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  • An independent film named Caitlyn, which is literally about nothing but a kidnapping, and the Sadistic Choice the girl has to make. She's strapped pretty tightly, too. And barefoot. Part 1 Part 2
  • Knot Me. The premise of this short film? "What do you do when you wake up to find yourself tied to a chair?" What, indeed.
  • Angry Video Game Nerd cosplay... by a girl◊! Without pants!
  • Cassius614 does a lot of voices in Abridged Series, and the fact that she averts Man Of A Thousand Voices means it's clearly her every time. This has caused me to find her voice outright hot.
  • Shadow of the Templar is basically an excuse for gay FBI porn with heavy BDSM undertones. Word of God admits this. (And it's awesome.)
  • Both Music videos from The Guild.
  • Chakona Space: The Chakats alone are hermaphrodite cat centaurs who tend to get pregnant a lot and are pretty much constantly lactating.
  • This troper finds Little Kuriboh, of all people, rather attractive and lovely. It may be because I have something of a kink for Men and women Of A Thousand Voices, but he is pretty much adorkable on a number of levels for this one.
  • Brentalfloss: Specifically, him in the leather outfit for Castlevania II With Lyrics. Mmmmyes.
  • deviantart's Emotes make you wonder why there hasn't been a fleshlight themed off them yet. Some of them are freaking cute. Also, Fella.
  • Chuggaaconroy has a very nice voice, and when he finally let his face be seen on the Internet he was rather Adorkable to boot!
  • Proton Jon He's Adorkable, a bit crazy at times. and his voice is pretty nice.
  • Felicia Day as the fairy in The Legend Of Neil. There's a reason I have her on my computer's desktop.
  • Daniel O'Brien spends a good portion of [1] either being objectified by his colleagues/boss/other self and/or getting drugged. Depending on your opinion of this, it can be rather...interesting.
  • From Texts From Last Night: "He just came into the room wearing nothing but a Speed Racer helmet. I think he just invented a fetish." I have no idea of what was going on, but hell do I want to know.
  • How the hell is Tobuscus  not here yet? I can't even pinpoint any one specific thing about him that's so attractive except ALL of him.
    • Tobuscus is freakin' gorgeous. Those eyes, that curly hair, that cheeky smile.... *sigh*
    • His friends (Jack Douglass and Sean Klitzner) in the Sideburns Crew aren't bad-looking, either.
  • On THAT note, Jack Douglass of Jacksfilms. Cheeky, intelligent, irreverent sense of humor, adores his fans...not to mention his beautiful blue eyes and great smile.
    • There's also the liberal doses of Ho Yay in his videos, particularly with his roommate Cyr (who is no slouch in the looks department, either).
    • Dude Mountain. Basically what it sounds like: Jack a bunch of his guys friends jumping on top of each other on a hotel bed. Played for laughs, of course, but still....
      • And Jack starts by ripping his shirt off!
  • A Fan Fiction Critic is pretty hot, in this guy's opinion.
  • The "Brotrinity" (Alex, Tim, and Jay) of Marble Hornets. Don't look at me like that; you know it's true.
    • Three talented, adorkable friends who aren't afraid to get roughed up for the sake of their art or make fools of themselves on camera. What's not to love?
      • After the hell he goes through in Season 3, who wouldn't want to give Tim a nice, big hug (and maybe more)?
    • The Slenderverse vlogs in general have a disproportionate number of attractive actors. It's like Unkempt Beauty is a prerequisite for being stalked by eldritch creatures....
      • This certainly hasn't gone unnoticed by the fandom. It's become a running joke that Slendy only goes after hot people.
      • Basically, if you have a thing for woobie characters, psychological trauma, evil alter egos, masks, monsters, blood play and/or unkempt beauty, the Slenderverse is the place to go.
  • This troper may or may not have enjoyed seeing The Angry Video Game Nerd getting pinned against a wall and bitten in the neck by a crazy cannibal lady in this video a wee bit too much.
  • maxmoefoe crossdressing as a bride in [1]Human Cake (warning: extreme gross out).
  • The Cake Trilogy in general is this if you're into emetophillia.
  • Despite their batshit crazy show personas, Filthyfrank and Idubbz aren't bad looking at all.

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