Take a Will save versus arousal.

Lore Sjoberg's reaction to succubi.

  • Warhammer 40000. Powers of Chaos, where to begin?
    • Slaanesh - the cultists of Slaneesh's modus operandi for worship is to seek pleasure - any pleasure.
    • Sisters of Battle - Especially their Sisters Repentia: As punishment, they are stripped of all armor save a red hood-thing that doesn't go down past their neck, and parchment for clothes. As well as a (I'm guessing) five-six foot chainsword designed to tear into tanks.
      • Also, its canon that Sisters of Battle are not required to be celibate.
      • Don't forget that they are whipped into a frenzy by their corset clad female commanders, I don't even really like BDSM but damn.
    • Dark/Eldar - like Slaneesh, except with space elves.
    • Female Commissars, while rare, have been confirmed to canonically exist in the Ciaphas Cain novels.
    • Not exactly canon, but the fancharacter Cultist-chan is a source of this on Image Boards.
  • Warhammer too.
    • Lahmian vampires.
    • Dark Elf witch elves. Unlike 40K, these ones are all female.
    • Last edition's metal Daemonette models. (The current ones are borderline).
  • The sheer density of Mind Control spells in Dungeons And Dragons.
    • Drow. Period. Tell me the scantily-clad dominatrixes are not the least bit interesting and I will call you a liar (although the benevolent ones are rather moreso).
      • Drow handmaidens also use Tentacle Rods to punish subordinates. Think about that one.
    • If you like Half Human Hybrids or Hybrid Monsters, you'll find something to lust over in some edition of D&D — probably 3.0 or 3.5, as those were the editions with templates such as half-dragon and half-celestial that you could stick on nearly any living thing. Even in older editions, hybrids of all sorts existed; it was implied that nearly anything could breed with nearly anything. On top of that, hybrids were fertile, and if you bred enough hybrids together you got Mongrelfolk.
  • In Vampire, vampire blood functions as a horrible variation on the standard fantasy love potion. If you drink it (as a mortal) without being drained first, you'll become a Ghoul. You fall in love with the vampire who fed you immediately and want to do anything for them. It's also addictive like heroin, and after the third hit, there's no going back. They can still recover before then.
    • However, amongs vampires, drinking another vamp's blood gives you the only real friendship you'll ever find in VtM.
    • By the way, doesn't the victim orgasm while being sucked?
    • For Vampires, feeding is the only real pleasure they experience. Imagine having the greatest meal of your life while having the greatest sex of your life and multiply that by a thousand.
    • Each of the Vampire: the Requiem clanbooks seems to have a sex-themed vignette. The most striking is in Ventrue, where an effette Ventrue prince make a vampire who calls him a faggot into a gay submissive who craves punishment and humiliation using the dominate discpline.
  • Mage The Ascension. Cult of Ecstasy. Improvisational magic(k). You do the math.
    • And Mage The Awakening continues the tradition with the Whipping Boys, a Legacy that derives magical power by finding places beyond mere sensation. By way of intense BDSM.
  • Exalted: everything. Orgy, S&M, or refined and social martial arts. Furry Lunars who can switch gender and species more-or-less at will. The sample Midnight Caste Abyssal Exalt walks around wearing nothing on the anterior thoracic region except a couple of small chains; Most Common Superpower, Action Girl and White Haired Pretty Girl are around in spades; one Solar charm lets you magically seduce everyone in the surrounding area; Alchemical Exalts have access to a charm called Thousandfold Courtesan Calculations, and another that gives them mutation points that can go towards tentacles (OK, they can go towards anything from drills to wings, but tentacles is the sample use); really, there's an almost ridiculous amount of stuff in there.
  • Magic The Gathering: all kinds of stuff. Merfolk with legs, Vulshok women and their scrap metal bikinis, a variety of sexy angels, albino Kor, Cat Girl leonin and the like, Mind Control, things with tentacles, the flesh-grafters of the Simic, dryads, the begoggled Neurok, some most pretty much all of the planeswalkers except maybe Nicol Bolas, scantily clad elves, cyborgs, Psychic Powers, and mimes.
    • Back to the Kor for a second: pretty much every card of theirs in Zendikar talks about how much they love ropes and chains.
  • Changeling The Dreaming: Judicious use of Chicanery 4 can give someone the fetish of your choice. Two uses at a time, once to make it easier to persuade them to try it and once to give them a rush of sexual pleasure when they do try it. After a few uses they will come to anticipate the rush even without your assistance and it becomes self-fulfilling.
  • The cover of the original Rifts rulebook featured a cyborg tentacle monster, and his three blind warrior women slaves. The first sourcebook includes a picture of this creature licking the cheek of one of its girls. It comes from Atlantis. Which in this setting has been turned into a Monster Town, where humans and members of other non-Always Chaotic Evil races are nearly always slaves. The two books about Atlantis include magic tattoos which require the (usually enslaved) recipient be scantily clad to use, captive fairies in jars used as magic batteries, and a basilisk selling petrified victims as art.

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