Franken Fran
Different strokes for different folks. What some find disgusting or even downright terrifying other find hot -- precisely for the same reasons.

Anime and MangaEdit

  • To start things off, Shion Sonozaki. A psychopath with an Evil Laugh? Hell yes.
  • Franken Fran, from the manga of the same name. You just got to love those stitches :)
    • Not to mention it’s often hard to watch Fran, working, as well as seeing the outcomes from her helping people/dealing with her enemies with out getting at least a little turned on. The fate of the secretary at the end of God and amp: Dog, was pure sadistic squee.
    • And then there's her sister Veronica, who stitches aside has an absolutely magnificent set of scars on her upper torso.
    • And lets not forget Adorea, It's always such a pleasure to watch her eat people. She is also surgical fetish fuel personified.
  • LadyDevimon, from Digimon. So much leather.
    • Torn and stitched, shiny TIGHT leather! And chains... Oh god, the chains... There's something wrong with Tai and the rest of the guys if they didn't at least get a little *ahem*... anxious by the sight of her.
    • Oh! They got more then a little anxious at the sight of her and Angemon’s Kat fight. As did I.
    • I cried both times when that bitch Angemon, killed LadyDevimon. And there I was hoping that LadyDevimon, might get a spinoff where she was the protagonist and Angemon, was her unwilling sub. It's just not fair, damn It!
  • Bikko, from the manga Kesson Shoujo. She isn’t just a super cute amputee. She’s a super cute amputee with cool scars and a cool electric guitar..… which also has scars for some reason.
  • Kharla'ggen’s living doll collection from Drow Tales. Who wouldn't want to play with them? I know I do. Hell, I would kill just to watch Kharla'ggen, making one of her special dolls.
  • Yuno Gasai. I can't be the only person who would want to trade places with Yukki.
  • Orochimaru. That tongue, that power, that hair, those eyes, that voice (even when the voice is a woman)...And yet he's just so damned CREEPY. It's frustrating enough to make me go "STOP! BEING! SEXY!" at the screen when he goes all creepy-scary-awesome.
    • What about Kakuzu, Kisame and Zetsu? They all have their fangirls, including me...
  • How Rozen Maiden wasn't the first thing listed on this page, I'll never know.
  • How is Yami Bakura not here? Seriously, he's a psychopathic White-Haired Pretty Boy who is basically this trope incarnate for me. Yes, yes, I know he's cruel and sadistic, but something about him... *bites knuckles* The fact Ryou is his host is not helping at all! Particularly since Fridge Logic dictates that Ryou would be the one who gathered the deck we see in the anime, which means he's probably a bit of a Nightmare Festishist...*shuts up and hides*
  • I taped some of the old Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes back in the day. And which episodes would they be? Only the Yami Bakura episodes. He was literally the only reason I kept watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Also sadistic isn’t exactly what I would call a turn off.
  • Putting this at the bottom because it makes more sense that way, so... yeah. Anyway... um... Naraku Naraku Naraku! GAH why does he have to be a villain? Stupid Sexy Naraku!

Western AnimationEdit

  • Demona, from Gargoyles.
  • From the same: Elisa is quite a Fair Cop as a human, but in one episode she gets turned into a gargoyle herself. Be still, my heart! (And Gargoyle Elisa with a rather large gun... [drool] There may be such a thing as too hot.)
  • Emily from Corpse Bride. (In fact, she used to be the featured image on this page.)
    • I still don't know what you see in her.
      • A worm that sounds like Peter Lorre.
  • Queen Chrysalis from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic practically thrives off of this trope, her features sometimes even being so sexy, you forget the creepy parts (though the holes in her legs are pretty hard to ignore, coming from a troper who is otherwise in love with the rest of her). In one episode, she crawls down from the cocooned Mane Six and contorts in all kinds of impossible ways as she comes into full view. NightmareFuel and FetishFuel have never combined so perfectly. All of this is potentially justified, however, in the sense that she is pretty much a G-rated succubus.


  • The Joker from Batman. Creepy as all get out, an Evil Clown, and a Complete Monster... and yet he could probably (literally) charm the pants off of any female Batman fan you ask. ESPECIALLY if she's already a Joker fan. Yes, even when he's not played by Heath Ledger. Yes, he's a murdering psychopath who would more likely kill you than make love to you. And he needs to stop being sexy right this second.
    • I have always been attracted to him, all incarnations, pretty much. I have NO idea why.


