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Who knew fist pumping could be so hot?

People on that site say you haven't made it there unless you are on one of these pages. Nice to know they are as depraved as us. You can find them here

That Dude in the SuedeEdit

  • That Dude in the Suede and his accent. Guh...
  • Haven't seen his videos, but I gotta say: he looked damn good in his Suburban Knights getup.
  • Suede's new look is, well, see for yourself. All I can say is it is very nice to see him back.
  • Careful girls and guys--he's married. (And given his religious affiliations, he's probably not into the idea of an "open" marriage.)

That Chick with the GogglesEdit

  • This gay troper would go straight for That Chick with the Goggles.
  • How has nobody mentioned the start of the Sailor Moon review, when Goggles starts stripping on camera before the camera cuts off?
  • This troper cannot help but find the little gap in her teeth freaking adorable.
  • Nothing about her bubbliness and energy? Shame on you!
  • This female troper can't help but notice that in addition to having a pretty face, she has a nearly perfect complexion. (Troper's husband, after observing her photo, noted, "She could be an actress.")
  • In Paw's "Top 9 Video Game Composers" she grabs her breasts nice and hard.
  • She looks like a darker Rosario Dawson, not just in the face, but, uh, elsewhere...

Mike JEdit

  • Talking about Mike J- so, Ask That Guy run away screaming in pain when he saw the 2 Girl 1 Cup video, while the British person just stared, smiling creepily. Let's say this again: That Guy = screaming in pain , Mike J = smiling creepily. Why do I find that so cute? And God, isn't that just the most adorable smile EVER?
    • Well, now that we're on the subject, Epic Fail episode 20. Mike J, with a laptop on his lap. With porno music blasting from the speakers. Staring with the creepiest smile EVER on his face at the camera. I had to stop the video.
  • MikeJ. In glasses. Oh my.
  • In his review of the Ghoulies 4, MikeJ quotes the infamous "I hope it's not Chris's blood". With a lovely deep voice that made this troper rewatch the scene again and again...
  • This troper totally loves his accent, and that suit. And being British myself, I have no idea where he's supposed to be from (sounds like he's just being stereotypically posh to troll Americans) but it's an awesome accent.
  • He's so big and tall, I can't help but fantasize about being at his mercy. Sexually.

Masako XEdit

  • For a guy mostly known for his voice acting, MasakoX (as seen in the Dragonball Evolution review) is pretty damn attractive. Skinny British geek boy with glasses and disheveled hair? Yes please.
    • This. The voice is an added bonus.
    • Doctor Who cosplay... DO WANT!
  • In MasakoX's video about soda he mentions that he used to be quite overweight, until he discovered that his weight would mean having to pay for the next step up from economy class on a plane trip in order to be comfortable, and that spurred him to exercise and cut soda out of his diet entirely, resulting in the skinny guy we see today. While the weight thing probably hits somebody's kink button, it's the commitment and willpower that got to this troper. Self control: it's sexy!

Bennett the SageEdit

  • Bennett the Sage is a total HOTTIE, and he knows it. Don't believe me? Just check his grad pic from My Immortal Part I.
    • Not sure about that, but Sage has pretty, pretty brown eyes. His smile's not bad either.
      • Seriously. I wouldn't say I'm attracted to him in general (although he is amazing) but his eyes are incredibly nice.
    • This troper finds his calm, deadpan, slightly smug delivery in his Fanfic Theatre videos kind of attractive. There's just something about the detached-intellectual act that works.
    • Bennett wearing a black tank top and singing in the Nostalgia Chick's Grease video just pole-vaulted him up my list of bunkable contributors.
    • I think Bennett is in fact Kavorka Man. Which of course makes him even more sexy.
  • Never mind that he scares me like fuck-all, he also looks just insanely cuddly. He gives me PAC as badly as Spoony does, with the notable upside that I don't want to punch him in the face nearly as often.
    • After watching Linkara's 100th episode, I'm suddenly wanting to hear him sing a full song. Seriously, I know it's just one line which is easy even for the most tone deaf of people, but... *shudder*
  • And now there's this. Hot damn. It's incredibly sweet to see him so into it.


  • Am I the only one who thinks that Bhargav gets hotter in his every appearance? We need more Bhargav.
    • Oh yes, we do. And that facial hair in Linkara's X-Men Previously On? Oh sweet Jesus, can we have that again, please?
    • This. Thisy McThisthis. (Particularly when he's wearing glasses. Just...the glasses.)
    • Also, the "eat your heart out" part in the Kickassia bloopers. He nips at the camera. Why did I find that so freaking hot?
  • The "Coffee With Bhargo" specials. He spent the whole time drinking coffee and talking about his weird ass dreams...why did I find it so oddly appealing?
  • I gotta say, he's freakin' adorable as Ma-Ti. Nice guy with a hint of menace? Oh, yeah.

