Lelouch vi Britannia commands you!


Writers: "Takahiro-san... We need your help! The Knight of Four shows up in next week's episode, and she doesn't even have a character design yet!"
Takahiro-San: "The Knight of FOUR?! Wow... I better go all out, then. Leave it to me!"
[One Week Later] Takahiro-San [Excited]: "So, do you think the viewers will appreciate all the hard work I spent on Dorothea's character design? The dark skin and dark hair really make her emerald eyes stand out, and her over-the-crown single-helical-side-braided hair design is an anime industry first!"
Writers: "Uhh... She's dead."
Takahiro-san: "Oh. Um... Okay then. Well, I finally finished Monica's casual attire and swimsuit designs. Which episode are those going to be featured in?"
Writers: "Uhh... About her... afterlife?"
Takahiro-san: "Wait a f**king minuite!"
―on character design

  • Code Geass's main character has the power to mind control anyone once, now imagine if the mind control was "Be my sex slave forever". You can guess what a lot of the hentai doujinshi of it are. The other geass powers seen so far of Mao and Rolo (mind-reading and stopping a person's sense of time respectively) could also have fetish uses, and Mao uses his to cruelly Mind Rape people and Rolo as a part of his missions as a remorseless assassin.
    • Well, as of season 2, the girl Lelouch geassed to test the time limit is still under its effects... and this is after a 1 year time skip. Something makes me doubt we'll ever be shown the geass absolute time limit, if it even has one.
      • And notice that every time the girl's affected by the geass and goes to make the mark, she's got a very big smile on her face, and giggles as she makes the mark. This would almost seem to imply that people put under Lelouch's geass enjoy following the orders they've been given, which is definite fetish fuel for the mind control set.
      • Enjoying the geass would seem to be confirmed by the first time it's used: the Britannian soldiers are grinning and laughing as they put the guns to their heads.
      • Though the geass placed on Euphy shows that it won't necessarily be a cheerful obedience if it's something that's sufficiently averse to the person's sensibilities. Though of course, given Lelouch's popularity with the ladies (108 dates in one day? Really?) this isn't likely to be much of an issue for this situation.
      • You guys can't forget the uses of other Geasses for Power Perversion Potential. C.C's original geass makes everyone love you, Emperor Charles's geass rewrites your memories, Empress Marianne's geass allows body-swapping, Bismark's geass lets you see the immediate future and predict other people's actions and the same goes to the one Nunnally gets in the Nightmare of Nunnally manga... And if you guys play the Lost Colors game, you can make main character Rai use his Geass this way.
    • Ironically, doujinshi usually doesn't have Lelouch use his Geass mostly because he usually gets paired with people he doesn't need to Geass (Kallen, C.C., etc.).
  • This troper feels that she should point out that she is in serious lust with C.C.'s first outfit in the series; it is so so bondage-riffic the collar turns into a muzzle gag!
  • Sayoko Shinozaki is walking and fighting Fetish Fuel. To start, she's a pretty Ninja Maid (already a huge Fetish) with killer legs. Whose main weapons are throwing knives. Which she straps to her very shapely thighs with some leather bands (Not to mention she uses long socks under her maid uniform - too bad her skirt is much longer than needed for Zettai Ryouiki). She also has quite a few panty shots when fighting, showing her very shapely ass. And last but not least, she's a quite... special Master Of Disguise. One not above of kissing ladies if it suits her. Wow.
    • It's not only Sayoko. Several of the females in the series have HUGE tracts of land, If You Know What I Mean. Cornelia? Shirley? Milly? Marianne? Rakshata? Villetta? KALLEN?!
      • Actually, Kallen is only third in the official breast size list (there really is one), behind Milly at number 1 and Marianne at 2. We have another reason to respect Lelouch's mother now!
      • She's the one who gets her boobs and curves, well, flaunted the most, though. <3
      • Third seems a bit high to put Kallen on the list. She's certainly well endowed, and her assets definitely get the most screen time, but I'd say Viletta, Cornelia, Chiba, and Shirley definitely look bigger, along with the aforementioned Milly and Marianne. Frankly, the relative modesty of Kallen's bust is one of the things I found attractive about her.
