Distracted By The Sexy. (Also, the implied Minion Shipping with Mateus. Can I haz both, plz?)

  • Onion Knight, speaking to Terra about the manikins, says, "I've got something they don't, if you know what I mean." If you did not know that he was pointing at his brain when he said that, what would your first thought be?

  • Paladin Cecil. White Haired Pretty Boy, and he's voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the dub. ...Yum.

    • Oh god, Cecil. This Troper has no idea why he...just his...and the...mmmmmmmf. Do want. Also, though his English voice actor is quite wellknown, his Japanese seiyuu is actually almost a complete nobody in video game/anime circles...but is a trained Shakespearean stage actor. Which, for those of us with the voice/language fetishes, adds a whole new level of enjoyment.

  • Firion, not only does he love flowers for those who like sensitive guys, while being Hot Blooded enough to dive into battle head on. He's also Badass enough to travel around the entire time while carrying all of his weapons, unlike everyone else who summons them. Suddenly "Aren't you hot?" takes on a whole new meaning.

    • Also, maybe it's just the shading on his character model, but he appears in some shots to be wearing an armoured codpiece. It makes his Victory Pose very, errr, distracting.

  • This troper has run into people who admitted finding Shantotto's booty-waggling walk to be intriguing. She also has built-in appeal for Cake Eaters, especially if you read her character file in the Museum.

  • Cid. Laguna. Steiner. Auron.

  • Not even a mention of Summons...? I feel disappointed. So far, it's Shiva for me (particularly in FinalFantasyVIII during Diamond Dust, when she opens her eyes. BRRR. Including most of her summoning and overdrive sequence (see-through is still appealing). Much more since SquareEnix were so kind to provide a twin Shiva ("Being able to transform" + "motorcycle" + "appealing female"x2 = "Definitely YES"). More Shiva in: Blood of Bahamut and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance... As for the other summons, Valefor after realizing Valefor had breasts... (and thus concluding Valefor was a female... * wishes to keep it that way, for now, at least* )

    • Shiva in Final Fantasy X is one of the sexiest summons in existence along with Siren from Final Fantasy VIII.

    • For a second there? I thought you meant the god Shiva and I was going to ask wtf. I've seen pictures of an FF9 incarnation of her looking...well, you know. Definitely hot.

      • In all fairness, the Shiva of Hinduism is supposed to be divinely hot, even though he is somewhat anti-social and normally covered in ashes and has thick, matted hair. His outfit was made from the tiger that a bunch of priests set on him for causing all their wives to fall in love with him on first sight.

  • This Troper and his friend have a certain agreement. He gets to lust after Rydia and Edge, while she gets to lust after Vincent and Tifa. Both are quite content with it.

    • Was wondering if we'd get any FF4 love here...seconded on Rydia, add Rosa for good measure. From After Years...Porom grew up nicely. Also add Yang's daughter Ursula and Edge's protege Izayoi.

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