  • Lady Gaga in skull makeup in her "Born This Way" video. I have never found her more attractive.
    • Also, those weird, angular bones poking from her face. Tell me that didn't do something for someone.

Live Action TVEdit

  • Carly Beth from the Goosebumps episode The Haunted Mask. That is to say, after she put the mask on. Once she put that mask on I was in love. She was just so beautiful in that mask. And her personality was so badass. Also though her outfit was not conventionally hot I found it to be so.
    • She just had such a cute voice.
    • Fans of the series Forever Knight will remember the actress (Kathryn Long) as the twisted, incestious vampire girl Divia.
  • Todd the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis. Gravelly voiced Magnificent Bastard? Yes please.
  • Weir and Ronon under Lucius' influence. There is pretty much nothing they wouldn't do for him. Acastus Kolya.
  • Stargate SG-1. Ba'al (perving over a mother and her daughter, Carter, O'Neill). Evil Jackson, from when Shifu showed him what would happen if he used the Go'auld knowledge. Alt SG-1 from Ripple Effect. I assume no Vala because of pregnancy stuff, but no Atlantis people? Weir and Ronon would be great with some kind of disaster, and the rest of everybody major died, and they grew closer because of it...
  • John Druitt of Sanctuary.
  • Supernatural: Alistair, Lilith, Ruby, Meg, Castiel, young Uriel, shifter!Dean, ghost-insane!Sam, possessed!Sam, Crowley, revenant!Henrikson, Ashley Benson as a very old witch.
    • Lucifer!Sam. Good god.
    • Siam cat?
    • Leviathan/God!Castiel. Yeah.
  • TSCC - Sarah Connor, Cameron Phillips/Baum, Catherine Weaver / Liquid Metal. Cromartie/John Henry.
  • Natira from Farscape, just follow the link and you’ll see what I mean. Oh, and did I mention she likes to eat eyes....straight out of your eye sockets. You heard me.
  • Scorpius. Aeryn when mad. Zhaan -- with red eyes or just really mad. Stark. Crichton and Larraq under the intellent virus' control.
  • Jenifer, from the Masters of Horror.
    • YMMV. Wildly.
    • This whole page is YMMV. Which is why we once had a darker and edgier Tako Luka, as the page mascot.
  • Seven of Nine, from the Star Trek: Voyager episode Scorpion Part 2. That was back before those sons of bitches removed the majority (82%) of her cybernetic implants. It is quite common to find fans who thought she was hotter as a full Borg.
  • River Tam, Firefly. Shooting people with her eyes closed, tricking someone into thinking she was a spaceship, hearing the thoughts of a psychopath, a self-harming cannibal, people who wanted to burn her alive, and someone who killed their predecessor to become leader of the settlement, among other things.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Drusilla, Spike, Caleb, Glory, Vampire/Darth Willow, Vampire Tara from the game Chaos Bleeds.
  • The blind seer from the Sliders, episode The Other Slide of Darkness. That eye. That voice. I just can’t look away.
    • No shit! No one can.
  • Ben Linus wouldn't be nearly as attractive if he weren't a total sociopath.
  • Appartently no one here has seen The Hunger series featuring David Bowie (Magnificent Bastard incarnate), Just about every episode has something that makes you shiver and shake for two different reasons.
  • Rose McIver with the cadaver-white skin in iZombie.