  • Kallen herself may have been created as an attempt to hit as many Fetish points as possible. Let's see: a redheaded Tsundere with huge Boobs Of Steel who, when not in her plugsuit, is usually seen wearing Zettai Ryouiki both as part of her school uniform and as part of her Custom Uniform, has several feet close-ups, is also suggestivelyBound And Gagged and later wears a frilly dress when in captivity , an Accidental Fanservice Girl not above of going through Fanservice With A Smile when she has to (as a bunny girl who keeps her Guren's key in her cleavage!)...and is a kickass Action Girl (pretending to be an Ill Girl) to round up the list. Not to mention she yells out the line "I won't be satisfied so easily!".
    • Hereyougo.
    • "You fellas know full well what this badass mother can do!"
  • Lots of people thought Nina's "table humping" scene was Fan Disservice or Narm, but others did honestly find it sexy. Heck, since when is a girl with Generic Cuteness given a libido? :O
    • Speaking of Nina, her season 2 outfit is so fetish-riffic.
      • Holy crap... Shortest Magic Skirt in the whole show, indeed. And nice shawl and boots, too.
  • While some people hated the ending, it sure as hell did have a lot of bondage fetish. In particular Nunnally, who wears a very loose dress and has chains on her wrists and ankles (while also being barefoot) as she awaits the "trial". And if you look closely, you'll see she's not wearing a bra or even sarashi wrappings under her dress. Seriously, Lelouch - Brother Sister Incest, Bondage, Lolicon, Vapor Wear *and* Foot Focus at once? Kinky is an understatement.
    • Nunnally is Fetish Fuel in every single appearance.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Lelouch DID wish to become the most hated person in the world. He was just gaining some extra points.
  • The Lost Colors game is a GOLDMINE for cosplay and clothing fetishists: Milly dresses up as both a Southern Belleand a nurse◊, Nunnally as a Gothic Lolita◊, Shirley as a Playboy Bunny◊... and both Lelouch◊ and Suzaku◊ are in drag. The funniest thing is that Suzaku seems to like wearing a cheerleader outfit, whereas Lelouch is all "kill me, please" when in a wedding gown.
    • Oh, and just to warn you, the Suzaku pic probably qualifies more under Nightmare Fuel. At least to this troper.
    • For more crossdressing hilarity, check out this picture drama. Once again, Suzaku demonstrates a somewhat suspicious/terrifying fondness for the outfit, and Lulu clearly considers it torture, even though he's so very pretty that he makes girls lose all confidence in their femininity.
      • Not to mention Milly's and Shirley's outfits. Respectively, a musketeer and a police officer. And Nunnally wearing that red jack and black shirt and pants that Lelouch wore from time to time.
  • In R2 Villetta wore a bikini that was probably made of floss and hope. How it stayed on her while wet was beyond me.
    • And how she was acting, and dressed when Ougi had her living in his home?
    • Let's not forget her Britannian uniform. Evil Is Sexy indeed!
    • Personally, I think Villetta is the hottest characteronthisshow.
  • Also, in at least one of the picture books, Milly drags Shirley, Nina, and Kallen to bathe with her. Conveniently positioned limbs included. Sadly.
    • Heck, Milly herself, most notably her Rape As Comedy-ish relationship with Shirley.
    • When Anya is going through her pictures from the school festival (I believe it's in Turn 10 or 11, though I'm not sure), there's a brief flash of a picture she took of Milly with both hands on Shirley's breasts under Shirley's swimsuit. And a hilariously ecstatic look on her face, while Shirley freaks out memorably. Requires pausing to fully appreciate.
  • This 2008 Calendar◊, Suzaku with his hands tied by red clothes? Possibly artistic. Lelouch smiling in a masochistic outfit, that's just missing a gimp mask? Someone definitely has a bondage fetish.
    • And the chains. OH GOD, THE CHAINS.
  • Why? Why do you do these things CLAMP? Yes, we can all see the Ho Yay, you don't have to go that far.
  • This Picture Drama. Just... just watch it. Nunnally the Covert Pervert and all the crossdressing has me in stitches. :DDDD
  • This troper imagines that somewhere out there, Jeremiah Gottwald would make some fangirls go wild. Heavily cyberized by the end of the first season, having a somewhat troubled history, so incredibly chivalrous he started an internet meme.... statistically speaking, it has to happen sooner or later, right?
    • Look at his picture in the Character Page of this wiki. Just... do it.
  • Look at this Custom Uniform, noticed anything? Although this completely innocent girl was soon killed by Suzaku brutally, she's still a pack of fanservice, putting the most of screentime to use. Something must be going on insede the heads of some animators.