Y Ruler Of TimeEdit

  • For some reason, Y Ruler of Time. Anger fits during the Dragonball review, hilariously adorable stuffy British accent in Prince of Tennis, acts like a ninja...
  • His video on satisfying manga deaths features some rather sadistic glee on his part, plus indulging in Evil Laughter.


  • Spooning with Spoony 2 in general is even more depraved than the first one. And it was glorious.
  • In total knowledge that this is probably the most bizarre entry on this page, this troper gets all kinds of squiggly feelings when Mike Ellis makes an appearance.
    • Seconded. I love the Top 11 Fuckups video...
  • No love for The Other Guy, Doug Walker's brother? He's adorable.
    • His outfit in the donation drive was adorable. :3
    • Two words: Dark Rob. (Yeah, it was only for two brief scenes and only as a gag, but still...)
      • Oh God yes. Nice to know that looking good in make-up and being a pretty woobie runs in the family.
    • I loved his appearance in Linkara's "Previously On" segment. Something about the way he said "Life isn't a game..." *shudder* You know, squiggly feelings and all that....
    • According to Iron Liz (who was on hand for the filming of the Third Anniversary special), he's an absolute sweetheart who has "the patience of a saint". Gawww!
  • The Nostalgia Chick chloroforming the Nostalgia Critic at the end of her Transformers review, anyone?
    • Seconded. His squirming and muffled shouting with her hushing him and stroking the back of his neck? Unf. Damn you, nostalgia duo!
    • And gets tranqed in an Armageddon one in retribution! On the floor, with half-open eyes fluttering...
  • Can some nice person please tell me why I always sigh like a little fangirl when I see either the Nostalgia Critic or Linkara with their guns? Especially when I get freaked out by guns and their users in real life?
    • Speaking of nice things that both of them have, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has a deep love for them in those hats, right? Linkara because, well, trilby hats tend to be awesome anyway and as for the Critic, managing to look hot in a baseball cap when most guys look ridiculous has to be an accomplishment.
    • Anyone for a third thing? They both have inexplicably yummy forearms. Linkara with his jacket missing in the Mechakara showdown folding his arms (to be specific), and the Nostalgia Critic just in general with his sleeves rolled up. Godamnit, guys, why do I want to lick both of you so much?
  • The Cat: Glasses? Check. Interest in Anime? Check. Cat Ears? Check.
  • And have we really missed the most obvious fetish here? Guys, loads of attractive, snarky geeks hating each other and wanting to beat the shit out of each other! No wonder why the Nostalgia Critic and the Chick looked better fighting than they did on their actual date.
  • This Editor is surprised that Chester A. Bum hasn't been mentioned yet.
    • Oh, yes. It was bad enough when he was just a Nightmare Fuel-inducing woobie but it got even worse when he turned evil in Linkara's Previously On Countdown and seemed to destroy cities just to spite the Nostalgia Critic.
    • HELLO?! ARE PEOPLE LUSTING AFTER ME ON THE INTERMANET? I lusted after me on the intermanet once! But then I ended up on Dateline.
      • Doug?
  • It's not sexual, but this troper finds Little Miss Gamer ADORABLE. Which is odd, as she's apparently 29, and therefore 7 years older than I am
    • If she's 29, her lower limit is 21 (29/2 + 7 = 21.5, rounding down as you always do), so you're good.
    • Her voice doesn't help matters. Especially when she's trying to sound whiny over how hard a game is.
  • The trailer for the Second Anniversary will most likely explode your soul with its plethora of Geeky Turn Ons, but here's just a smattering of the Fetish Fuel contained therein:
  • The "Linking Up With Linkara" video. All of it. Including the reveal.
    • OH GOD! Why did they have to cut when they did? Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
    • This was even predicted by the guy working the camera. If you watch the bloopers video, at one point he says something about hearing the sound of five million fangirls screaming.
      • Although probably not for the reason he was expecting. This fangirl would have killed to be in Linkara's place.
      • This fanboy would kill to be in Lindsay's place. The hat...and the lisp...laying...on his shoulder...I...I need to take a cold shower now.
  • No mention of Ed Glaser?? I am ASHAMED, TV Tropes, ASHAMED!!!
    • There needs to be more of Ed Glaser, because damn is he sexy.
  • It seems to be a TGWTG-guy trend to have really nice, long hands.
  • full stop. The place is a friggin Fetish Fuel Station.
    • This troper has come to conclusion that if you are a regular visitor to TGWTG, it's only a matter of time before you will develop a serious crush on somebody on the site. I guarantee it. There is something there to suit everybody's tastes.
      • Not only that, they might also very well be someone you'd never expect to have a crush on.
