And fans rejoiced


Death Note may lack Shirtless Scenes, Hot Springs Episodes, and other Fanservice, but it sure could turn people on.

  • Light. His manipulative, Magnificent Bastard personality, combined with brilliance and confidence, just make me melt.
  • First of all, L's feet. Can't deny that people.
  • The Foe Yay between Light and L produced one of the largest fan-fiction communities on the Internet. For example, L installing sixty-four cameras in Light's room, and possibly the bathroom. Think about that.
    • And then they were handcuffed together. They shared the same room. They might even have been in the bathroom together. L, how's Light's body?
  • The devotion that Mikami has towards Light.
  • Near playing with his toys/dice/cards/darts, as well as using them while analyzing or during explanations. It's not really a "turn on", but it's really adorable and awesome at the same time!
  • The Death Note has the ability to control people's actions. That includes having them come over for a little time with you.
  • Misa's interrogation scene. Not only is she bound and blindfolded, but she threatens to pee in her pants at one point. Oh, and some sweat.
    • "Stalker-san, you can't sell a video of me just sitting around" indeed.
  • Speaking of Misa...her entire wardrobe! She's the Ms. Fanservice of this series!
  • I'm going to remind the fanboys out there in case you forgot that Misa gets quite a few PantyShots in the manga. She mostly wears black panties...
  • Takada hiding a piece of the Death Note and a pen in her bra.
  • Light's tennis outfit, and then the jacket in the following coffee shop scene. No, not Hot Coffee.
  • The potential relationship that a Death Note owner and a Shinigami could have.
  • Near's pajamas. The top and bottom buttons are undone.
  • Mello's leather clothing and that minx coat. One could confuse him as a girl.
    • Not to mention his scar, the hair, the alias name and his thing for chocolate.
  • L's laid-back look with the baggy jeans and pale with baggy eyes... he looks like a rockstar.
  • C'mon, Light and his suits. And pretty hair, pretty eyes. It's hot.
  • Is this troper the only one who finds the Glowing Eyes Of Doom and the psychotic smirks sexy?
    • Hell no. You are not the only one.
  • Light and L's voices (both the English and Japanese versions)
  • Light's open-shirt look in the second ending credits.
  • Light, L, Mello... they are all very confident. Confidence is sexy.
  • The fight L and Light get into while chained together... they get their shirts half off, and you can see L's underwear.
  • How about Mikami? Long hair, flowing coat, glasses, will risk his life for you or anyone without a second thought...
    • The Sakujo-gasm; As disturbing and insane as it is abso-friggen-lutely sexy.
  • Oh merciful GOD Beyond Birthday. Don't get me wrong. I used to love L. So much. Then I read about what amounts to his Evil Counterpart. And I've always had it in for semes and this man proclaims himself as "an aggressive top." Yes, please and thank you.
  • None mention of 25 anime episode yet?! Let's see. L under the rain wearing his trademark white shirt. A socked wet translucent white shirt that's it. Then there's the infamous foot massage scene which gave us a nice view of Light's cute white foot and L's Peek A Bangs look. Oh, and the huge amount of Ho Yay, mind you.
  • Near's whole shota look. It's creepy and alluring at the same time. And the best thing is that you don't have to feel bad about it.
  • Light's imprisonment. It's bondage time ladies!
  • There's this scene from the second Relight Movie that shows the SPK going down under the Death Note's influence. Long story short, one of them shoots himself in front of Near; next shot is Near with blood all over his face. Aarlslkfds.
    • More like, "Near looking ready-to-kill-someone, with blood all over his face".
  • That scene with Halle and Mello in Death Note, and more directly its resulting Fan Fic, is where this troper first realized she has a thing for shower-sex.
  • And what was with that foot-washing scene between L and Light?
    • It was a biblical reference, I swear!!
      • Biblical reference, okay. Just a biblical reference, my...eye. I'm not quite sure how to describe that noise Light makes - kind of a whimper, kind of a grunt, kind of a moan... Either way this troper can't figure out whether I want to switch places with one of them (preferably Light, but...) or just watch.(I don't have a foot fetish either; it's just that scene.)
      • Hell, L's bare feet, complete with wiggling toes, get close-ups throughout the whole series.
  • This troper freely admits that she found L's digitally disguised voice much more of a turn-on than his regular one.
    • This troper thought she was the only one. It's probably because of the mystery factor.
  • L looks like a severely starved owl, spends the entire series wearing the baggiest, comfiest-looking clothes this troper has ever seen in an anime, slouches around quietly speaking his mind, eats hundreds of girly-looking treats in one sitting, and nonetheless maintains an aura of iron-clad confidence throughout, never even flinching at the Task Force's reactions to him. Add the fact that he knows capoeira but only unleashes it twice in the whole series and you have all the makings of this troper's ultimate Seme; self-possessed, commanding, but never reckless. The 'never had any friends' angle also plays off her trust-related kinks in a wonderful, wonderful way...
    • L is just dead sexy in genneral: Baggy clothes, weird eating habits, massive intellience, martial arts, mad tennis skills, cherry stem knotting skills, that picture on the 7th volume, the true name card.......BOOBS! YOU LIKE BOOBS!
      • L made this troper realise that she has a serious thing for slim, long-fingered Bishonen hands.
      • Howl gets those too. They're lovely.
  • Near gave this troper a fetish for guys with a uke's build but a seme's personality- physically weak, but calm, composed, and dominant.
  • Mello. Dear God, Mello...
    • Is there a word for facial scar fetishes?
      • I don't know, but holy fucking shit imagine the time he spent in the hospital getting poked and prodded by doctors with Matt by his side... oh, and the scar too. Healing is hot.
      • I don't care for Matt, but I could watch Mello bite into thatchocolate all day. And then there's the voice... Rawr.
  • I personally have something about Matt and his goggles. Then the anime guidebook had him without them and that was amazing I don't care for peoples' eyes but his are so alluring...
  • What? No Ryuk love? Wings. Fangs. Leather.
  • Near pulling the Death Note out of (not to mention, hiding it in) his shirt.
  • Near's eyes. The shape, the size, the color, everything.
  • The amount of bishonen and Ho Yay in Death Note is staggering. Truly a dream come true for the yaoi fangirls.
  • All the mind games between Light and L.
  • No one's mentioned Light's bad-boy look on the train?  It gives me shivers!

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