  • The Code Geass R2 game for the Nintendo DS has a minigame where you tickle each of the characters. Unintentional arousal ensues
  • Adult Swim has The Ten Most Ridiculous Sex Moments of Code Geass
  • Does no one remember when Zhou Xianglin (Xingke's female 'assistant') was tied up on the floor with aballgag◊ in R2? Not my fetish, but I'm sure someone liked that.
  • Back on the subject of Lost Colors, did anyone else happen to like Rai, specifically? There's just something about an amnesiac White Haired Pretty Boy that tickles this troper ever so much. Not to mention, he's got the same Geass as Lelouch, except it works on sound instead of sight. Rather than having to look at you, he could simply tenderly whisper a command into your ear... *swoon*
  • In Picture Drama Stage 8.75, Cornelia is wearing what looks like an black S & M bikini with matching gloves. [1] Apparently that was designed by Clovis and the other ones he did were a lot more racy. But if you're not into that sort of thing, she does appear naked in the very beginning. And for the ladies, you have Guilford, Darlton and Lelouch in swimwear, the latter two in Speedos.
  • There is also quite a bit of WAM in this show for instance Kallen getting soaked with Champaign on her first day in the student council and having to shower afterward. Then there is Shirley accidentally spilling a bowel of batter all over herself. And who can forget C.C. being dumped into a giant vat of tomato sauce by Lelouch and then Gino shaking it around while she was in there.
  • The episode titled "Love Attack" in which Lelouche has to deal with a gigantic unwanted harem due to Sayoko setting up dates with all of those women. Than later, had them chasing after the sexy ninja maid disguised as Lelouch, not knowing they were actually chasing a girl. Oh, and Milly saying she wanted them to bring her Lelouch's hat.
    • Five girls tried to use the Distracted By The Sexy approach, each covering five different fetishes. Unfortunately for them, it was Sayoko in disguise, whose casual dismissal of them fueled speculation that Lelouch was gay.
      • My DVD's sub said that they were part of the "Fantasy Seduction Club". Ashford has clubs for that?
      • Considering who the head of the Student Council is, she sponsors it personally.
  • In the "Knightmare of Nunnally" manga, the position which Nunnally pilots her Knightmare... that, and the fact that she seems to pilot said Knightmare in the nude.
  • One of the R2 picture dramas has Kaguya, C.C., Chiba, Rakshata, Tianzi and Xianglin having a pajama party. Hoo Boy!!
  • Speaking of Nunnally and Bondage, the alternative manga has now given us the following scenes. Someone at Sunrise CLEARLY enjoys seeing poor girls tied up. Did we mention in the later scene they're trying to burn her alive? Yeah...
    • The manga Needs More Love. Alice is totally Badass, emphasis on the ass, and both she and Nunnally get Zettai Ryouiki that easily rivals anything Kallen's ever done. Also, she's usually wearing her hair in pigtails. And she also has a Geass...
      • Euphemia, too. Nightmare of Nunnaly is pretty much the full Fanservice version of Code Geass...which was already crammed with Fanservice to begin with, so you're pretty much talking about Beyond The Impossible territory.
  • I don't see any mentions of the fight between Suzaku and Kallen on that deserted island (I think that's what it was). Is it possible for anything to be sexier?
  • What, no mention of the painfully obvious crush Rolo has on his "big brother...?"
    • yes! he's so adorible
  • Euphemia is a Fetish Fuel in herself. However many fans want to see her in Ashford uniform. The Lelouch Of the Rebellion" manga made many fans squeal.
  • For the Lolicon side of the fanbase, loli empress Tianzi especially in R2 turn 10.
  • Cornelia, for those who fantasize about a hot army officer.
  • Anya, Moe Moe piece of jailbait who isn't afraid to go to the little boys' room (right, Rolo?)◊.
  • Kaguya was all about the Tenchi Option with C.C. and Kallen. Mysterious ageless girl with green hair, red-headed Tsun Dere Action Girl, and a jailbait princess? Boy do I wish I was in Lelouche's place for that...
  • Mao. Let's see-he's a White-Haired Pretty Boy and Psychopathic Manchild , yet he's deep down a woobie in need of hugs, along with a giant crush and obsession with C.C. You have to wonder what he'd do with C.C if she complied...

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