Comic Sutra: When an out of the ordinary sex act is refered by a a bizarre, not-at-all-descriptive name (that, for some reason, often has the name of a place in it).  Originally called Noodle Sutra, but changed for God knows what reason.

Remember: this is not a porn site. Keep your descriptions short and sweet.

  • In my freshman year of high school, I read an interview in a newspaper with one of the stars of a film called A Dirty Shame, which was apparently self-aware Filth. The star was asked if he had to have any of the terms from the film defined for him, and he said that yes, he had to ask what a "plate job" was. For half a year, whenever I met someone who claimed to have an advanced knowledge of sex (that being quite a brag among freshman males at my school), I asked him if he knew what a plate job was, and always managed to stump and impress them. (One eventually looked it up on the Internet. [1])
  • I just found out what an Alabama Hot Pocket is. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO DO THAT?? [2]
  • This one likes threatening people with the "reverse Ontario sauna". He just made it up. He's also not proud that he lives in the country the "Dutch oven" was named after, although that's less "sexual" and more "frat boy prank". [3]

  1. The man lies down face-up with a see-through glass plate over his face. The woman poops on the plate. For some reason, there are people who find that erotic.
  2. the man poops into the woman's vagina before having sex with her.
  3. Fart under covers, pull covers over bedmate's head.

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