I know what my wish would be.

  • The penultimate episode includes the titular character being bound and tortured by his Catwoman figure. Yeah, nothing kinky about that...
  • "Urban Jungle" has Mind Control, Naughty Tentacles, domination, a Stripperific outfit made of leaves, and Danny's love interest suddenly becoming a seductive force to rival Azula (who, incidentally, has the same voice actress).
  • "Lucky In Love" has a ghost possess Danny's Romantic False Lead and make her fall in love with him.
    • Prior to that, that same ghost's boyfriend tried to find a human host for her to possess. Does that count as threesome?
  • If anything, Hartman must have some weird underwear fetish, Danny gets his exposed every so often throughout the series; several times all at once in the Grand Finale!
  • Danny has been shown on-screen (okay, in a flashback montage) using his powers to sneak multiple peaks in the girls' locker room. The absurdly-large grin practically screams "girls are in there!"
    • Not to mention the one time Danny throws a bra over Tucker's eyes.
  • Danny has the ability to make his pants invisible. Need I say more?
  • There's an episode where he gets dressed up in 1800's fashion. And Tucker yells "Take it off!"

Vlad Plasmius

  • Vlad Seximus Plasmius is the series' resident Draco In Leather Pants and the source of quite a few fetishes, most of which revolve around his vampiric alternate form.
    • Does this troper have to mention "Eye for an Eye" where we got a goooood glimpse of near naked Vlad?
    • Yes. Yes, you do.
    • Don't forget that he can clone himself!
    • This troper far prefers his normal form. Distinguished older gentleman? Yes please.

Sam Manson

  • She's a sexy, goth girl who loves all things dark and esoteric, has a library of cool occult knowledge and has repeatedly cosplayed into various fetish-tastic costumes.
    • Oh man, her dress from "Parental Bonding"... Fishnet sleeves, corset top, heels or boots depending on her mood, topped off with that hairstyle.
  • Sam cross dressing as Danny. Am I the only one who thinks she's actually hotter as a dude then a chick?! And I'm a straight girl!
    • That...would make a lot of sense, actually. The middley part, I mean.
    • You are not alone, my friend. You are not alone.
  • And it's not completely obvious that Danny himself is Sam's Fetish Fuel.
  • No mention of Urban Jungle? Come on, that episode is definitive proof that Evil Is Sexy! All of a sudden she gainsHartman Hips in a very short dress. And let's not even get started on the voice...
    • "Fleshwalkers.. your bodies are needed for work - and nourishment."
  • In "Doctor's Disorders" Sam breaks up a moment between Danny and Paulina by dropping one of her boots on Danny's head (she's floating along ceiling, for those who don't know). The next shot is her wiggling her foot clad only in a stocking. Foot fans, stocking fans: jackpot.

Tucker Foley

  • Tucker's constant obsession of meat in the first episode, "Mystery Meat". He referred to himself as a meat connoisseur.

Maddie Fenton

  • Damn. This troper just loves women in latex catsuits.
  • Hartman Hips, from the man himself. Combined with above...
  • I'm pretty sure there's someone out there who appreciates the brief time Maddie was covered head to toe in mud.