      • I would argue that if you spend enough time on the site you'll develope at least a little bit of a crush on all of them.
  • No love for LordKat and Sean Fausz? It might be the fact she just loves the Tiny Guy Huge Girl aspect of it, but I mean, come on! This troper couldn't be the only one that squeed when Lord Kat ate that strawberry during the Dragon Ball Evolution review. It definitely hit the Erotic Eating fetish button. *blushes*
    • The concept behind Until We Win alone is a Geeky Turn On for this troper, but combine that with the fact that Lord Kat has a very pleasant voice... (His one sung line in Linkara's 100th video solidified this. Fangirl status: WON OVER.)
      • You should stop by his Ustream chat sometime. LK enjoys singing, and he breaks into song rather frequently. Believe it or not, he likes Broadway showtunes. (He seems particularly fond of Sweeney Todd and Les Misérables.) Yes, really.
    • Also, Sean Fausz. Deadpan Snarker. Wrestle Wrestle. I'll, uh, be in my bunk now.
  • A large number of TGWTG-ers (Todd, Jesu, Fausz, Y, Nella, Angry Joe, Rollo T, Brad, JewWario and Obscurus Lupa) recently discovered a kink-meme thread dedicated to them and spent several hours pouring over it. This actually became part of the kink meme in progress.
    • What? When did this happen? How do we know this?
      • 9/8/10. They were on Lord Kat's Ustream at the time.
    • Aww man, too bad he didn't record it.
    • This Troper had the good fortune to hear the entire thing live. And it was glorious.
    • A year later, this troper was talking to JesuOtaku on RadioDeadAir via PM and mentioned that there was an mp3 of that night. Hope instantly expressed interest in hearing it, so I linked it to her. She ended up tweeting the link I sent her. Holy crap.
  • The majority of them can sing incredibly well. Add that onto the fact that they're attractive and like showing off their voices? You can see why this is pleasing.
  • The lovely Sad Panda, he's handsome, he sings and he's French.
    • Talking about the Q&A- let's spend some words on Welshy, can we? That lovely, lovely accent, and all that alcohol, and his fanboying over Anne Hathaway, and his glasses, and he's so cute and did I mention his ACCENT?!
    • Remember the Q&A where Panda slipped Welshy a mind-control drug? Because I do. Fondly.
  • Rollo T is adorable, especially when he's reporting in a suit and hat in Kickassia. It doesn't hurt that he's shown himself to be approving and enthusiastic about the fanfic.
  • It's not really a sexual thing, but This Troper thinks Michaud's lisp is adorable.
    • Oh yes. When he's saying on his Kickassia commentary about how it's interesting that they're steadily getting more female viewers? Awww. (And I wonder if he knows why that is...)
  • He's a bit new, but Rap Critic has a really nice smile.
    • His laugh is the most magnificent, endearing thing I've heard.
  • Nash talks with his hands a lot. And has that long hair... mm.
  • I can't be the only one to have a tiny crush on Luke Mochrie. He's just so adorable...
    • Don't worry, I want him too. All dozen of him.
    • He and Film Brain recently did a"Live Action Fanfic" together. Film Brain was his usual adorkable self, but Luke was downright sexy.
    • Also, the end of Lindsay and Kyle's 'Freddy Got Fingered' review has him being spanked with a sausage by Lindsay. This airing only about a week after the video mentioned above. What exactly does it take for a reviewer to get their own page? Because he's definitely headed in that direction.
  • I'd love to see my favorite contributors hook up. Todd In The Shadows and Pushing Up Roses were very cute together in their collaborations. Also Lupa and Todd. Lupa looked so adorably angry in her cameo for Todd's Usher review.
    • Anyone else notice the sexual tension between Todd and Roses in their Barbie LP? ....or was that just me?...
    • coughLinkara/Marzcough* *hides*
    • Not forgetting Chick/Critic.
    • Linkara/Spoony. I'll be in my bunk.
    • Linkara/Insano. Even better!
    • And the ship that started the slash fandom in the first place: Nerd-On-Critic Action.
  • Am I the only one finds Iron Liz attractive? Sure she's taken, but still the point stands. The voice? The Most Common Superpower? Threatening to gut us in Chain Gang War #1? Mmmm....
  • The Wii dance off competition before the 2010 Charity Drive. *sigh* Be honest: who were you staring at?
    • Spoony and Joe :]
    • Agreed. This troper clearly remembers the Charleston-y dance that Joe competed in; immediately afterwards, "dance the Charleston with Joe" is on her bucket list.
    • Original poster here. God, yes Spoony. He just looked so cute in that cap! And his long hair...mmmmm. And the way he worked those hips? Gaaaah...dammit, I'm a married woman!
    • Doug for this male troper. Or, to be accurate, Doug's ass. It's a nice one, you cannot deny.
  • Wait, what about Skitch? ...but than again, maybe it's just me and my long hair fetish...