  • Freddy. Yes, the one with the burnt off face. But only when played by Jackie Earle Haley. DAT VOICE!
  • Robert Englund in the original Nightmare On Elm Street was plenty sexy. It was all in the way he moved.
  • Ruby from, The Hills Have Eyes (2006) remake. She has such a beautiful lack of symmetry.
  • Katie Harwood from the 2002 film Ghost Ship.
    • Dude, the villain from Ghost Ship!
    • Francesca, full stop.
  • The Cenobites from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser are almost literally sex gods.
  • Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum in The Fly) is a sexy piece of chocolate. For the first half-hour, he's straight-up Estrogen Brigade Bait - before becoming impossibly strong and fast, and hedonistic with a voracious sexual appetite. THEN, he degenerates into a totally adorable Woobie...
  • Helen Bonham Carter as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd.
  • On that note. Elizabeth, played by Helena Bonham Carter, from Frankenstein (1994) after the operation in which Dr. Frankenstein stitches Elizabeth's head back together and to a new body. As much as Elizabeth, hated her new look, it remains to this day one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
  • Hannibal Lecter, when played by Anthony Hopkins.
  • Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald of 'Ginger Snaps'. Ghost, in the sequel. Declining awesome in the third film, but the guy who played Martouf in Stargate SG-1, J. R. Bourne I believe, plays a hot asshole who is most likely a rapist.
  • 'John Ryder' in the remake of 'The Hitcher'.
  • Henry - Christopher Eccleston - in 28 Days Later. Also the ringleader asshole.
  • River Tam in Serenity - flashback sequence, the way Simon would turn around and she'd be somewhere unexpected. You just had a needle in your forehead! Incredible gymnastics clinging to a ceiling. Beating up a bar. Knocking out a 6'4 mercenary out with a can of peaches and then hitting her brother in the throat to stop him yelling and then him unconscious. Pulling a gun without looking on Malcolm Reynolds. Killing pretty much a ship full of Reavers, fearless, self-harming, torturing raping cannibals that are pretty much fast zombies. Most people who know about them think that surviving a Reaver attack means having a panic room or getting away very fast and perhaps putting someone else in their path. Especially since when she began fighting them, she was weaponless and took her weapons from her enemies. Rare case where that trope was both believable and effective. The Operative, the man hunting her and her brother. A relentless, determined, ruthless, focused, driven man who genuinely believed he was contributing to good by doing bad things..
  • Kayako from The Grudge.
    • Any female ghost from The Grudge, for that matter. They are naked, and they are Literally white. Naoko especially, with the gurgling sound. How can people be freaked out by that leafblower of perverse desires!?
  • Alex. Yes, THAT one. I would certainly stay the hell away from him in any situation, but that voice. Those eyes. The makeup ...Yeah, I'll stand still so you can all stone me now.
    • Well I won't stone you... I agree 100%.
  • Usually, when talking about From Dusk Till Dawn most would find Salma Hayek the main attraction and frankly this troper wouldn't blame 'em. But this particular troper's tastes are much deeper and decidedly darker in terms of the resident vampire ladies of the second act. I became fascinated by one in particular. Love at first sight let's say. Though she appeared only once in the main feature due to her main (short) scenes being cut for pacing, but when I saw her in the group of four "vamps" that Seth and the gang face off in a Mexican Standoff I was hooked. I'm talking about the beastly gremlin-like vamp on the far-left. Perhaps due to the fact I seem to have a stronger stomach than most, the shock boundary of the vamp's physical appearence is lost on me. When I heard that the SE DVD had more of her I made it a priority to get it ASAP. Watching the Deleted Scenes showed the whole twisted package to her. She has a freakishly torturous and yet sexy side to her and despite her "shapely" nude figure I found her oddly attractive. Especially when she forced her big tongue into her victim's screaming mouth. She shouldn't be attractive. It shouldn't be arousing but there's nothing there that I really don't like or couldn't deal with. There's a kind of odd balance between vampire and human. She's monstrous yet still has the goods. She towers a head above everyone in the room, floppy bat-like ears, wild yellow-brown eyes, a squashed bat-like snout and a