• Where do we start? The Fashion Club girls (no matter what you're into, one of them is your type), the Les Yay vibes between Daria and Jane (the latter of whom got pursued by a very aggressive bisexual woman one summer), Brittany in her 24/7 cheerleading outfit, and Helen Morgendorffer.
  • Oh, and that bisexual woman? Played by and modeled after rock star Biff Naked.
  • What about the boys? Trent may be a bit of a dullard, but he's certainly quite nice to look at. And then you've got Tom, and even Kevin has probably turned at least a few people on, what with the perpetually exposed navel and everything.
  • This show was the first one that made me realise that, y'know what? Deadpan Snarkers and sharp wit are sexy.
  • Daria herself. She's a meganekko, she's smart, wears a short pleated skirt and boots. I wish she and fellow nerd/social outcast Ted were a couple.
  • I confess that when Daria dressed up as Quinn at the end of "Quinn the Brain", I found that really hot.

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