• This troper's friend did one of those survey memes on Facebook. One question asked for favorite "positions". While most others assumed sexual positions, said friend responded with, "How am I supposed to interpret this?"
    • This troper would like to know as well....he doesn't get it either.
  • This troper, just this troper (aurora). She's 24, she's a virgin and pretty content with it.
    • This troper, around the same age and in college now has heard plenty of stories about her classmates'... adventures, but she herself has never experienced them. She's never even dated before, and somehow shows no interest in either gender if you know what I mean.
  • This troper plans to be this in the traditional sense. She's not asexual, but is very uncomfortable with the idea of actually... y'know... so unless she gets married, which is not likely considering she's extremely shy and, as per the trope, clueless about dating, it is definitely not happening.
    • Are you me? Okay, I do have a boyfriend right now, but asking him out was the most embarrassing/terrifying moment of my life and we haven't done anything more than peck on the lips yet.
  • This troper is absolutly hopeless when it comes to flirting. I once had three seperate guys flirt with me one night,and was competely unaware of it despite how blatent it was until a friend told me herslef "Oh for the love of GOD,Ari..."
  • I once knew a person who admitted to our group of lads that he had his eye on a certain girl. Unfortunately he wasn't very well versed in human behaviour and was completely ignorant of the fact that she had been trying to flirt with him when they spoke. Then he would seem slightly upset because he thought she hadn't noticed him. We even pointed it out to him but he thought we were trying to cheer him up and motivate him. Later I heard from one of that girl's friends that the girl had 'given up' trying. Of course, he had plenty of other women trying to grab his attention that he somehow failed to notice.
  • This troper is a partial example of this trope, in that I am crap at telling the difference between flirting and just being a lively conversationalist (unless it's blatant flirting) and utterly oblivious to people checking me out. I'm not likely to be embarrassed by sexual references, though, and I have a sufficiently dirty mind to usually catch innuendo. Although the times when I don't are classic examples of this trope in action.
  • This trope may be the reason why All Love Is Unrequited for this troper...she can recognize love and whatnot in fiction and in other people, but she's completely oblivious in regards to romance and attraction related to her. She understands most dirty jokes/references, and can throw them out herself, but it's mostly because the people around her all have dirty minds. You begin to learn after having to put up with such things over the years.
  • This troper already wrote on Celibate Hero, but he thinks he also serves for an entry here. He sometimes talks in a flirt-like manner (because some girls deserve to be praised...), but never tried to get/start a relationship. This doesn't stop people he knows from creating a love life for him (at least 14 "supposed love interests", and it just keeps on growing).
  • This troper had the honest-to-goodness, not-sarcastic-and-really-just-that-clueless situation ahead happening to him (when he was, what, 13?):
    Troper: (talking to friends in-between a class and another one)Girl: Hey, can I talk to you? [whispering, but everyone was listening due to... focused attention] So, can you meet me later in the (deserted, empty) gym room after class?Troper: For what?Girl: Geez... you know.Troper: Hm, okay.Girl: (leaves)Troper: (to friends) I bet she's going to ask me for the money I borrowed from her the other day... can you guys borrow me some?Friends: (multiple head slaps)
  • Oh boy, how much I fit this trope. My first girlfriend - we weren't together back then - wanted to make me addicted to Greys Anatomy(she failed, by the way, but I made her a Doctor Who-addict), so she came over to my place with some DVD's of the first season. We were watching it together on the couch and, according to my mum, she moved closer and closer to me until I had my arm around her and in the end, we were watching it while she was very close to me... and I didn't notice. Also, whenever a girl flirts with me, I'm completely oblivious to it.
  • A guy I barely knew went up to me a while back and we chatted. As soon as he walked away, I said to my best friend, "He seems nice. Maybe we could be friends." and my best friend said, "You didn't notice him trying to reach for your ass every few seconds and then chickening out? What is WRONG with you?"
  • This troper, to this day and age, has barely the slightest clue on how to flirt. :P As far as attraction goes, I still experience it quite often and actually enjoy the company of women. However, when it comes down to flirty behavior {signals, eye contact, etc}, I am completely oblivious more often than not. I've been told my eye contact is too sharp, and am lacking in consistent and expressive body language. Overall, I'm quite clueless about all the flirting and hitting on I seem to experience. On the other hand, he's a bit of a Covert Pervert {with Chivalrous Pervert tendencies}, yet virginal and proud of it.
  • This troper, despite being fourteen and about to enter the eleventh grade (I skipped seventh), hasn't the slightest idea how to flirt, or even what constitutes flirting. I know how relationships work and what love is, but have never had a boyfriend.
  • This Troper's "friends" forced him to watch a porno movie. Once the movie was over, his friends explained what they thought of the sex scenes... this troper told them what he thought of the plot.
    • A second example, this troper was called aside during lunch period to help a girl with her English homework. This troper assumed we were making healthy conversation during the tutoring. Upon returning to the lunch table, his friends looked at him in pure awe. This troper asked why, they said "dude... she was flirting with you." he immediately said " she wasn't."
  • This troper would give up all of his physical possessions to not be this. He is apparently being considered reasonably attractive by most girls who aren't immediately weirded out by his geekiness. He never realizes that he is being flirted with until it is much too late. According to a friend, he has gained a reputation around school as being nice, funny, and good to hang out with, but being a pretty much hopeless virgin. But perhaps there is still hope for that to change, considering that he's still only 15. Maybe not though, considering that at his age most guys have at least kissed a girl.
    • The same troper has a friend who is a magnified version of himself in many ways. (1st person from this point to avoid confusion). I might fall into mildly cute territory, my friend is extremely handsome. I realize after the fact that I'm being flirted with, my friend practically has to be tackled and sucked off on the spot to get the hint. I am considered a pretty cool dude by maybe 70% of the school, my friend is universally considered awesome and hilarious by the student body.
  • I'm a subversion (or maybe an aversion? Played with? I dunno). I'm a relatively perverted guy, as much as any other guy, I suppose. I'd take an opportunity to get naked with some hot girls and take pictures or play strip poker or something. But I'm still a virgin, and I plan on staying that way until I meet the girl I'll spend the rest of my life with - because, to be honest, I really DON'T want to be a pervert at all. I hate it. Make what you will of me, but I wish it'd change. :/
  • This troper is a 31 year-old male virgin working on a Ph D. There is simply no time or money available, as both are poured into university. Once this Chaste Hero emerges from the other side of the dark forest of Academia, possibly with a fairly high-paying position and slightly more time, the damsels, who previously paid no heed, will notice that this troper is decent-looking AND NOW financially secure and willing to pay attention to them. They shall pine for me to rescue them. "Tough," I shall reply, as I join with a fair maiden who cares not about my gold, but for my passion in life. Then, this troper shall ride off into the sunset to awkwardly remove the "Chaste" from his title with the understanding of said maiden.
  • This Troper Subverts it by feigning as a Chaster Hero. I've been pursued by some girls in my time which in all situations who he liked as friends and didn't want to hurt their feelings but at the same time did not want to be romantically involved with them. In one situation she gave up and the feelings fizzled away, in an other she just liked me more and eventually straight up asked me out and asked if I liked her. Jeez it didn't end up pleasantly.
  • I'm a virgin pervert and quite happy with it; I won't have sex until I marry.

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