massive set of yellowing jaws so big her lips are stretched beyond their extremities. And receeding black hair that's long enough to cover her tits (but not full enough...). Oh and her jugs sag by the way but are still pretty hot. But they are dwarfed by the overall mass of her dumpy bod and look smaller because of it. Big arms with big, curved claws on each hand, chunky legs that hold up her gluttonous pimpled belly and a *cough* suspicious-looking undercarriage. What's more she sexily pushes her "playmate" downward against her body for the "benefit" of a shocked Seth, and devouring his head in a second mouth that opens up where her stomach is before advancing on Gecko himself. (That bit is not very sexy but you can't turn away nevertheless) I'm not even nercophiliac but there's something about... this that really turns me on. It might be the danger she poses (especially with one bite=death). It might be the supernatural monster/vampiric element. Or it might even just that (almost) everything's better with tits. I really don't know. But I feel it was a pretty wasted opportunity for something sick yet awesome. Oh well... There's always fan-fiction... (Pleasant dreams!)
    • I know exactly what you mean. I’ve always had a thing for female Nosferatus. And we're not the only ones. Just look at the Bagel-Heads. It’s just to bad that movies don’t really cater to teratophilia. Oh! And I love fanfiction.
  • Marc Warren as Teatime in the made-for-TV film adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. Oh, that eye...
  • Cerina Vincent in Cabin Fever. While there would be few women-fanciers who wouldn't find this buxom beauty bangable, she is particularly bonerworthy in this otherwise lame horror flick. She gives us a great look at her jiggling juicebags earlier in the film. But by far her hottest moment is when she has given up all hope of surviving the deadly outbreak of flesh-eating bacteria and decides all she wants to do is find a guy to have wild "Hey, we're gonna die anyway" sex with. So she grabs the only guy left in the cabin and, before he even knows what's happening, they are both naked and under the bedcovers. She throws him down on the matress and holds him down, while riding him like a mechanical bull. She doesn't even use a condom, so she apparently couldn't care less if her random lover gives her the disease or makes a baby. Cerina's clearly ruling this scene, leaving her partner way behind in terms of enthusiasm; just working her business and getting what she needs to scratch her itch. And it finishes with a fantastic, yet modest orgasm of her gasping quietly and tossing her long brown hair over her back. The sinister soundtrack clued us in that she was in fact already infected, and that the poor schmo that neglected to wrap his wang had just caught a vaginal dose of gruesome death. But as dark as it was, watching him getting ridden so wildly by an uber-babe like Cerina is still an incredible turn on.
  • Would it be letting you in on more than I should if I admitted I got a hard-on the first time I saw the Mrs. Bathory scene in Hostel Part 2? Granted, part of that was Heather Matarazzo's lovely body, but that's still pretty fucked up.
  • At the end of Scream 4, did anyone else think Emma Roberts looked kind of sexy with all those cuts all over her face?
  • This sounds really weird, but Mrs. Baylock in the original The Omen.  I predict at least one person is going to tell me they hate me now.
  • Jonah King in Drive Angry. Especially in the last half hour of the movie, with that red silk shirt and leather pants.
  • The scene in Amityville II where the protagonist seduces his own sister.  What the fuck is wrong with me?
  • Elle Fanning wearing the zombie make-up in Super 8, which is also creepy for another reason entirely.  Yeah, it's safe to say if I ever move into your neighborhood, you're gonna know about it...
  • Amanda Donohoe as a naked blue snake vampire woman in Lair of the White Worm, though what pushes her all the way into high-octane fetish fuel is when she's lifting the Worm's skull, and you see she has hairy pits!
  • Sebastian Stan's take on the Winter Soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He's already an unstoppable force of nature, and his ability to show up anywhere and start his assault is frightening, but there's a certain attractive quality to his ruthlessness. His physique isn't helping matters, either. He's built like a truck and he knows how to use all of that strength. 
  • Jason Voorhees from the Friday the thirteenth franchise. A tall, super buff, mask wearing, rage filled, bloodthirsty serial killer who's a complete mama's boy? Sign me up! 

