A costumed character cannot remove their costume, or an ordinary character cannot remove their clothes. Maybe a Freak Lab Accident has fused it to his body, maybe it's the only thing keeping her alive, or the only thing keeping those around her alive, or maybe it's a cursed Artifact of Doom. Whatever the reason, they have to wear it (or a substantial part of it) all the time; removing it is either very debilitating, very dangerous, or simply impossible.

For long-running series, finding a way to remove the costume may constitute a Story Arc, and actually doing so can provide an excuse to update a character's appearance. For some characters, this is a convenient source of Angst. Genre Savvy works may address problems with (or make jokes about) wastedisposal or other biologicalneeds. This is also Fetish Fuel for some people, especially those with a forced chastity fetish.

This trope is found in many traditional RPGs in the form of "cursed" equipment and weapons. Typically these items will be noticeably more powerful than equivalent gear found at that point in the game, but will almost always come at the price of having a really nasty side-effect(such as being randomly stunned or damaging yourself while fighting). Trying to unequip the item under normal circumstances WILL invoke this trope, greeting you with an ominous message about you being unable to remove it. Legitimately removing clingy costumes] would usually require a special spell, item, or a paid service from an NPC to do so - sometimes at the expense of that item.

When the item is smaller than an article of clothing, then it's a Clingy MacGuffin. The Heroic Host likely can't remove the costume because it's alive and bonded with him.

Also see Limited Wardrobe, Clothes Make the Superman and 24-Hour Armor. Not to be confused with Form-Fitting Wardrobe.

Web Original Edit

  • Forever Costumed, a gallery of women trapped in animal costumes. Worst off is Jessica Peel and Gena Kelly, who are trapped in a two-person horse costume with no arms.
    • So, it's like a Human Centipede situation?

Real Life Edit

  • Chastity belts. Means to control another's sexual activities with something that they can't remove. No pictures please, go look them up yourself if you're that interested.

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