Odd-in-Yumi's-body: "And if you hadn't noticed, I have a dynamite body! Better than yours. There... for example... something's itching me in my back. It's a... I think it's the strap to your... hmm?"
Yumi-in-Odd's-body: "DON'T YOU DARE TAKE IT OFF, YOU HEAR!?"

  • The tight spandex Lyoko outfits in Season 4 — William's, in particular, has to be seen to be believed. And (save forWilliam's, which is XANA's work) Jérémie has complete control over their designs. Including his girlfriend's, to which he adds wings. And a translucent skirt. No, really.
    • And the boys seem to gain some heavily prominent abs as well... This Troper just LOVES drooling over the Season 4 version of Odd.
  • There's lots of heavy panting, crop tops on more than one major character, and underwear/shower scenes left and right. In a Junior High school. French or not French, that's a lot of teen/pre-teen sexualization for an action/adventure show. If this troper didn't know any better, she'd think the show was aimed at pedophiles. It's really aimed at 6-12-year-old boys. Go figure.
  • The Schyphozoa and his bit "possessing Aelita" or "stealing her memories". And the tree roots in "Sabotage" molesting Yumi...
    • Before proceeding to knock her out. Who knows what else they did to her in between scenes. Naughty Tentaclesindeed.
      • Probably not so fun to imagine when you think about the kind of damage wood could do to a person. Although I bet there are people who like that too, unfortunately.
  • In "Attack of the Zombies", 11-year-old Milly is attacked in the shower by her zombified friend Tamiya, and spends the rest of the episode in a bathrobe. Could be as much Nightmare Fuel as Fetish Fuel, though.
  • In "Routine", as if the almost-kiss wasn't enough, at one point early in the episode, when Ulrich and one-off character Émilie are walking down a hallway towards each other, both in bathrobes, Émilie's bathrobe is oh-so-casually sliding off her shoulder, though she puts it back up after they cross paths. Did we mention this is right after Ulrich's shower scene? Children's sci-fi adventure show indeed.
  • And then there is the end of "Bad Connection". With Odd having filmed Sissi coming out of bed for his short film. In her room. Without her knowledge. With a camera likely fixed to the ceiling. You can't help but think he has probably filmed much more than that...
    • Judging by Sissi's reaction to that and the wink Odd gives her afterwards, she was probably thinking the same thing...
    • Wait a minute... Sissi's father was watching that film. Why is Odd still alive?
  • XANA seems just a little bit too eager to use the sex appeal of a girl he's impersonating to get Jérémie to do something. Not to mention his fondness for taking Jérémie's shape one way or another.
    • Consider the implication of the "Another little bit of Fridge Logic" below, and suddenly it makes a lot more sense.
  • "A Fine Mess" and its Freaky Friday Flip. Besides the above quote, there was Odd hitting on Ulrich while in Yumi's body, allegedly for "helping out". And if Yumi (in Odd's body), kept her/his clothes to sleep, Odd (in Yumi's body) did put on Yumi's sleepwear, and then dressed her as a Cat Girl the next day. You won't convince me he/she undressed with eyes closed all the time.
    • Made worse when Odd points out that these are clothes Yumi already owned.
  • In "Is Anybody Out There?", Odd and Aelita have to rush to the Factory in their nightwear. And when they're climbing down the ladder to the sewer... just follow Odd's gaze. Now, the question is, does Aelita keep her underwear to sleep?
  • Why, why, why did Yumi only wore her party clothes in the first episode and never thereafter? Detached Sleeves + Bare Your Midriff + Minidress of Power + Zettai Ryouiki = Hot Damn!
  • Is there a Big Head fetish out there?
    • There is indeed. In fact, it frequently (though not always) goes well with the glasses fetish, the genius fetish, and the technogeek fetish.
  • Catboy Odd anyone?
    • (raises hand) Yup, and how!
    • Not only does he dress as a cat, but he has quite a few scenes where he crouches like a cat.
  • Another little bit of Fridge Logic: during Season 1, in-between XANA's attacks, Aelita is shown "learning about the real world" with the interface of a tower. Now, this likely mean through the Internet... which would equate to lots of time spent on the Web — more than a year, in fact, and of full-time, since she has no need for sleep at this point. Now, when you consider the obvious...
  • Let's not forget the day that Ulrich and Yumi first met, way back in the prequel "XANA Awakens". Jim (the P.E. coach) was hosting the first meeting of the Pencak Silat club in the gym. Ulrich and Yumi are the only ones to show up. Jim orders them to spar and so they do. While viciously fighting each other (they were strangers at this point), Ulrich ends up on top of Yumi on the ground, with both of them blushing furiously at one another. Jim's response to this? "Good Work!"
    • Actually, Yumi was on top of Ulrich after kicking him.
  • Ulrich and Odd share a room. Opportunities for Ho Yay, anyone?
    • As if the Lemon writers never noticed...
  • Does no one remember the episode when everyone was kissing each other? This troper wonders why XANA didn't just try to get some Foe Yay going to break up the team.
    • Or Ho Yay! THAT would've raised some eyebrows.
  • This Troper and her best friend fangirl-squee everytime Ulrich blushes. There's just something so appealing about it.
  • Am I the only one who finds Ulrich or William fighting completely attractive? Bonus points if they fight each other. Double if they fight "themselves..." (I know it happened once with each of them. Ulrich vs. XANA-fied Ulrich on Lyoko. And I think there was a Real/XANA-fied William vs. Clone William in the real world.) Mmm.
    • Also, Ulrich talking to his "Triplicate" clones is full of win. I think there was one episode where they talked about "cleaning up for the girls (Yumi and Aelita)" I know they were talking about the monsters, but still...
  • William's Season 4 XANA outfit. Sure, the Sensual Spandex (he's even in the page picture!) theme of all the Season 4 Lyoko outfits is fetish-tastic enough, but William gets bonus points for having a dark theme, knee-high boots,Fingerless Gloves, a belt that looks suspiciously like a corset, and two buckled straps on his upper thigh that look suspiciously like garters... on a fifteen-year-old boy. That, combined with how attractive he was already designed to be and the way the tight-fitting outfit emphasizes his, uh, assets... damn. And coupled with his giant sword...
    • And there's some way that he makes a spandex outfit with hot pink look badass. How he does that, is a mystery to us all.
    • Long story short, this outfit was the gateway drug for most of his fangirls.
    • Anyone remember the scene in "Lab Rat" where he caught Yumi's fans in midair, and was holding them with a smug sort of look on his face? Oh my...
  • Aelita. Ignoring everything else oh so Fetish Fuel about her, there's the fact that she's around twenty-four years old, but has the and body of a pre-teen (though her mentality fits her true age). No need for a Jail Bait Wait, technically.