New MediaEdit

  • The Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance version of Miku Hatsune. That stare!
  • And something should definitely be said about the fact that there used to be a picture of TakoLuka, on this page..
    • I have no idea who she is, but is it wrong that I want to stroke her tentacles?
    • Not at all.
    • Don’t we all.
    • I would do a lot more than that.
    • Shamelessly seconded!

Video GamesEdit

  • I would totally play FEAR: Project Origin just for the scene of Alma Wade
    • I found that scene at the end of FEAR 2 rather cute...
  • The Slasher and Lurker Necromorphs from the Dead Space (series) I don’t know whats more of a turn on, the Slasher’s twitching or the Lurker’s tentacles, or their whole overall appearance, and let's not forget that they're naked. It's just too bad that there's not much Necromorph hentai out there.
  • Silent Hill's Bubble Head Nurses.
  • Alice, from the original American McGee's Alice, nuf sed.
  • On that note, the straitjacket scene from Alice Madness Returns, Chapter 5. That one scene is so hot it almost makes up for the earlier half of the game.
  • Smokers, dear god, Smokers.
    • It’s the tongue rite?
    • Very much so.
  • The Architect from Dragon Age Awakening. Something about the voice, the piercings, the long thin build, the levitation, and his odd alien mindset. . .and also the fact that I first saw him and said "Ooh pretty. . .wait, what's wrong with the left half of his face. . .what's wrong with his EYES?!" and then he put his mask on and turned the humanlike half of his face to the camera and was pretty again. So confused.
  • Stalkers from Killing Floor. Their stitches, the blood on their clawed hands, pink-purplish skin color, and their hair, make them look more like Emo Punk girls than monsters. Also, they are almost entirely naked during the course of a match.
  • Ghirahim from LoZ: Skyward Sword. This troper has had a thing for him since day 1. The fact that he's a complete sociopath just adds to the appeal. Not to mention that, when you fight him, if he lands a hit on you he'll take a moment to lick your blood off his sword. Some people find it intensely disturbing, but it makes my breath catch every time. God damn it, Nintendo.
  • The infested Queen of Blades (Sarah Kerrigan) from Starcraft. There's something appealing about this character's raw predatory nature.
    • Similarly, Diablo's new look in Diablo III. That tail... and I swear that thing's got hips now!
    • Again, similarly, Satan (Yes, that Satan) from Dante's Inferno. Don't act like his penis wasn't impressive.
  • Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, from Dishonored. That is to say after she lost a little wait.
  • Tenkai/Akechi Mitsuhide, but only really in the Sengoku Basara series. Combat Sadomasochists, mmmm...

Web OriginalEdit

  • Zombie cabaret involves people being eaten and hot women in zombie makeup dancing.
  • This Taylor Swift Parody is this for me. I have a thing for teeth.
  • Black Lantern Spoony. It was bad enough the first few times he showed up, but then he acquired that demonic, reverberating voice... *shudder*
  • On that note: Mecha kara. Good god, Mechakara....
  • Diamanda Hagan. Wouldn't mind spending a night as a woman if it was with her.
  • Calcium. (Somewhat NSFW.) White-Haired Pretty Girl? Check. No shirt? Check. Gorgeous red eyes? Check. Spiderlike mechanical fingers and teeth? Check. Yum~.
  • The Slender Man. He's a tall, white-skinned, faceless humanoid abomination in a nice suit with a knack for mind raping (or enslaving) anyone who comes in contact with him. Hell, he can do it just by being near you. He can bend space and time, he likes to watch his victims sleep... Oh, and did we mention that he has multiple tentacles growing from his back? To paraphrase the meme, you probably know enough about hentai to know where this is going.
    • On that note, Masky from Marble Hornets. The creepycool mask, the silent demeanor, the stalkerish tendencies, the split personality, not to mention the implications that he's brainswashed and crazy and possesses some of Slendy's abilitites to manipulate time and teleport. He can sneak into my bedroom any time.
      • Of course, the fact that there's a pretty good-looking guy under the mask certainly helps.
    • On the subject of Slenderproxies, the Observer from Tribe Twelve. Good god, yes. The androgynous appearance, glasses and Foe Yay certainly don't hurt (nor does the fact that the actor portraying him is a freakin' gorgeous bisexual model ).
      • Good GOD the Foe Yay. His behavior towards Noah practically screams Stalker With A Crush. He sends him harassing phone calls, sneaks into his room at night, strokes his face while he's sleeping, writes on his bare chest, alternately calls him "bitch" and "my child", and in INTERCEPTION he even tells Noah that he's "taken a liking to [him]" (Word Of God confirms that the undertones in that were quite deliberate).
      • Noah, insane and covered in blood in Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2.
    • Am I the only one who found Evan sexier after he turned into a demon-possessed sick fuck and started butchering his friends?
      • A number of tumblr fans have stated that they find Evan more attractive as HABIT.
      • The tongue thing probably has something to do with it....
      • Those shots from "May & June" where he's covered in blood and slowly licking the blood off his fingers? Dear lord.... *shivers*
        • Not to mention that scene from the beginning of "Joke's Over" where he mimics licking the knife blade. Yowza.
        • Eatyour  hearts out.


  • The excruciatingly sensual blood-drinking scenes in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles are, let's face it, are basically creepy sex. Lestat can sink his teeth into this troper's neck any day.
  • Voldemort from Harry Potter series' books not from the movie. Red eyes, long fingers, bone-color skin, insane and creepy. It's hard to resist him. Although he has no nose.

Fan FictionEdit

Real LifeEdit


Tabletop GamesEdit

  • As ill-advised as this would be, I am sure that even the Lady of Pain from Planescape has her fanboys.

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