Corruption of Champions is a free online interactive text roleplaying hentai game, created by Fenoxo. The player takes up the role of a villager sent through a mysterious portal to a demon-infested world as a "champion" to fight against the demons. Abandoned and alone, they must then try to survive in a world crawling with sex-crazed monsters.

This work exhibits the following tropes:Edit

  • Badass Furry: The player can potentially be one of these.
  • Breast Expansion: One of the big fetishes in the game.
  • Bondage Is Bad: Most of the game's BDSM material tends to be displayed by either a heavily corrupted player or by some of the nastier NPCs. It's rarely portrayed in a very pleasant light for the one being dominated.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Sand Witches and Goblins. For a given value of "cute", anyway.
  • Gag Boobs: The player can have literally truck-sized boobs. And that's not the biggest breast size in the game.
    • The Sand Witch bad end involves the Sand Witch giving the player breasts so swollen with milk that either one is bigger than the player's body.
    • Succubi are stated to all have huge breasts, and making the breasts grow is the automatic effect of Succubus Milk.
    • Lacta Bovines have double-H to triple-H cup breasts.
    • Goblins who live long enough and bear enough children grow breasts so big that they can't move any more.
  • Gag Penis: A player can potentially have a 100 inch long penis. Or, if they want, they can have ten of them.
  • Gender Bender: Male to female transformation is easy; just drink Succubus Milk or [=LaBova=] to your heart's content. Female to male is harder. Either gender to Hermaphrodite is simple as taking a drink of Succubus Milk or Incubus Draft while being male/female, respectively.
  • Hermaphrodite: The player can become one of these with ease.
    • One of the pure NPCs is an anthro-fox woman with a horse's penis. It's twenty inches long, with apple-sized balls

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