He's smirking because he knows you're looking.

  • Peter Carlisle from Blackpool gave this troper an oral fixation. Honestly. Kissing aside, watch how many times he eats, drinks or licks something. Actually, considering how often this happened with the Tenth Doctor as well and you have to wonder if this is David Tennant's trademark or something.
  • Additionally, despite his relatively brief screen time as Barty Crouch in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he manages to get a large amount of lip-licking in. This troper's sister calls him a master of "tongue porn".
  • See if you can get your hands on "Secret Smile". EVIL tongue/finger-licking porn!
  • You wouldn't mean this, by any chance? Brace yourselves.
  • Many musical moments in Blackpool but "These Boots are Made for Walking" gives me a particular case of the squigglies.
  • Why is David Tennant with his Scottish accent approximately infinity times sexier than David Tennant with any other sort of accent?
  • Let's see here... David Tennant as a stubbly, long-haired, dancing, Ambiguously Gay, cooking enthusiast Ghost of Christmas Present dressed like an indie rock star with a Scottish accent? The fangirls (and boys) who aren't doubled over with laughter are surely passed out from the squeeing by now.
  • That German accent he uses in the Seventh Doctor audio drama Colditz. Wow. Shame about the actual character...
  • A prank that he pulled on the Friday Night Project. Tied to a bed... gagged... in his underwear.... And have we mentioned the David Ten-inch nickname?
  • His hair. Just . . . daaaahh. This troper has no idea what it is about it, but it's quite possibly the sexiest part of him (and that's saying something . . .)

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