  • While at MA Gfest Iron Liz, Jew Wario, and Scarlett played the XX Xenophile card game for 'You're Such a Card...Game'. As XX Xenophile is adult themed there is almost non stop innuendo from all three players. The best part though is that many of the cards say to remove clothing. We can't see anything but the cards and the players hands, but all three are sure to point out that for all we the viewers know, they're getting very naked.
    • ...Link or it didn't happen.
    • Link, but one can be on the fence as to whether or not it "happened." There's a lot of joking disclaimers as to whether or not they're actually getting naked, but... use your imagination.
  • Spoony's D&D Campaign has some driveby fetish fuel once in a while, but special mention must be given to what happens during the 9/26/10 Part 1 video, where the gang runs into what was dubbed in the chat as "a bunch of S&M elves" who blind and deafen some of them with flashbangs, tie them all up, gag the spellcasters, kick Liz in the ribs , don't gag Garrett because of his 'charisma,' and then one elf says that he's always been fascinated by how humans can grow beards and how he'd like to experiment with shaving one. THEN they get taken to a camp where ... well, Liz said it best: "So we're tied to a pole, we've been stripped to our underwear, and we're in mud." How many fetishes can YOU count?
    • To say nothing of what happens next morning, when Tamier grabs Liz's character Lilea and taps her on the head with his dagger, saying that if any of the others are lying or try to run off, sure THEY might escape, but "this pretty thing is MINE."
  • In LordKat's DnD campaign (aka the Wyrmwick Campaign ), Rollo T's character, a female elf named Caitlin, is becoming the firstborn of the dragon god Bahumut; as a result, she's slowly and painfully transforming into a dragon, one body part at a time (wings, tail, spikes, and so on). Naturally, this has led to a great deal of anguish, both physical and mental. However, it has also had some unexpected benefits; for example, Caitlin's wings enable her to (allegedly) have awesome crazy sex in mid-air. The whole thing is a fetish fuel goldmine.
    • ...A fact that certainly hasn't been lost on the fans: Caitlin is the favorite subject for fan art of the campaign.
  • Oancitizen (Brows Held High) recently mentioned this very wiki. I thought he was absolutely gorgeous before but now, guh. And his singing in the Nostalgia Chick's Les Mis review? I melted.
    • Oh his singing. Of course it wasn't enough for him to be handsome, he has to have a great singing voice too.
  • If no one else is going to say it, I will: Orlando. A tall, dark , long-haired bishonen with a smooth voice and a black belt ? Yup, that'll do it.
  • Was it just me, or did Film Brain and Luke have quite a bit of Ho Yay and Foe Yay in Suburban Knight? And they were both freaking adorkable in their Harry Potter costumes.
  • Just stopping by to add that Blockbuster Buster is actually quite cute in Badass Adorable sense.
  • Luke Mochrie showing us clips from his "pretentious" and "weird" earlier short films, one of which features a scene where he pours a bottle of soda over himself and then stands in the shower, fully clothed. *fans self* All that wet fluffy hair ...
  • The Moulin Rouge musical review gave us plenty to squee/drool over. We have Critic, Linkara, Lindsay, and special guest Brentalfloss singing. Then there's Team NChick dressed in burlesque outfits and if that wasn't enough the title card features Rule 63 Critic dressed more or less as a hooker.
  • This female troper thinks that Tara (Nash's live co-host for WTFIWWY) is freaking beautiful. And her smile is adorable, too.
  • Be honest: don't you wanna see a clearer version of this pic? To clarify: it's Joe, Linkara and Spoony during their trip to Washington D.C. to protest SOPA. All three are wearing suits. And from what I can tell, they look good.
  • Personally, I have a thing for ERod, The Blockbuster Buster. I don't know exactly why but I find him very cute and attractive... Come on, I can't be the only one who like him?
  • JesuOtaku was already a cutie, but when she began her Paradise Kiss review by modeling a very form-fitting dress and striking several sexy poses, it was probably a little more fanservice-y than she intended.
  • New hire Sursum Ursa; ginger(and I do mean ginger) Scottish girl with glasses, gushing over Rachel Weisz in The Mummy and how awesome the new Star Wars trailer looks. Want. Most definitely want.
  • You gotta love Tamara Lynn Chambers. She's just so darn adorable. Cute hair, sweet curves, cute feet. She's got it all.
  • Also, new site hire Beth Elderkin - Chick's got great tits. She makes glasses look sexy and even pulls off short hair and makes it look hot.
  • Margaret the Magic Gun. One part cute as hell and one part badass. I have a crush on a human sacrifice used to power a magic gun and am okay with that..

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