Prue: "I am so impressed that you can make a protest statement and show cleavage all at the same time."
Phoebe: "Thanks"
―Charmed, All Halliwell's Eve


  • Coyote Piper tabletop bar dance
  • Brief episode summary: Paige conjures man as sex toy for self. Book not like because = Personal gain, create evil version of sex man, Both men want Piper happy, except good one basically sex slavewhereas evil one want to kidnap Page to force her own desires on her. Evil one hires Evil Vixens to help, and controls Page. (Wow, that's quite a bit of Fetishfuel right there) Anyway, at one point, a Mind Controlled Paige uses her orbing powers to tie piper's hands behind her back. Even if you're not into bondage, you also get a nice shot of Piper's butt.
  • Piper can freeze people but leave their heads free. That means that she can make people feel anything while they are helpless. Leo even said that she had froze him in bed a few times.


  • Shannen Doherty, her powers: Telekinesis: Prue can molest you from across the room. And Astral Projection. For all we know, Prue might also be able to do the Mind Control variant of Astral Projection mentioned downpage. Naturally, she'd never let on.


  • I Dream of Phoebe, Bare Midriff + Harem outfit + Obedience.
    • (Note; Apparently This◊was too hot for this page when it was on TvTropes.)

      "Actually, I don't agree, but I-I can't, I can't, I... How am I supposed to take charge and take commands all at the same time?"

  • Technically not Phoebe, but Cole once had a professional relationship with a demon stripper who could shapeshift into Phoebe. Imagine knowing someone who could turn themselves into a sluttier version of any woman you desire (an actress you like, an unrequited love, etc) AND you can pay her for a striptease and/or lapdance, and ON TOP OF THAT, she's more than willing to see you outside of work! (granted, no one concerned even bothers to deny that it's just because she's attracted to power, but still).
  • Goddess of Love.
  • "The Mummy's Tomb" - Phoebe gets possessed, belly dances AND dresses appropriately.
  • The whole "Empathy" thing, especially when she's around a man who finds her attractive, and she feels it. Especially since, in general, Phoebe has less control of other people's emotions than they themselves do. (eg; she might be shaking with fear while the sister who's fear she's feeling is standing there, totally in control. Or Phoebe might actually moan, feeling the horniness of a waiter staring at Piper's ass, while he himself is acting casually.)
    • Double points because it's her sister. (Assuming the target of the emotion remains the same.) Considering how hot the Charmed Ones are, Phoebe should've had to hide in the house to keep from being continually turned on by the people looking at her sisters — or herself!
  • In "Long Live The Queen", after Phoebe talks to/intimidates a meeting full of demons wearing a leather jacket with only one button done and nothing underneath, she decides not to finish the tonic the Seer gave her and pours the rest out into a potted plant, which dies. But more important than that, as she walks away, not seeing the plant, she takes her jacket off, and indeed she was NOT wearing anything under it. This happens for... no reason whatsoever.
    • Hey, I've got a good Troper Tales story about this one. I was watching that episode with my brother, and he said:

My Brother: Don't you think this show is kinda stupid?Me: No, I don't.At this point, the moment when Phoebe takes off her jacket takes place on screen.My Brother: You're right. (Which he obviously wouldn't have said if not for the Sexy Back moment just witnessed.)

  • If you're into any kind of Control/force fetish, you might enjoy the scene where Phoebe puts on glass slippers, which then force her to walk out of the house, to a waiting coach, and then won't let her own legs obey her until she's actually at the ball. Also; Bare Your Midriff.


  • In the Mermaid episode, she got soaking wet, and had to ring out her own T-Shirt while still wearing it.
  • Breast Expansion as punishment for using the Book of Shadows for Personal Gain. she wanted to turn a pervy boss into "an object of lust" and the Book decided to do the same to her.
  • Early in her character arc, she Really Gets Around.
  • "Bite Me"; Paige becomes a vampire, and wears a semi-Vampirella-esque costume (literally, she looks like Vampirella from the waste up but is also wearing a long red skirt) So that's Evil Is Sexy, Mind Manipulation, Stripperific and Lady In Red. Also, the Vampire Queen adds to this Les Yay and Most Common Super Power.
  • "Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun" has the nymphs, a nymph being a beautiful nature spirit in a skimpy green dress who is all about fertility, dances, and orgies. Paige becomes one of them.

All three at the same timeEdit

  • Valkyrie outfits
  • "Witches In Tights"
  • Evil Paige & Phoebe from it's a bad bad bad bad world
  • All of them are Sweater Girls.
  • In one episode, all three are miniaturized. Phoebe spends the whole episode in this state--and is encased in clay from head to toe (the Villain of the Week was planning to bake her in an oven to make a figurine).
  • Seriously, if we tried to list every time the sisters were magically brainwashed, drugged, bound, frozen, or transfigured, we would run out of room.