• This troper is sure Dark Angel has plenty, but all she can really focus on right now is the scene in Proof of Purchase where Alec is in a suspended cage and yeah... you'll find her in her bunk.
  • Oh, Dark Angel has it in spades. One smart-mouthed, leather-clad Hot Action Girl who could kick your ass without breaking a sweat, and don't forget she's Jessica freaking Alba.
  • Then there's Logan for the Nerds Are Sexy brigade, plus his exoskeleton in season 2 must be linked to some body-modification fetish, which we also see in the Steelheads and later Cyborg!Zack.
    • This troper has a HUGE thing for guys in wheelchairs, and along with a taste for angst, scruffiness, and glasses.... ...mmmm... she wanted to jump that boy all first season. She was actually pissed off when he thought he was going to be able to walk again, and inwardly squeed with delight when he was back in the chair. It probably makes her a very bad person.
  • Alec doesn't even need to do anything to be Fetish Fuel, being the bishiest guy in the West, to the point where even Original "Don't forget I'm a lesbian" Cindy can't deny his prettiness, but seeing him kicking ass X5-style pushed this Troper over the edge.
  • Don't forget: there's two of him.
  • Mia hypnotizing Logan and Alec into giving each other a tight hug.
  • This troper has an extremely odd Women-In-Hospital fetish so the episode Harbor Lights was just downright high-octane unleaded fetish fuel.
  • No one's going to mention Max going into heat? Most fandoms find a reason to make that happen, this show has it two to three times a year.
    • Hell, Max and the other X5s having feline DNA. Maybe they don't look it, but that's a whole generation of cat boys and girls.
    • As of season two, when Max pretty much sees Alec every day, can you just think of what would happen if she went into heat with him around? Male cats are always in heat (which would explain the Handsome Lech quality) like all male mammals... just sort of makes you wonder if he'd pick up on the pheromones or whatever.
  • Is it just This Troper that thought Alec and Max being breeding partners was hot?
    • I think it's something about de-sexualizing sex. Taking all the attraction out and just having two people putting tab a into slot b... don't judge me.
    • Personally, I'm a believer in Max and Logan's love, but half the scenes between Max and Alec are so hot, I just want them to jump each other. Just once. Especially when they're in that closet for an hour in Borrowed Time. And Alec saying "I've been stuck in this closet for over an hour to facilitate you having sex!" Don't even know why that's hot, but who questions fetishes?
  • We're not forgetting Alec's Stoic Spectacles or the time he put on a Cockney accent, are we?
  • Some of the scenes in the novels seemed designed to be Fetish Fuel if they were televised. Such as White cutting Alec while he's strapped to a hospital bed (er, if you're into that kind of thing) and Alec doing push-ups while the team waits for the right time to attack the Familiar stronghold.

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